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     Issue No. 3(11)                                                                                             May 10, 2014
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Since Sandy Hook, we've seen a curious change in gun regulation that has been loosening in spite of rising gun violence in the nation. For progressives, the easy answer was the lobbying of National Rifle Association. But the other side of their answer could actually be a fear to accept that the country as a whole trusts the NRA more than it trusts Progressives on the issue. The result of an ABC News/Washington Post poll showed that 53 percent now believe a gun makes a home safer while 35 percent believe a gun makes it more dangerous. This stands in stark contrast with the results in 2000 where the inverse was true. The gun-safety advocates are finally realizing it was wrong to approach gun-violence as a political problem. This is no surprise considering how closely American gun culture is related to the frontier ethos, a foundational piece of America's long-held affection for guns. Simply put, the approach to gun-violence needs to change. The problem is gun-violence, not the gun. Activists have changed their strategy in recent efforts and have framed the danger of guns as a public health risk. Rather than instilling fear that our world is getting more dangerous, activists now plan to remind people that fatal gun accidents are day-to-day tragedies that we could prevent with good moral judgment. Michael Bloomberg's Everytown for Gun Safety movement is a new video in this effort. Creating this narrative of shared values and resonating culture could be the key to solving this problem. 
Iowa Democrats proposed the idea and several others during a recent Democratic National Committee meeting, saying Internet balloting could expand access to their unique caucus process to overseas military personnel, absentee voters and other
s. (Fox)
The law firm hired by the governor's office to investigate the George Washington Bridge lane closures charged the state almost $1.1 million for work it did in January. The total bill for the state is likely to rise. (NorthJersey)
An extraordinary step in professional sports and one intended to rid the league of Mr. Sterling after he was recorded making racist comments. Mr. Sterling was also fined $2.5 million, the largest that league bylaws would allow, but a small percentage of his estimated $1.9 billion fortune. (NYT) 
There are 46 million poor people in the U.S., and millions more hover right above the poverty line - but go into many of their homes, and you might find a flat-screen TV, a computer or the latest sneakers. And that raises a question: What does it mean to be poor in America today? (NPR)
A U.S. jury on Friday ordered Samsung Electronics Co Ltd to pay $119.6 million to Apple Inc, far less than Apple had sought and marking a big loss for the iPhone maker in the latest round of their globe-spanning mobile patent litigation.(Reuters)
Michael D. Shear examines how popular culture has incorporated the issues that President Obama has faced. (NYT)
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7. 한인 뉴욕주 15만, 뉴저지주 10만명 고소득 전문직 종사자 44%... 소도매 및 제조업자 43%
1976년부터 본격적으로 시작된 한인들의 이주는 주로 가족을 동반해 미주사회에 뿌리를 내리기 시작. 맨해튼에 거주하는 한인이 1990년대 6천여명인데 반해, 2010년대에 들어선 2만2천여 명으로 4배 가까이 증가한 점을 주목하며 "영어가 능통하며 미국에서 교육을 받고 자란 한인 자녀들이 맨해튼에 있는 회사에 취직을 하고 이 일대에서 집을 구하기 때문"이라고...

처음 이 프로젝트를 기획하고 섭외해 온 김 군은 "4년 전에 스키 사고로 하반신 마비가 되어 휠체어를 사용하게 되었다"며 "휠체어 접근성이 좋다는 미국이라고 하여도 많은 곳들이 아직까지 휠체어로 다니기 힘든 현실을 알게 돼 이 일을 결심했다"고
9.  '부처님 오신 날' 탄생축하 봉축 법요식 4일 뉴욕뉴저지 한인 사찰 일제히 거행
불기 2558년 '부처님 오신 날'을 맞아 부처님 탄생을 축하하는 봉축 법요식이 4일 뉴욕뉴저지 일원 한인 사찰에서 일제히 거행. 뉴욕 원각사와 뉴욕불광선원, 한마음선원, 원불교 뉴욕교당, 보리사 등 한인 사찰들에서는 불자들이 참석한 가운데 삼귀의례와 부처님을 목욕시키는 관불, 육법공양, 청법삼배, 발원문 봉독, 헌공 등의 순으로 봉축 법요식이 진행.


한국 국회는 29일 본회의를 열고 '재외동포의 출입국과 법적지위에 관한 법률 개정안'을 통과. 거소신고제가 폐지되는 대신 영주권자 재외국민들은 재외국민용 주민등록증을 발급. 금융거래와 건강보험의 적용에 있어 대한민국 국민으로서 동등한 권리가 인정.       
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