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     Issue No. 2(44)                                                                                             December  23, 2013
From Editor

Brandon Stanton was the brain behind the storytelling blog that became a New York Times bestseller "Humans of New York" this week.  As a parody of Psy's Gangnam Style, his photos are being imitated all over the world: people of India, people of Tehran and people of Bronx Science.  29 years old and he is now in major media attention for turning his hobby into a global sensation.  How did he achieve this fame?  After he lost his job as a Chicago bond trader in 2010, he became a street photographer for 3 years. And he traveled to New York and had an idea to take 10,000 portraits of people around NYC - making capsules of moment in time.  Thinking is not enough to guarantee that you can reach the goal.  As he said he is an obsessive person who just does what he really wants to do.  But another factor to success might be your value system.

Inspired by one note of advise from people who he encountered in the streets, he started thinking of the meaning of life, which is most beautiful and precious.  Where did his trait come from? How did his parents react to their son becoming a street photographer without an income?  Was there a difference in parenting for people who have children struggling in this economy? 

the average incomes of the top 1 percent of Americans have grown steadily over the last century or so, especially when compared to the flat-lining incomes for the bottom 90 percent of Americans. But as you can see in the above chart, it wasn't until the 1980s that the rich really started to pull away from the normals. (HP)
United States President Barack Obama has said there is no need to impose new sanctions on Iran, because current negotiations have a good chance to halt the country's controversial nuclear programme which has been a challenge to America's security for over a decade.(Hindu) 
AOL, Apple, Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Twitter, Yahoo and Microsoft said Monday that they understand that governments need to take action to protect their citizens' safety and security, but "strongly believe that current laws and practices need to be reformed." (PCWorld)
The need for humans to participate in armed conflicts could soon be over. The next generation of military hardware might be able to think and act for itself. Armed sentry bots are already being placed on borders like Israel's and Korea's. (Week)
New York City and New Bern, North Carolina both face the same projected rise in sea levels, but while one is preparing for the worst, the other is doing nothing on principle. A glimpse into America's contradictory climate change planning. (Spiegel)
Bowers, the woman behind the Ballet Beautiful fitness company and the trainer who helps get Victoria's Secret models into runway form, has been documenting the stages of her pregnancy in a series of stunning photographs. She has been sharing these steps of her journey to motherhood on her Instagram account. (HP)
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1월부터 말도 많고 탈도 많았던 '건강 보험개혁법(Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act)', 일명 오바마 케어가 시행 23일까지 등록 마치고 보험료 결제해야 혜택. 18세 이상 무보험 개인 모두 포함. 2014년까지 전 국민의 건강보험 가입을 의무화 하는 내용을 골자. 가입방법, 정부 보조금 혜택,벌금... 
이 법안은 국외이주국민(영주권자)의 주민등록말소 제도를 폐지해 이들이 30일 이상 한국 내 거주할 목적으로 입국하면 주민등록증을 발급해 주도록 한 '주민등록법 일부개정법률안'의 의결을 전제로...   

한인 자선단체 '미주 아프리카 희망후원회'는 13일 수단 톤즈 학교 재건을 위한 후원금 약정식을 갖고 50만달러를 기부하기로 약정. "고 이태석 신부는 꿈을 실현하듯 톤지 아이들을 헌신적으로 보살폈다"며 "그의 꿈이 한국과 미국에서 많은 한인 후원자들을 통해 다시 이뤄지고 있다"며 한인들의 사랑에 감사를 표시...


라디오시티 인근에 있는 '록펠러 크리스마스 트리'와 함께 뉴욕 크리스마스 명물인 공연. '라디오시티 크리스마스 스펙타큘러(Radio City Christmas Spectacular)'가 이번 할러데이 시즌에도 뉴욕을 수놓고 있다. 한인 발레리나 서희씨가 수석무용수로 활동하는 아메리칸발레시어터(ABT) 또한 발레 '호두까기 인형'도  선보이며...라디오시티 크리스마스 스펙타큘러 50% 할인. 메트오페라 25~35달러에 보는 방법도...
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