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     Issue No. 3(14)                                                                                             JULY 17, 2014
From Editor
After a long, hard-fought battle, Germany took home its fourth World Cup. It's the first time Germany has taken the cup since 1990, when the West German team won with a 1-0 victory over Argentina.  After losing, riot rocks Buenos Aires last Sunday night, just as Brazilian fans burnt buses in Sao Paulo after being defeated against Germany 7-1, deeply wounding Brazilian soccer pride. The World Cup goes to the only one final winner in competition. If you lose, you're out. Then why are people so mad?   I think violence in aftermath implies not only the anger over losing in national rivalry but also the struggle for hegemonic masculinity. The picture for men has changed dramatically over the past 50 years. More women than men are going to college, and the economy is moving away from jobs that traditionally favored men, like manufacturing and mining. Attitudes have also changed on the social front, with young men having more egalitarian attitudes toward women and expectations of being involved fathers. There used to be issues coming from feminism activists. But now we can even see the first International Conference on Men's Issues held in Detroit. All these social phenomena represent the crisis of hegemonic masculinity.  Unlike the Olympics, the soccer has its origin in England's repulsion of Danish invaders during Victorian colonialism; it makes sense to regard that it has qualities of violence and warfare in its tone.  If the scoring and winning allow men to exert manliness in a non-war setting, the World Cup represents the venue for the assertion of  masculinity.  
The US Federal Reserve has warned of "stretched valuations" in social media and biotechnology firms as part of chair Janet Yellen's semi-annual report in front of Congress. The warning sent US indexes down, with shares of social media firms such as Yelp plunging. (BBC)   
The unaccompanied children now coming here from Central America are under 6 years old. A 6 year old is not here looking for work. So, you have to unravel the strands of the story for a better understanding of what's happening now and the factors that make this a crisis. (ABC)
America's young people, as a group, are becoming more out of shape with every passing year, regardless of their family's economic situation, a new study from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports. (NYT)

Bearing a haunting resemblance to January's brutally cold weather pattern, a deep pool of cool air from the Gulf of Alaska will plunge into the Great Lakes early next week and then ooze towards the East Coast. (WP)
The match averaged a 9.7 overnight rating, the third-highest metered market rating for any World Cup match on the ESPN networks and ABC on record, according to Nielsen. (Forbes)
First came the Koreans, followed by the dog lovers, the cricket players, the wine aficionados, the food trucks and antique cars... the park has gradually lived up to the original vision that planners had of creating the equivalent of a Central Park for Bergen County. But with complaints from neighboring residents about traffic, trash and noise... (North Jersey)
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21일부터 내달 15일까지 뉴욕시 레스토랑 300여 곳이 일제히 할인에 돌입하는 '레스토랑 위크' 기간에는 세 가지로 구성된 코스 요리를 점심 25달러, 저녁 38달러에 맛볼 수 있다. 한식당은 4곳이 참여 (반.온누리.크리스팔 벨리.한가위)  음료는 별도이며, 세금과 팁은 포함되지 않은 가격이 다. 레스토랑 위크에 참가하는 식당들의 정보 확인과 예약은 뉴욕시 관광청 웹사이트(에서

민병갑 뉴욕 퀸스칼리지 사회학과 교수와 김치곤 오하이오 라이트주립대학 교수는 '미주 한인사회의 세대별 결혼 형태'라는 제목의 논문에서 1965년 이민법 개정 이후 미국에서 태어나고 자란 한인 여성 1만9천775명 가운데 61.3%가 비한인 남성과 결혼한 데 비해 남성은 45.4%만이 비한인 배우자를 만나 가정을..이는 "다른 민족과 문화 및 언어적 동질감을 느끼는 것을 반영하는 것"     
뉴저지 한인단체들이 연방 질병통제센터(CDC)가 실시하는 '국민건강 및 영양실태조사(NHANES)'는 미주 한인사회의 건강지표를 만드는 데 매우 중요한 조사로 조사원 방문 시 건강면담 및 건강검진(신체검사)에 적극 참여 호소 


90에이커 규모의 조각공원에 마련된 '아트 햄튼'은 브리지햄튼의 노바스 아트 조각 공원(Nova's ARK Sculpture Field)에 자리. 올해로 제7회를 맞은 '아트 햄튼'은 미국, 아시아, 유럽 등지의 갤러리들이 참여해왔으며 올해는 12개국에서 80여 갤러리가 참가해 400여명에 달하는 작가들의 작품이 출품됐다.한국에서 16개의 갤러리가 참여해 눈길을...  

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