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     Issue No. 3(12)                                                                                             JUNE 27, 2014
From Editor

What's for dinner? For quite some time now, I've been wondering why my choice of food has become so limited to meat or fish. I can see it being partially due to the lack of vegetables in the grocery, which I have used to take in my childhood. But, seeing that I've been in America for more than half of my adult life, I think my diet has been influenced by American food culture. The average American is consuming roughly 250 pound of meat/year - that's about three quarter-pounder burgers a day; the world's highest meat consumption per capita. No wonder. Fast food chains are everywhere for people to take their meat with a reasonable price. Is this not the case for Korean? If you enjoy Kalbi or Bulgoki, you won't be the exception from this index. But why is meat so ingrained in our daily diets?  Beyond its nutritional value, meat holds a significant amount of cultural value - different cuts don't necessarily equate to different nutritional value, but the price variance is great between your half pound of ground beef and Fillet Mignon. According to chief economist at the American Farm Bureau Federation, Bob Young says, "Consumers are feeling better about themselves and their income situation and are willing to pay up for good meat." And this continues to hold true as meat prices are skyrocketing due to drought conditions and an E. Coli recall on beef. Excessive meat consumption is one of the main culprits for American health problems? If that's not enough to change your dietary choices, do a little research on where your delicacy meats such as veal come from... that'll definitely change your minds a bit.  As we head into grilling season, let's try to focus on a healthy balanced diet and get into better shape!

Egypt's judiciary has dealt a shocking blow to the principle of free speech after three journalists for Al-Jazeera English were sentenced to between seven and 10 years in jail on charges of aiding terrorists and endangering national security. (Guardian) 
New York Mayor Bill de Blasio, who took office Jan. 1 promising to reduce economic inequality, said he wants to end a 43-year policy that restricts admission at the city's elite high schools to students who score highest on a standardized test. (Bloomberg)
There is a surge of unaccompanied minors crossing into the US along its southern border that is overwhelming US facilities and creating a political dilemma for President Barack Obama. (BBC) 
A group of South Koreans says working conditions at a production plant caused hundreds of rare diseases over the past two decades, but the tech giant - while apologetic - rejects blame. (WP)
Here's how people are watching the World Cup - without cable. "Tired of cable? Cut the cord! Learn how to watch LIVE sports without cable here," software company Ghost Path VPN marketed on its blog and through tweets and messages on Facebook.(WP)
At age 25, Jason DaSilva had everything - he was smart, talented, good-looking and traveling the world as a documentary filmmaker. Then he was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. But he didn't just live through becoming disabled; he filmed it. (NPR)
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7. 뉴욕시 50만 불체자에 신분증 발급  
조례안은 뉴욕시 5개 보로에 사는 시민들은 누구나 거주 사실만 증명하면 체류 신분에 상관없이 사진이 첨부된 시정부 신분증을 발급받을 수 있다는 내용이 핵심. 신청자는 출신 국가의 운전면허증이나 출생 신고서, 유틸리티 청구서와 은행 기록 등 1개 이상의 증빙 서류를 갖춰 신청. 위조 서류로 신분증을 신청하거나 타인에게 양도했을 경우에는 경범죄로 처벌.

제13회 뉴욕아시안영화제에서 '한국영화 특별전'을 개최. 한국영화 특별전이 시작되는 이달 28일에는 배우 박중훈이 처음으로 메가폰을 잡고 엄태웅, 김민준, 소이현이 주연을 맡은 '톱스타(2013114분)'가 상영. 이날 박중훈 감독은 '더 셀러브리티 어워드(The Celebrity Award)'도 수상.
9. '렌탈 비즈니스'갈수록 영역 확장

장기불황에 수천달러 악기예복부터 신발액세서리까지 다양. 고가의 제품을 일정가격을 지불하고 대여해 보다 저렴하게 사용하는 것으로 웨딩드레스, 자동차, 정수기 등 대여가 일반화된 특정 업종에 이어 악기, 사무기기, 셀폰, 한복 등 다양한 분야로 확산되고 있다. 경기침체로 '실속 소비'를 추구하는 한인 소비자들이 많아지면서 업종도 보다 다양해지고 있는 추세.


사진영상에세이 등이 삽입된 멀티미디어 홍보물로 '아워 글로벌 빌리지'(Our Global Village)란 이름의 이 프로젝트는 풀브라이트 장학기금이 운영하는 '휴버트 험프리 펠로십' 프로그램에 따라 지난해 11월부터 진행. 미 국무부가 지원하고, 산하 비영리 교육기관인 국제교육원(IIE)이 주관.    
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