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In 2011 for the first time American women have surpassed men in gaining advanced college degrees as well as bachelor's degrees. But in 2013 it was reported that many women with top degrees stay home. 60 percent of women who have a bachelor's degree from prestigious institutions work full time. Among married mothers who earned degrees at top-tier schools only a third of them have full-time jobs. Are women with higher education wasting their degree? Keli Goff argued that a woman who obtains an elite education has an obligation to use it pursuing a high-power career outside the home. "That degree could have gone to a woman who does want to spend her entire life using it to advance the cause of women not simply advancing the lives of her own family at home, which is a noble cause, but not one requiring an elite degree."  On the other hand, the answer is different if the women who stay at home dedicate themselves to volunteer, civic, and educational organization in their communities, and later re-enter the workforce after their children have entered school. Well, the joy of motherhood can compensate for the loss of achievement that women have built up. However, when women with degrees decide to stay home, they often struggle with the guilt of having unnecessarily competed against others that could have better utilized their degrees. Furthermore there is no guarantee that women with elite education raise their children to be intelligent and confident leaders. For the next few weeks, students and parents may feel the anxiousness of the college decisions. The situation has been getting worse since most colleges renewed the record high rate in competition every year. Now it is the time to discuss the purpose of an education and its cost before investing the time and money.
1. US Declassifies Document Revealing Israel's Nuclear Program

In a development that has largely been missed by mainstream media, the Pentagon early last month quietly declassified a Department of Defense top-secret document detailing Israel's nuclear program, a highly covert topic that Israel has never formally announced to avoid a regional nuclear arms race, and which the US until now has respected by remaining silent. (Israel National News)   

It was supposed to usher in an end of violence and heavy-handed government tactics, just like it ushered out entrenched leaders. In short, it was supposed to mean a brighter future. (CNN)

There's a lot of information being reported right now, but only some of it is official and only some of it appears to have immediate bearing on Tuesday's tragedy. In an effort to cut through the rampant speculation, here's a breakdown of all the information about Lubitz that has emerged so far. (HP) 
Breast milk, that most ancient and fundamental of nourishments, is becoming an industrial commodity, and one of the newest frontiers of the biotechnology industry - even as concerns abound over this fast-growing business.  The company that owns the factory, Prolacta Bioscience, has received $46 million in investments from life science venture capitalists. (NYT)
Businesses engaged in maternity tourism, also known as "birth tourism," are believed to have been operating for several years, relying on websites, newspaper advertising and social media to promote their services, immigration officials said. (Newsmax)
The companies will explore ways to add advanced imaging and sensors to surgical tools, helping doctors during operations. The partnership is through the life-sciences division of Google X labs, the company's research unit that has funded projects such as self-driving cars. (Bloomberg)
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7. 재외동포재단,전 세계 95개국 664개 동포 단체에 45억 원 지원키로

재단의 '2015년도 재외동포단체 시행 사업에 대한 지원 계획'에 따르면 전 세계 117개국 1천875개 주말 한글학교에는 운영비 962만 달러(약 107억 원)를 지원한다. 학교별로 다소 차이가 있지만 학교당 5천131달러(568만 원)꼴. 관계자는 "올해 지원금 심의에서는 거주국의 지역별 특성을 고려한 맞춤형 지원이라는 원칙 아래 거주국 주류사회와의 교류 활동을 통한 한인사회 정치력 신장, 고령불우 동포 등 소외계층 지원, 소수민족 커뮤니티 간 교류 활동 사업을 우선적으로 고려했다"고 설명.  

총 19개 주제로 진행되는 이번 아시아 미술 특별 전시 일환으로 한국관은 '메트 뮤지엄의 100년간의 수집품(100 Years of Collecting At The Met)'이란 제목으로 지난달 7일부터 희귀 작품 70여점을 전시 중이다. 이번 한국관 특별전은 2016년 3월27일까지 청동기 시대 도구부터 고려시대 불화, 21세기 현대 분청사기까지 수천년간 이어져온 한반도의 살아있는 역사를 보여줄 예정


연방 이민법상 불법체류 전력자나 밀입국자가 영주권을 받기 위해서는 본국에 돌아가 이민비자를 신청한 뒤 최저 3년에서 최고 10년까지인 재입국 금지 기간이 지나야만 미국에 돌아올 수 있는데, '재입국 금지 면제 조치'는 I-601 또는 I-601A 양식을 통해 미리 미국 내에서 재입국 금지 면제 허가를 받고 바로 재입국할 수 있도록 해 가족들의 생이별을 막자는 취지로 시행된 것. 추방유예 승인을 받은 이들은 ▲학술 및 학교 해외여행 ▲가족 경조사 ▲건강치료 등 인도적인 경우에 한해 국외 출입국도 가능      
LA 인근 세리토스에 둥지를 튼 김기철 씨는 지난 14일(현지시간) 호주로 출장을 갔다가 하루 뒤 심장마비로 쓰러져 사망했다. 향년 56세. 서울에서 살다 대학교 2학년 때 가족과 함께 미국에 이민한 고인은 칼스테이트 롱비치를 졸업하고 방산업체 '노드롭'에서 소프트웨어 엔지니어로 근무. 고인과 함께 입양인들의 정체성 확립을 위해 노력한 스티브 모리슨 한국입양홍보회(MPAK) 대표는 "아이들을 정성을 다해 사랑으로 키우며 해줄 수 있는 모든 것을 해주려고 최선을 다하는 아버지였다"고 기억. 기금 후원은 웹사이트(