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     Issue No. 3(7)                                                                                             February  17, 2014
From Editor
 U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry arrived in Indonesia on Sunday and called climate change the world's "most fearsome" destructive weapon. Indonesia happens to be the world's largest exporter of coal for power plants. Thick grey smog shrouded China and beyond when John Kerry visited the Chinese capital Beijing, the level reached "hazardous" on air quality indexes. The weather in Eastern US has changed so much that the area is almost dangerous to live in. We remember that severe storms have hit the region for two consecutive years that left thousands of households without power for weeks. Installation of generators afterward could not prevent this year's polar vortex from breaking water pipes. There are plenty of problems in climate change. China and the United States are the world's two largest emitters of greenhouse gases which are blamed for global warming, accounting for some 40 percent of total planetary emissions. The primary solution must be energy policy. Stop incentivizing the use of coal and oil! Invest in renewable energy technologies! This should be done in the level of government and international financial institutions.
Clinton shares wisdom on being a woman in politics during discussion with daughter Chelsea and Melinda Gates at NYU. "It is important to learn how to take criticism seriously but not personally."(Guardian)
US Secretary of State John Kerry will on Sunday issue a clarion call for the world to do to more to combat climate change, warning the planet is being pushed to "a tipping point of no return".(Telegraph)
A jury on Saturday night convicted a Florida man on four charges related to his shooting into an SUV full of teenagers during an argument over loud music, but could not decide on the most serious charge -- murder.(CNN)
Can you believe that Olympic athletes are all using Tinder-a DATING APP-at the Olympic village? So much so that "Tinder hook-ups [are] off the hook"? (Time)
Have you ever seen a termite mound? Those little bugs are amazing engineers, constructing giant (compared with their own size) structures, working relentlessly even though individual insects die.(CNET)
The service - which is the first of its kind in Norway - is run by the nearby Kirkenes Snowhotel, which needed to secure the backing of Norway's defence services, as well as local authorities, in order to persuade the airport to accept their dog sled entourage.(Guardian)
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코리안 메디컬 프로그램 (KMP 부원장 최경희)'커뮤니티 브릿지 펀드'는 생명을 위협하는 응급상황은 아니지만 응급 수술이 시급한 환자 가운데 무보험 혹은 응급 메디케이드나 정부의 도움을 받을 수 없고 경제적인 도움을 줄 수 있는 가족도 없는 한인 환자를 대상.한인사회 특히 한인 교계의 적극적인 후원 동참을 호소.
버클리 음대 출신의 재미동포가 음대 재학생들과 함께 남북 이산가족의 아픔을 그린 뮤직비디오를 제작, 유튜브에 올려 잔잔한 감동을 끌어내고 있다. 'The Story of North and South II-Those Time'(남북의 이야기라는 제목으로...

버락 오바마 대통령은 타드 김(한국명 김선해) 워싱턴 DC 법무차관(Solicitor General)을 워싱턴 DC 연방 항소법원 판사에 지명했다고 백악관이 14일 밝혔다. 김 지명자는 연방 상원의 인준과정을 거쳐야 하며, 인준에 통과하면 오바마 행정부 들어 세 번째로 한인 연방 판사가 된다.  

웬디스 포트리 매장의 케빈 우드사이드 대표는 "지난 2001년 10월 문을 연 웬디스 포트리 매장은 9.11 테러 복구에 나섰던 노동자들에게 음식을 무상으로 제공하는 등 늘 지역사회와 함께 해왔다"며 앞으로도 지역사회와 함께하는 매장이 되겠다고...
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