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     Issue No. 3(1)                                                                                             January  6, 2014
From Editor

Animals have a long history of being used as diplomatic gestures. Chinese leader Mao Zedong sent a pair of pandas to the US in 1972 after president Nixon's visit to Beijing. When South Korean president Kim Dae Jung met with North Korean leader Kim Jong Il, they exchanged their respective national dogs: Jindo and Poongsan. Furthermore, a little known fact about the Cold War era is that Nikita Khrushchev and US president John F. Kennedy corresponded regularly and also exchanged gifts; one of them being a dog named Pushinka, whose mother (Strelka) was one of the first dogs to fly into space and return alive.  At the time, the Soviet Union was ahead in the space race. President Kennedy, after writing a thank-you letter to Khrushchev on June 21, 1961, pledged to put a man on the moon by the end of the 1960s, which was successfully accomplished by the Apollo 11 mission on July 20, 1969. But in October 1962, shortly after the delivery of Pushinka, the US and the Soviet Union found themselves on the brink of nuclear war (the Cuban missile crisis) after the US captured photographs that proved Russian nuclear missiles were stationed in Cuba. The Resolution? Communication between the two leaders, including gifts such as the dog, had a huge impact on the resolution of the crisis. Khrushchev agreed to dismantle the missiles and ship them back to the Soviet Union. In return Kennedy promised the US would not invade Cuba and would lift the naval blockade imposed on the island.

"The combination of financial healing, greater balance in the housing market, less fiscal restraint, and, of course, continued monetary policy accommodation bodes well for US economic growth in coming quarters," Mr Bernanke told the American Economic Association.(Telegraph)
The temperature predictions are startling: 25 below zero in Fargo, N.D., minus 31 in International Falls, Minn., and 15 below in Indianapolis and Chicago. At those temperatures, exposed skin can get frostbitten in minutes and hypothermia can quickly set in because wind chills could hit 50, 60 or even 70 below zero. (AP)
The latest evidence: In the years immediately following the implementation of Medicare and Medicaid -- two programs that dramatically expanded government-sponsored health coverage -- patients' share of out-of-pocket costs dropped by 40 percent. (HP)
Gov. Cuomo's plan will be far more restrictive than the laws in Colorado or California, where medical marijuana is available to people with conditions as mild as backaches. It will allow just 20 hospitals across the state to prescribe marijuana to patients with cancer, glaucoma or other diseases that meet standards to be set by the New York State Department of Health. (NYT)
Savvier college-bound consumers know that the so-called "sticker price" of tuition and fees at a given college or university isn't what many-or even most-students pay. (MotherJones)
Because Most Americans Are Unenthusiastic About It / Because the U.S. Won't Control The Flow Of Guns Into Latin America / Because the United States Leads The Hemisphere In Drug Consumption / Because The U.S. Ignores Latin American Calls For A Rethinking Of Drug Policy....(HP)
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W-2, 모기지 이자, 재산세 납부 서류 등은 필수. 세금보고 서류상 이름, 소셜시큐리티 카드 이름과 일치해야. 해외 금융자산도 꼭 보고. 무면허 세금보고 대행자 주의. 기본공제 일제히 인상. 오바마케어 시행 관련 공제 및 혜택 개정...
뉴욕타임스가 재미작가 이창래(49)씨의 새 장편소설 '이런 만조에'(On Such a Full Sea)를 크게 다뤘다.'망가진 미래에 뛰어들기'라는 제목의 기사에서 "재능 있는 작가가 위험을 무릅쓰고 새 영역에 도전하는 것을 지켜보는 것은 기쁜 일"이라며 "이 씨의 멋진 신작을 디스토피아적 상상의 영역을 탐구하는 진지한 작가들의 작품 대열에 추가할 수 있다"고 소개 ...

18세 선천적 복수국적자 3월까지 국적이탈해야. 군복무 안한 25세 국외 여행허가 신고의무...65세 이상 국적회복 통보 후 1년 내 마쳐야 체류자격 비자인 F-4는 입국 후 90일 이내에 주소지 관할 법무부 출입국 관리사무소에서 거소증을 만들어야 한다. 체류기간 상한은 2년이며, 연장이 가능...  

성남지원 민사8단독 최웅영 판사는 28쪽 분량의 판결문에서 '종북(북한을 추종하는 것)'을 반국가단체인 북한 정권의 주장이나 정책에 맹목적으로 찬성하고, 북한 정권의 세습이나 인권문제를 비판하기는 커녕 오히려 이를 옹호하며 대한민국의 정체성과 정통성을 부정하는 사상이나 언행을 부정적으로 지칭하는 것으로 규정. "통상적 의미의 '종북'을 넘어 다의적으로 사용하는 현상은 바람직하지 않다."..."구체적 정황도 없이 '종북'이라고 지칭하면 개인의 사회적 평가를 심각하게 침해하는 것"
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