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A 5-year-old boy named Sam wore pink zebra-patterned flat shoes for his first day of preschool. His mom posted a photo of Sam's shoes on Facebook in 2012 and received about 20 comments from various family members saying how "wrong" it is and "that shit will turn him gay."  His sister later posted that Sam went to preschool and got several compliments on his new shoes. Not one kid said anything negative toward him about it.
"Sam didn't like them because they were pink, he liked them because they were "made out of zebras" and zebra was his favorite animal." The story tells us two things. First, there is a gap between younger children and adults in perception of object. Second, people live in a gender-stereotyped society.  We are born into a gendered society that shapes our personal gendered identities; how biological males, females become masculine or feminine. At birth, many hospitals provide pink blankets for baby girls and blue blankets for baby boys.  And then, as a primary social institution, family is a key influence on gender identity. Through the early family education we know who we are and how we see ourselves, normalizing the idea that boys have masculine inclination and girls with feminine inclination. We call this 'gender-stereotype' that is unconscious process of internalization. But as a matter of fact, we are not born with preferences for all kinds of social code, but we develop the very preferences in the process of being socialized. I applaud the Target's decision to remove gender-based signage (not only the gender signs but references to gender including the use of pink and blue). Think about who made gendered toys and color-coded marketing and for what.   
1. GOP's Hard Right on Immigration

A host of GOP candidates called this week for an end to automatic citizenship for American-born children of immigrants in the United States illegally. (Time)  

Jeb Bush is fond of pointing out that the number of people in poverty has gone up by 6 million since President Obama took office. Still, it's worth pointing out that the number of Americans in poverty fell substantially between 2012 and 2013 - by nearly 1.2 million.(NPR)

The country has invested billions in Ecuador and elsewhere, using its economic clout to win diplomatic allies and secure natural resources around the world. (NYT) 
School officials say leaving your scores out of your application won't hurt your chances. In fact, they are confident they can predict how successful a student will be based on their high school record and GPA. (CNN)
Attention Target shoppers: Say goodbye to "girls' building sets" and "boys' bedding." Parents and gender equality advocates welcomed the news as a significant step with potential to inspire other retailers. (CNN)
What if there were a way to take the waste heat that spews from car tailpipes or power plant chimneys and turn it into electricity? Matt Scullin thinks there is, and he's formed a company to turn that idea into a reality. (NPR)
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7.  미주활동 독립유공자 200여명

광복 70주년을 맞아 한국 국가보훈처와 한인역사박물관의 자료를 토대로 집계한 미주지역 애국지사 포상 현황에 따르면 대한민국 건국 후 현재까지 미주 지역에서 독립운동 등 공로로 훈포장에 추서된 독립유공자는 총 189명에 달했다. 훈격별로는 건국훈장 1등급인 대한민국장에 추서된 유공자는 도산 안창호 선생, 서재필 박사, 이승만 전 대통령, 임병직 선생 등 4명...
뉴저지 링크로프트에 있는 '하이테크고교' 2위로 가장 높았고, 이어 라커웨이에 있는 '수학*과학*엔지니어링고교', 스카치 플레인스에 있는 '유니온카운티 마그넷고교', 해켄색에 있는 '버겐카운티 아카데미'가 3~5위를 차지했다. 또 에디슨 소재 '미들섹스카운티 과학고', 넵튠에 있는 '얼라이보건*과학아카데미' 등도 각 7위와 9위에 이름을 올렸다.

한국에서 쌍둥이로 태어나 따로 입양된 한인 자매가 25년 만에 재회한 이야기를 다룬 다큐멘터리 '트윈스터스(Twinsters)'가 오는 21일 금요일 보스톤 AMC Loews Boston Common 에서 상영..
10.  미국 진출 한국기업 대상 28일 무료 법률 설명회

오는 28일 오전 10시부터 맨해튼의 셰퍼드 멀린(Sheppard Mullin) 로펌(30 Rockefeller Plaza 39층)에서 열리는 이날 행사에서는 미국에 진출한 한국 기업들이 많이 직면하는 인사.노무관리와 계약서 지적재산권과 관련한 법률과 소송전략에 대해 셰퍼드 멀린 로펌 소속 파트너 변호사들이 설명...