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     Issue No. 3(6)                                                                                             February  11, 2014
From Editor
Can't we use tablet computers (iPad, Note, Nexus, etc...) to replace textbooks in schools? My kids carried heavy backpacks for more than 15 years and they were often heavy enough that it wasn't easy for me to pick up. I could never understand why hard-bound textbooks with projected lifetimes of over 5 years have been used in schools in the first place. Not only do they get outdated, very soon, they're heavy and expensive and have very few positive features, if any. Today, more than 80% of Americans are using computers and have access to the Internet. Students are depending more and more on software and the internet over old hardware products like the TI-84 graphic calculator which STILL goes for $107 on Amazon. When it comes to education, older technologies are more expensive. Digital book markets continue to grow. Textbooks can be digitally delivered to iPads via an application from the publisher. Some schools have already gone paperless by pledging to stop buying textbooks. Classrooms should go through a technological revolution, which perhaps leaves the comfort zone of many incumbent teachers. However, the biggest problem is here. As schools put emphasis on computer use in class, school-age children without Internet access at home will suffer. In the change in educational formatting depends on a school's policy, the problem of public access to free Internet should be assigned to politicians. 
Frustrated about prospects of getting Afghan President Hamid Karzai to sign a long-term security deal, the United States is considering waiting until he leaves office before completing the pact and deciding on a troop presence beyond 2014, the Wall Street Journal reported on Monday.(HP)
Sparkling venues made quiet by small crowds contrast against the IOC claim that 92 per cent of all tickets have been sold. It simply doesn't seem probable.(CBC)
In exchange for not charging the drugmaking giant with securities fraud, Christie's office would require it to fund a professorship at Seton Hall University's law school - Christie's alma mater.(WP)
A group of women in the Japanese capital are threatening a 'sex boycott' against any man who votes for Yoichi Masuzoe in this weekend's gubernatorial election, in protest at the front-runner's claim that menstruation makes women unfit for government.(Guardian)
A devout Christian and father of three, Bae operated a China-based company specializing in tours of North Korea, according to his family and, a website that friends set up to promote his release.(CNN)
Each step is a challenge for the thousands making the mile-long hike across ice to an isolated stretch of coastline on Lake Superior. The reward: Caves seem to be covered in crystal and icicles dangle from cliffs two stories high. (CBS)
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1917년 경남 창녕에서 태어난 김 화백은 일제강점기 태평양미술학교를 다니고 1946년 귀국해 조선대 예술학과를 창립한 조선대의 첫 전임교수.  한국에서의 옥살이와 고문의 기억 때문에 30여 년간 한국사회와 연락을 하지 않아. "나는 영원한 현역"이라고 강조했던 그는 백수(白壽)를 바라보는 나이에도 손에서 붓을 놓지 않았다. 


새로운 시민권 신청서는 기존의 10페이지에서 21페이지로 두배 이상 늘었다. 추가정보 섹션은 6페이지 이상에 달하며 복잡하고 어려운 질문이 대폭 추가. 시민권을 취득하고자 하면 이민국 웹사이트(에서 신청서를 작성한 뒤 수수료 680달러(지문채취 포함)와 함께 보내면 된다.

재외동포가 한국 발전에 기여하고 있다는 인식이 56.3%에 달했고 분야별로는 '국내 기업의 해외 진출 시'(69.3%), '독립운동 당시'(59.7%), '대한민국 위상 변화'(58%), '대한민국 이미지 개선'(56.3%) 등에 기여했거나 하고 있다고 생각하는 것으로 집계...


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