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     Issue No. 3(24)                                                                                           NOVEMBER 28, 2014
From Editor
NBC TV drama Homicide episode 310, "Every Mother's Son," directed by Ken Fink, aired a story in 1995 of an African American boy that accidentally shot another African American boy in the head at close range. During the course of the investigation, the mother of the shooter unknowingly meets the mother of the victim and finds that they have much in common: poverty, violence and empty heart. It is a common theme for African American women who reside in impoverished urban neighborhoods. Criticizing the media coverage of the killing of unarmed Ferguson, Mo., teenager Michael Brown, former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani said on Sunday, "93 percent of blacks are killed by other blacks. White police officers wouldn't be there, if you weren't killing each other."  Georgetown professor Michel Eric Dyson said Giuliani was applying a "false equivalency" to the situation in Ferguson. Nearly 84 percent of white victims from 1980 to 2008 were killed by white assailants. "Black people who kill black people go to jail, but white people who are policemen who kill black people do not go to jail." Did you know? While people were waiting for the Grand Jury decision about Darren Wilson in Missouri , two more killing happened in confrontation between African American and police. An unarmed African-American was shot dead by police in a Brooklyn housing project. Police reported that the shooting appears to have been accidental. Another death of a black youth made headlines Monday: A 12-year-old boy in Cleveland was shot over the weekend by an officer as police responded to a 911 call about what turned out to be a toy handgun. The Protest after the Grand Jury decision implies much more than simply indicting a white police officer. It is a broader pattern of excessive use of force by police against African-Americans. Do we really need militarization of law enforcement for domestic policing? 
1. Obama Goes It Alone, Shielding Up To 5 Million Immigrants From Deportation

Obama said he would defer the deportation of the parents of children who are either U.S. citizens or legal residents, and that he also would expand that protection to more "DREAMers," or children who entered the country illegally with their parents. (NPR)  

They warned the president is setting up a "constitutional crisis," panned his actions as a "direct insult" to Americans and accused him of acting precisely like the "emperor" he has said he is not. (Politico)
Ferguson's symbolism now sits alongside Selma's significance in the civil rights movement, Columbine as a symbol of teenage rage and gun violence, and Kent State's historic link to anti-war protests. Those are places that have adjusted - some more smoothly than others - to their emblematic meaning. (WP)  
It was better to endure indignities like infidelity, other wives told them, and to keep quiet even if the hostility in their marriages seemed unbearable than to cause a ruckus that could upend the success and harmony of the team. (NYT)
Researchers found that people who speak more than one language are comparatively better at filtering out unnecessary words than monolinguals, whose brains showed that they had to work harder to complete the same mental tasks.(Time)
Yu Gwansun became known as Korea's Joan of Arc after she lost her parents and was imprisoned during a 1919 uprising against Japan's 1910-1945 colonization. South Korean Education Minister Hwang Woo Yea wants to know why she doesn't appear in half of the nation's newly approved high-school history textbooks. (Bloomberg)
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7. 미국 상원 '재미 북한이산가족 상봉' 결의안 발의

미국 하원에 이어 상원도 북한에 가족이나 친척을 남겨두고 미국에 이민을 온 한국계 미국인과 북한 내 친지의 상봉을 촉구하는 결의안을 발의. 결의안은 "남북 이산가족 상봉 행사가 간간이 열리고 있음에도 미국이 북한과 외교 관계가 없다는 이유로 한국계 미국인은 배제되고 있다"고 지적. "2001년 현재 10만여 명으로 추산되는 한국계 미국인 이산가족의 상당수는 이미 세상을 떠났지만, 여전히 많은 이들이 60년 만에 처음으로 북한에 있는 친지를 만날 기회를 얻기를 학수고대하고 있다"고 강조
중부 뉴저지 유니온카운티 소재 서밋(Summit) 학군 교육위원회는 19일 한인 준 장(34사진)씨를 차기 교육감으로 만장일치 인준. 장 내정자는 현재 버겐카운티 미들랜드팍 학군의 교과과정, 지도&전문 개발 디렉터로 일하고 있다. 특히 2011년부터 2013년까지 이 학교 교감으로 재직하며 미들랜드팍 고등학교를 2013~14학년도 '내셔널 AP 어너롤' 명단에 올리는 등 혁신적인 교육가로 평가.

뉴욕시내 곳곳에 사용되지 않고 방치된 공중전화 자리를 무료 와이파이 서비스를 제공하는 첨단 장비로 교체한다. 링크엔와이씨(LinkNYC)로 불리는 이 기계를 통해 시민들은 반경 150피트까지 기존의 무료 공용와이파이보다 100배 빠른 기가비트 속도의 무료 와이파이 서비스를 이용할 수 있으며 국내 전화도 무료로 사용할 수 있다. 안드로이드 태블릿을 통해 주변 정보와 지도를 이용할 수 있으며, 휴대 전화와 태블릿 PC의 충전도 가능하다. 뉴욕시는 이번 프로젝트에 필요한 2억달러의 사업비용을 기계에 장착된 화면을 통한 광고로 충당   
뉴저지 밀번 고등학교에 재학하는 알렌 이군과 제이슨 이군이 버지니아 출신 데이빗 루군과 함께 이름이 올랐다. 전국적으로는 한인학생으로 유일하게 이들 형제 2명만이 전국 결선에 진출.   결선 대회는 내달 5일부터 8일까지 워싱턴DC에서 열리게 되며 대상 10만달러를 포함한 총 1만달러의 상금을 놓고 실력을 겨루게 된다.