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     Issue No. 3(9)                                                                                             March  19, 2014
From Editor

Last week NJ teen, Rachel Canning, sued parents for child support in high school tuition and college. She left her family five months before she sued her parents. In the case proceeding her parents denied all allegations of emotional abuse and said Rachel left voluntarily after she refused to abide by simple rules of the house including doing some chores, abiding by curfew and being respectful, plus there was quarreling over Rachel's boyfriend concerning that Rachel had bad influence from him.  In the meantime the media headline was "NJ honor student booted from home sues parent for college tuition."  Such wording as honor student and spoiled girl can be rather misleading readers by expecting a surprise how an honor student could bring about such legal issues. I think it is a bias if people think that the cognitive level is positively correlated to the level of emotional control in this case of family feud.  Secondly, the parents' reasoning of simple house rules is arguably an over-expectation for adolescents during puberty. If this were the only reason for letting their child go, I'd probably find myself on the other side of the world from my boys. During their most turbulent period of cognitive and emotional development, it's difficult to gauge factors like responsibility and respect.  The Cunnings' problem can't simply be based on financial support. In general, I think that the greatest achievement for parents dealing with children during puberty is overcoming the ups and downs of hormonal change unscathed. No matter what culture you belong to, the concept of family is too subtle to be defined in one word. The emotional bond and trust that is built over a lifetime, often through painful memories, is what really keeps a family together in times of crisis. 

Western leaders are stunned because they haven't realized Russia's owners no longer respect Europeans the way they once did after the Cold War. Russia thinks the West is no longer a crusading alliance. Russia thinks the West is now all about the money.(Politico)
International Women's Day is still needed to motivate change, at home and abroad. Some of these statistics put into sharp relief just how far we still have to go.(Independent)
The once highly valued notion of owning a home in the suburbs is now seen as an unnecessary expense many Americans no longer want. Dispensing with cars and home ownership, a new generation prefers to be closer to jobs and associated urban activity.(Aljazeera)
Planet Labs, a San Francisco aerospace start-up, is launching 100 of its small satellites into orbit this year where they will photograph the Earth every single day.(NYT)
The drones work by shooting chemicals into the air, freezing pollutants and making them fall to the ground, according to state media. The unmanned vehicles currently carry about 176 pounds of haze-scrubbing chemicals, while future versions will hold more than 1,500 pounds.(CNN)
The 18-year-old high school senior has finally reunited with her family. The Lincoln Park teen had tried suing her parents after they refused to put up with her wayward lifestyle. The Cannings are now asking for privacy.(NY Daily)
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한인 영주권자들이 시민권을 취득하면서 국적 상실신고를 하거나 선천적 복수국적자인 한인 2세들이 한국 국적을 이탈하는 등 한국 국적을 포기하는 미주한인들이 매년 1만명에 달하고 있는 것으로... 올해 선천적 복수국적자들의 국적이탈 신고는 오는 3월31일 마감된다. 대상자는 올해 만 18세가 되는 2세 남성(1996년 1월1일~12월31일 출생)


인텔사가 11일 발표한 제73회 인텔 과학경시대회의 최종 수상자 명단에 따르면 캘리포니아 어바인 소재 유니버시티고교에 재학 중인 이군은 유체 역학의 원리를 이용해 심장박동을 설명하는 수학적 모델을 제시해 2위에... 


총 시험시간은 3시간이나 작문 영역을 선택할 경우 50분이 추가로 주어지며, 기존의 종이 시험과 함께 원하는 수험생은 컴퓨터를 이용해 시험을 볼 수 있도록 했다. 또 난이도가 지나치게 높은 단어를 이용한 출제를 금지하고 학교나 직장에서 일반적으로 이용되는 단어를 주로 사용하도록 하는 동시에 오답에 대한 추가 감점도 없앤다는 방침


1977년 인류음악학(Ethnomusicology)을 공부하면서 국악에 처음 관심을 갖게 되었다. 이후 국악 연주자들과 함께 외국에 나가서 한국전통음악에 대해 당당히 이야기하고 싶은 꿈이 늘 있었다.
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