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For last 5 years Barack Obama postponed a decision on approval of the Keystone pipeline extension, citing its environmental impact primarily. But the Senate passed a bill on last Thursday to force approval of the Keystone XL oil pipeline. What is the Keystone pipeline? It carries oil from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico.  Canada is the single largest supplier of crude oil to the U.S., providing more oil than even Saudi Arabia. Much of that oil, however, is known as "tar sands oil," a combination of clay, sand and bitumen. Bitumen is thick, heavy black oil that needs to be heavily processed and refined to get the oil to a useable form. Getting the oil out of the tar sands is a complex process. It is not only more expensive to deliver but also has a bigger environmental impact, with greenhouse gas emissions that are estimated to be about 20 percent greater than other oil sources. Here is the irony. This country already has the Trans-Alaska Pipeline System (TAPS) that makes it possible for oil to flow from Prudhoe Bay some 800 miles down to the ice-free port at Valdez. TAPS was built in the years from 1974 to 1977. At its peak on January 14, 1988, the pipeline flowed at a rate of 2 million barrels of oil a day, but the rate went down to almost 1/4. In other words, the rate can be raised if necessary any time.  While the Alaskan pipeline surely had some negative environmental effects, it was better than alternative methods (shipping and/or roads) of transporting Alaskan oil. About Republican claim for job creation, critics of the project note that most of the jobs created are temporary jobs that would not last beyond the construction phase; the number of permanent jobs created is not expected to be more than 200 or 300 positions at most. So, the Keystone pipeline issue seems to be more political than economic or environmental, meaning it may simply turn out to be an election ploy. But, one thing we can be certain of is that building the pipeline will distract us from seeking more promising, environmentally sustainable solutions to our energy demands and deepen our addiction to oil. 
1. White House proposes new foreign profits tax

On Monday, President Barack Obama will use his budget plan to propose spending $478 billion on America's roads, bridges and mass transit systems, with half of that steep bill financed by new taxes on U.S. corporate profits that are squirreled away overseas. (CNN)   

U.S. chief executive officers are more pessimistic about corporate earnings than any time since the financial crisis, according to research from Bespoke Investment Group LLC. (Bloomberg)
The Patriots beat the Seattle Seahawks, 28-24, to reclaim the title of NFL champions thanks to an interception in the end zone by undrafted rookie cornerback Malcolm Butler. The Patriots become the sixth franchise in NFL history to win at least four Super Bowls, joining the Steelers, Cowboys, Giants, Packers, and 49ers.(Boston Globe) 
An outbreak linked to visitors to the Disneyland Resort Theme Parks in Orange County, Calif., so far this year there have been 84 measles cases in 14 states. That's already more cases than the U.S. typically sees in a year, the CDC's Dr. Anne Schuchat told reporters. (NPR)
Mr Varoufakis, Greece's newly appointed finance minister, said Greece had been living for the next loan tranche for the past five years. "We have resembled drug addicts craving the next dose. What this government is all about is ending the addiction," he said, noting it was time to go "cold turkey". (FT)
On Wednesday, Billboard released its list of "Top 5 K-Pop Artist to Watch in 2015". And in 2012, TIME dubbed K-Pop South Korea's "greatest export," and if its success in Asia is any indication, a major movement toward Western audiences could be on the horizon. (WP)
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7. 세금 보고 이것만은 알고 하자 올 각 세율별 연소득 범위 상향조정

연방 국세청(IRS)은 평균 연소득과 인플레이션 등을 고려해 세율을 조정하고 연방의회의 표결에 거쳐 잠정적인 세제혜택을 연장하거나 폐기하기 때문에 매년 세금 공제액과 혜택이 차이날 수 있다. 올해 달라지는 세금 공제 내용을 중심으로 세금보고시 주의사항에 대해... ◇ 연방 소득세율 ◇ 자본 이득세(Capital Gains Tax) ◇ 소셜시큐리티 · 메디케어 세금 ◇ 표준 공제(Standard Deductions) ◇ 마일리지 공제율 ◇ 근로소득 공제 ◇ 교육비 공제 관련 소득 조건 ...

미동부 최초이자 유일한 한영 이원언어 교육 프로그램을 운영하는 퀸즈 플러싱의 PS 32 초등학교가 가을학기 신입생 유치를 위한 오픈 하우스 및 입학 설명회를 개최. PS 32의 한영 이원언어 프로그램 입학은 학교 인근 주소지에 국한되지 않고 25학군에 거주하는 학생이면 누구나 지원. 올해 가을학기 뉴욕시 유치원 입학 지원서는 내달 13일 접수 마감하며 유치원 온라인 신청서는 뉴욕시 교육청의 킨더가튼 커넥트(를 참조.                            

"한인 엄마들은 2세 엄마들로부터 미국 문화를 배운다. 아이의 교사한테는 어떤 선물이 적절한지, 야외 바비큐 파티에는 어떤 음식을 가져가야 하는지 등의 생활 팁이나 보스톤에서 적응할 수 있는 유용한 생활 정보를 얻을 수 있다. 반대로 2세 엄마들은 한국어나 한식 레시피 등을 배운다." 이렇듯, 아이들뿐 아니라 엄마들 사이에서도 돈독한 우정이 생기는 것이 김 씨가 말하는 '김치엄마들'의 목표다. 
비영리기관 '남은 음식 구하기(RLC·Rescuing Leftover Cuisine)'를 설립한 로버트 이(24)씨. "하루에도 수 톤의 음식이 버려지고 있습니다. 매년 생산되는 음식의 40%가 버려지는데 이를 돈으로 환산하면 1,6500억 달러에 달합니다. 문제는 버려진 음식이 굶주린 이들에게 가지 않고 매립되고 있다는 것이죠." RLC는 현재 30곳의 음식점과 수퍼마켓이 남은 음식을 기부하고 있고 1,400명이 넘는 자원봉사자들이 10여개의 노숙자 셸터에 음식을 배분하고 있다. 지금까지 기부한 음식만 4만5,000파운드에 달한다."더 많은 후원자들이 나타나 RLC가 도움을 줄 수 있는 곳이 더 많아지길 기대 합니다"