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     Issue No. 3(13)                                                                                             JULY 7, 2014
From Editor
What fascinates me about America is its people's sense of humor and the way they sublimate a personal victory to a spiritual model for the community.  After making 16 saves against the Belgian team in the U.S's last World Cup match, Howard became something of an American hero. Fans started petitioning on the White House website "We the People" to name Howard as the Secretary of Defense. President Obama said in his weekly address, "Chuck Hagel's got the spot right now, but if there is a vacancy, I promise to think about it."  And Real-life Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel told Howard that with some training, he could someday become the real Secretary of Defense.  Who is Tim Howard? He played basketball and soccer in North Brunswick Township High School, New Jersey. His high school yearbook quote was "It will take a nation of millions to hold me back." No one from school is surprised with his awesome performance.  However his fame didn't come easy. He was diagnosed with Tourette's syndrome (spectrum of tic disorders) when he was a child. But he didn't let any obstacles stand in his way. At age 23, he was recruited by Manchester United. He lent his name in NJ center for Tourette's syndrome to make Tim Howard Leadership Academy. It's so much meaningful for the kids to have hero someone who dealt with the same difficulty and survived. He also responsibly advocated for the anti-fur campaign. As you may have noticed the tattoos all over his body, a souvenir from his struggle in "ink not Mink."  What could be more meaningful than doing your best at something you're passionate about? There may be obstacles, but if you stay positive, it makes you that much more resilient in pursuing your goals.  
The Transportation Security Administration said Sunday that security screeners at overseas airports may ask U.S.-bound passengers to turn on their electronic devices to prove they work and aren't explosive devices. (CNN)  
The Supreme Court ruled on Monday that requiring family-owned corporations to pay for insurance coverage for contraception under the Affordable Care Act violated a federal law protecting religious freedom. (NYT)
A lot of guys talked about their ex-wives. Ex-wives and ex-girlfriends were often cited as the catalysts to these men's realizations that the world had become a hostile and dangerous place for males. (WP) 
The denial is fueled by a strong stigma against the disease. Such denial not only increases the risk that the close contacts of those infected by Ebola will be affected, but it also creates the ideal situation for the virus to gain an even broader foothold. (Time)
The infielder, Park Hyo-joon, with Yatap High School in Seongnam, just east of Seoul, becomes the second South Korean to join the Yankees organization after the retired pitcher Park Chan-ho, who wore the pinstripes in 2010. (Koreatimes)
All broadcast TV stations have been exclusively digital since 2009. It's possible to get TV signals broadcast directly onto your computer and then turn the machine's hard drive into a DVR with TV tuner cards. Either of these setups allow much of the same functionality of Aereo. (WP)
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퀸즈한인회와 뉴욕 메츠 구단이 공동으로 주최한 '코리안 헤리티지 데이'가 6일 퀸즈 시티필드 구장에서 열렸다. 추신수 선수가 활약하고 있는 텍사스 레인저스와의 경기에 앞서 사물놀이패 공연과 태권도 시범과 함께.

재미 한인의 정치력 신장을 목표로 한인 2세들이 중심이 돼 지난 2011년 결성한 조직 미주한인협의회(CKA·회장 샘 윤). 성공한 한인 2세들을 결집해 네트워크를 구축하고 한인들을 대표하는 강력한 목소리를 내는게 비전. "올해 중간선거에 12~15명의 한인이 출마한 것으로 추정된다"며 "한인들이 이번 선거에서 꼭 등록하고 투표해주기를 바란다"...
9. 한미 유기농제품 수출입 쉬워진다

양국 '인증 동등성 협정'으로 별도 절차없이 판매 가능. 연방 농무부(USDA)와 한국 농림축산식품부는 7월1일부로 양국의 유기 가공식품 상호 동등성 인정 협정을 발효했다. 이에 따라 양국에서 유기농 인증을 받은 제품은 양국에서 모두 별도의 인증 없이 모두 유기농(Organic)을 표시해 수출입과 판매가 가능


지난해 뉴저지 주의회를 통과한 관련 법안 'S 69'가 1일부터 전격 시행에 들어갔기 때문으로 주내 운전 중 핸드폰 사용자들은 이날부터 첫 적발 시 최소 200~최고 400달러, 두 번째 적발 시 400~600달러, 세 번 이상 적발 시 600~800달러의 벌금이 부과   

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