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     Issue No. 3(15)                                                                                             JULY 23, 2014
From Editor
In a recent study, 10,000 middle and high school students were asked what was more important to them: achievement, happiness or caring for others. Almost 80% of the students chose achievement and happiness. Meanwhile, 96% of their parents chose caring for others. 80% of their children disagreed, saying their parents primarily valued their achievement and happiness. The New York Times Magazine featured an article dealing with the question, "Why are so many people in their 20s taking so long to grow up?" citing Science confirming that a lack of empathy (the absence of caring for others) clearly makes kids less successful and less happy. Isn't this a typical result of today's parenting: helicopter? I don't blame the way parents have chosen to raise their children because they also grew up in a culture of individualism but reality is getting tough. Rooted in libertarian tradition, the spirit of America is represented with individualism, self-reliance, independence and freedom. "Sharing is caring" sounds like a joke and schools become more like an intellectual battle ground than an educational institution. Individualism has its own merit. But it also comes with its down-sides when equated with selfishness, or disruptive behavior that undermines harmony within the community. I think teaching empathy is mandatory to address the dark side of extreme individualism and this should be initiated in parenting at home. Here a Harvard psychologist Richard Weissbourd gives you 5 ways to raise children to be kind.  
There will be no additional exemptions for religious entities. Given the established carve-out made by President George W. Bush, Obama was right to say no to more. (WP)  
The SA-11 family of missiles was designed to destroy fast-moving military aircraft at high elevations. Rather than striking an aircraft directly, the missiles intercept the targeted aircraft and then explode near it, creating a cloud of shrapnel. (NYT)
The Palestinian death toll is near 650, including more than 160 children. Some 4,000 have been wounded. Israel has also struck 46 schools, 56 mosques and seven hospitals. Two more Israeli soldiers have been killed, bringing the Israeli military death toll inside Gaza to 29. (DN) 
Students who earned diplomas in the aftermath of the deepest U.S. recession since the 1930s are experiencing an earnings hangover that could last a lifetime, even as the labor market heals. (Bloomberg)
Police said a badly decomposed body found on June 12 had been identified by DNA evidence as well as fingerprints as that of Yoo Byung-un, the subject of the country's largest manhunt. (HP)
"The message is that we can't afford old people. But that's economically untrue," says Jody Holtzman of AARP. "Only in Washington [among politicians] is the task of addressing the unmet needs of 100 million people in the US seen as a financial burden. In the private sector that's called an opportunity." (BBC)
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캘리포니아주뉴욕뉴저지 지역 교육감과 교장 등 학교행정가 20명 서울, 경주, 영월 등 전국을 돌며 한국의 역사와 전통 문화유산, 발전상 등을 돌아봤다. 방한단을 이끌고 온 길옥빈 이사장은 "미국 내 초중등 정규학교에 개설된 한국어반을 통해 한국어와 한국문화에 익숙해진 미국 청소년들이 성장해 미국 주류사회의 리더로 활동한다면 미국 내 한국과 한국인의 위상은 함께 높아질 것"이라며 "미국 학교행정가 한국연수는 한국문화에 대한 인식과 이해를 높이기 위해 매년 열고 있다"고 소개..
공항에서 입국심사가 대폭 강화되면서 학생비자를 소지한 한인들이 불법취업 의도 등을 이유로 적발돼 강제출국 당하는 사례들이 늘고 있다.이민 당국은 특히 이같은 불법취업 의도 적발을 위해 입국자의 스마트폰 내 사진이나 동영상 및 소셜네트웍(SNS) 등까지 뒤져 증거를 찾아내고 있어 주의가 요구.      
USCIS(이민서비스국) 워싱턴 지부가 시민권 신청서의 경력사항을 정밀검사하면서 오히려 추방대상자가 되는 사례가 늘고 있다.원인은 과거 영주권 신청시 경력위조 사실 적발 때문이며, 한인들이 대상이 되는 경우가 급증


한국의 식품의약안전처는 "관련 대책을 주한 미국대사관, 미국 연방 농무성 등과 협의 중"이라고 밝혀 우편과 택배 등 한국으로 들어가는 제품의 반입 절차가 까다로워질 것을 시사. 이같은 법안의 추진은 아이허브( 등 인터넷 샤핑몰 등의 직구매 방식 등을 통해 한국으로 반입되는 식품건강보조식품의 증가로 검역 및 통관 강화 주장이 국회에서 제기됐기 때문.. 최근 식약처는 "지난 3월 아이허브 캡슐제품 20건을 검사한 결과, 15건이 우피 제품으로 확인돼 통관단계에서 막도록 관세청에 협조를 요청했다"고

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