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     Issue No. 3(10)                                                                                             April 22, 2014
From Editor

Korea's southwest coast is well known for its geographical contours that produce fierce currents and strong tides. During the historical Imjin war, General Yi Soon-Shin achieved one of history's most remarkable naval victories at the battle of MyeongRyang. Outnumbered by an enormous Japanese fleet, General Yi drew in the Japanese fleet into torrential geographic features near Jindo Island and effectively thwarted. Nevertheless the cruise ship Sewol didn't follow the safe sea route but to take a short cut in this notorious region, leaving almost 300 people on board, mostly high school students on their way to the Jeju island for a four-day trip, missing. People associate this accident to the Titanic sinking, which happened on the same date in 102 years ago (April 15, 1912). Although the tragedy can be compared to the Titanic in grief, there is a fundamental difference in cause; the Sewol case is a man-made disaster not an accidental crash into reefs or icebergs. With all the modern technologies available and wealth of navigational resources, there is absolutely no excuse for a ship to take on such blatant risks through treacherous waters with a civilian crew on board. The insensitivity and disregard for public safety displayed by the ship's operators, and the government's poorly executed emergency response really seems to reflect an unhealthy social phenomenon that should not go unnoticed; the safety and well-being of people should never be jeopardized by profit. 

The victims are overwhelmingly students of a single high school in Ansan, near Seoul. More than three-quarters of the 323 students are dead or missing, while nearly two-thirds of the other 153 people on board the ferry Sewol survived. (AP)
Keflezighi was the first American man to win the race in more than 30 years. The story of Meb Keflezighi, the oldest Boston Marathon winner since at least 1930, would have been resonant any year.(NYT)
Rand Paul's noninterventionist foreign policy views aren't currying him any favor with conservative pundits, who have recently attacked the Kentucky senator and possible 2016 presidential candidate as naive and immature. (HP)
The NYPD announced Tuesday that police Commissioner Bill Bratton decided to disband the "Demographics Unit" after he took office - following a review determined that its intelligence could be gathered in other ways. (CBS)
"We were badly held back not just by the technology, but by the culture of journalism," he said of daily newspapers, as he offered a preview of his new site,, which was introduced Sunday night. (NYT)
Culinarily, this background has come to bear on such Chang creations as his Honeycrisp-apple kimchi with jowl bacon and Noodle Bar's fried chicken served two ways, southern-style and Korean-style. (Vanity Fair)
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7. 의약업체 '메디컬 코스메틱'인기
이른바 '메디컬 코스메틱' 제품들의 미국시장 상륙이 잇따르고 있다. 한국에서 '약국 화장품'으로도 통하는 이들 제품은 특히 기존 제품에 비해 다양한 성분을 포함하고 있어 소비자들의 관심도 높아지고 있다. 얼마 전에는 약국 화장품전문 온라인 샤핑 사이트 '엠디스킨몰('도 문을

2005년 서울대 화공과를 졸업하고 2009년 조지아 공대에서 박사학위를 취득. 스탠퍼드 대학 박사후 과정 연구원 시절 '뇌를 투명하게 만드는 기술(CLARITY)'을 개발해 뇌신경세포의 3차원 연결망을 자세히 들여다볼 수 있는 기술로 난치성 뇌 질환 치료의 돌파구를 열었다는 평. 그의 기술은 뇌 세포막을 투명하게 만드는 것은 물론 기능성자기공명영상보다 2000배나 높은 해상다로 뇌의 구조와 신경세포 연결망을 속속들이 들여다볼 수 있게 한 것이 특징.

전문가들은 "양국간 갈등은 35년간의 한반도 식민지배를 통해 한국의 문화를 말살하려 한 데 대한 원한에 뿌리를 두고 있다"며 "이같은 갈등은 국력이 강화된 한국이 지난 한세기간 유지된 일본의 아성에 도전하면서 동북아지역의 균형추 또한 이동하고 있음을 보여준다"고 평가.

도로 곳곳에서 팟홀로 인해 사고 위험을 겪은 운전자들의 불만이 계속. 신고는 뉴욕시 교통국 웹사이트(나 311 민원신고 핫라인. 뉴저지주에서는 주교통국 웹사이트(를 통해서 가능.       
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