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     Issue No. 3(2)                                                                                             January  13, 2014
From Editor
While the digital age offers ample convenience in our communication with regards to speed and distance, we sacrifice a large portion of our privacy. A text message or an email, unless transmitted through official numbers or addresses, should be kept private... but as we all know, the messages we send can be shared and get us into unexpected trouble. What's worse is that all the messages, and related materials are also traceable. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie's bridge scandal is top news these days. Christie denied and apologized numerous times in his news conference on Thursday, but at the same time he said that he didn't want to know what caused his aids to launch such a political vendetta. Accepting his responsibility, he took action by firing two top aides... period? The people are disappointed in the governor and this embarrassingly childish turn of events, worrying political corruption and crashes in US partisan politics. But let me ask you to look at politics from a different perspective. John A. Farrell, who is working on an upcoming biography of Richard Nixon, says that America's political history is full of broken legs and bloodied noses - as well as payback, bugging, blackmail, break-ins and other dirty tricks. So, in other words, political world has not been changed as much as you are disappointed. What is different is the level of transparency that is inevitably revealed in digital society. According to Farrell, the issue with the Bridge Scandal is not so much an abuse of power for payback but more an extremely stupid attempt at it. All traceable messages are now under investigation, which would not be limited to the subject but all about his governance. That will make him in trouble.  
"Time for some traffic problems in Fort Lee," Bridget Anne Kelly, a deputy chief of staff to Mr. Christie, emailed David Wildstein, a high school friend of the governor who worked at the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, which runs the bridge.(NYT)
Super PACs are not allowed to directly coordinate with candidates or campaigns, but because Clinton is not a declared candidate there is nothing improper about the list rental.(Time)
"12 Years A Slave" was named Best Picture - Drama at the 71st annual Golden Globes awards. Steve McQueen's film, based on the 1853 memoir by Solomon Northup, a free man who was kidnapped into slavery in 1841, was the most-nominated drama of the night with seven total nods.(HP)
Five years after skyrocketing fuel prices and turmoil in financial markets knocked auto makers into a tailspin, the U.S. market has recovered to its former size and character, dominated by larger, more powerful and more profitable vehicles.(WSJ)
The German defense industry is increasingly looking to Asia as a growing market for its products. Conflicts in the Far East have led to a demand for the kind of giant -- and expensive -- submarines that come from shipyards in northern Germany.(Speigel)
The Scanadu Scout can read a body temperature, heart rate, oximetry (blood oxygen levels), ECG waves, heart rate variability and pulse wave transit time (PWTT) - the time it takes for a heartbeat to reach somewhere else in a person's body. PWTT is related to blood pressure.(DailyMail)
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한인학생이 많이 재학하고 있는 데마레스트 고교와 올드태판 고교 등 2개 학교를 관할하고 있는 노던밸리 리저널 학군은 올해부터 약물검사를 전격 시행한다는 계획. 하지만 학부모들은 학군의 무작위 약물검사가 사생활 보호법에 저촉된다며 법원에 소송을 제기, 결과를 기다리고... 

한국의 보험사들은 오는 4월1일부터 미국을 포함한 해외 지역에서도 한국 보험의 가입이 가능한 '해외 장기체류 보험'을 출시할 예정. 대부분의 보험사들은 세칙 개정에 따라 이미 관련 상품의 개발에 들어갔으며 유학생, 기업 주재원, 외교관 등 해외 체류자들이 상당수 가입할 것으로 업계에서는 전망.
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