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     Issue No. 3(17)                                                                                             AUGUST 7, 2014
From Editor
After nearly 1,900 Palestinians have been killed in Gaza during the conflict, the Israel Defense Forces said, "Mission accomplished" on Twitter. What was the Israeli mission? Destroying the foundation of Hamas terrorist? Does this mean we don't need to worry about Islamist terror any more? The business of war is profitable. In 2011, the 100 largest contractors sold $410 billion in arms and military services. Just 10 of those companies sold over $208 billion.  Israel developed a mobile all-weather air defense system Iron Dome. With a series of tests the Iron Dome reached its evaluation phase in the field. Then it was deployed on operation "Pillar of Defense" in November 2012, intercepting 400+ rockets from Gaza. Defense reporter Mark Thompson wrote that while these numbers were impossible to confirm, the "lack of Israeli casualties suggests Iron Dome is the most-effective, most-tested missile shield the world has ever seen." Iron Dome has been continuously improved to raise its sales pitch and show its improvement in the operation "Protective Edge" in July 2014. The US Army had expressed interest in acquiring the system, to be deployed outside forward bases in Iraq and Afghanistan.  In 2011 Yossi Druker, head of Rafael's Air-to-Air Directorate, said that the initial deal is valued at $100 million, but could reach several hundred million dollars over a number of years. President Obama signs "H.J. Res. 76," a bill that provides an additional $225 million in U.S. taxpayer dollars for Israel's Iron Dome missile defense system Monday. The House voted 395-8 to pass the bill Friday night. Now, it seems pretty clear what mission accomplished means. For Israel, the execution of  "Protective Edge" would be nothing to lose but an international showcase for their successful war enterprise. 
In a strict party-line 225-201 vote, Republicans approved the legislation that accuses the president of exceeding his Constitutional authority by changing how his signature health care bill was implemented. The measure does not require Senate approval. (NBC) 
In real life, Iron Dome works in the skies over Israel, and impressively so. The 84 percent success rate achieved in the Gaza war of 2012 has improved to 90 percent in the current conflict, according to both Israeli and U.S. officials who have been in the command rooms and privy to top-secret interception data that, for security reasons, is not made public. (Reuters)
As airstrikes have rained down on Gaza in recent weeks, hundreds of thousands of Palestinians have been forced to flee their homes. Yet for many Gaza residents, there are few secure places left to seek shelter. In fact, many don't have the slightest chance of exiting the enclave. (HP)  
Imagine someone listening in to your private conversation by filming the bag of chips sitting on the other side of the room. Oddly specific, I know, but researchers at MIT did just that: They've created an algorithm that can reconstruct sound (and even intelligible speech) with the tiny vibrations it causes on video. (WP)
The use of an experimental drug to treat two Americans diagnosed with Ebola is raising ethical questions about who gets first access to unproven new therapies for the deadly disease. But some health experts fear debate over extremely limited doses will distract from tried-and-true measures to curb the growing outbreak - things like more rapidly identifying and isolating the sick. (AP)
The city's pension assets have fallen further and further behind its obligations. Despite state laws calling for regular audits of the city pension system, there has not been one since 2003. Now Benjamin M. Lawsky, the state's financial services superintendent, appears to be making up for lost time. (NYT)
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한국관은 7,500만 달러를 들여 완공한 프린스턴 신학교 신축 도서관 2층에 위치한 700 평방피트 규모의 공간. 10월 중순~추수감사절 사이 프린스턴 신학교 도서관과 한국관 후원을 위한 기금모금 갈라를 개최할 계획. 현재 '한국관'에는 초창기 한국에 파견됐던 사무엘 모펫 선교사 가족이 한국에서 사용하던 고가구와 자기 등이 유품과 함께 유리관에 전시. "종교를 떠나 한국을 전 세계에 알리는 최적의 장소가 될 것으로 '한국관'에 영구 혹은 기획 전시할 한국의 우수한 문화와 유산 등 전시물품 기부 및 지원에 한인사회와 한국 정부의 각별한 관심과 후원을 바란다"고...
뉴욕 맨하탄 엠파이어 스테이트 빌딩이 내려다보이는 유니언 시티 '리버티 플라자'에 세워진 위안부 기림비는 타운 정부 주도로 세워진 첫 번째 기림비로 기록. 브라이언 스택 시장은 "위안부 이슈는 인권이슈"라며 "인권과 여성의 권리를 인식하고, 이를 후손들에게 올바로 가르쳐야 잘못된 역사가 되풀이되지 않는다"고 강조.


박성조(79) 독일 베를린자유대 종신교수는 20일 경기 고양시 국제이주기구(IOM) 이민정책연구원에서 열린 해외 석학 초청 강연에서 이같이 주장하며 "(정부 내 정책) 결정권을 가진 사람들이 두뇌를 고쳐야 한다"고. 박교수는 보스턴컨설팅그룹이 경제협력개발기구(OECD) 자료 등을 분석한 결과를 인용, 이주해 온 고급 인력이 국내 경제에 기여하는 정도를 볼 때 미국은 단연 1위이며 신흥 경제국인 아랍에미리트(UAE)는 7위에 올랐다고 설명.  
"지금 현재 자신이 유명한 아티스트가 아니더라도 취미가 아닌 상업을 목적으로 예술을 한다면 저작권을 등록해놓아야 한다"며 "많은 아티스트들이 이 부분을 놓쳐 나중에 자신의 창작물에 대한 권리를 주장하지 못하는 경우가 많다"  저작권이 등록되지 않은 작품의 일부분을 타인이 샘플링하거나 모방했다 하더라도 최초 창작인의 소유권을 주장하기 어려워지고 변호사를 통해 소송을 하더라도 승소가 어려워진다. 개인은 누구나 연방저작권국(U.S.Copyright Office)에서 온라인(으로 쉽게 저작권 등록이 가능하다. 절차가 복잡하지 않고 등록비도 최저 35달러로 큰 부담이 없다.            
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