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     Issue No. 2(43)                                                                                             December  14, 2013
From Editor
The world of robotics has a new gorilla entrepreneur, Google. Google has promptly made a swift seven-company robotic acquisition deal in the past six months. And this Friday it had completed the acquisition of Boston Dynamics, engineering company that has designed robots for the Pentagon. Boston Dynamics produced robots like BigDog, Cheetah, WildCat and Atlas. You can check out a video of the WildCat performance in Youtube. What is the Google trying to do with robots? In 1962 Bob Taylor and Information Processing Techniques Office (IPTO) brought forth the Internet in seven short years. In this rapidly changing technology Google will not miss the opportunity to build winning technology business. However, nobody knows exactly what will come up with this new technology. People can only speculate that Google plans to use robots to automate the delivery of its self-driving cars, whereas Amazon dreams of drones to transport goods to its customers by air. In this time of job crisis, even as unemployment has inched down, the economy has created barely enough jobs to match population growth. The enormous labor market will contribute to lowering wages for many unskilled people. And their bargaining position will be weaker if advanced automated system takes over human in production.
With a focus on compassion, the leader of the Catholic Church has become a new voice of conscience. Managing Editor Nancy Gibbs explains why Francis is TIME's choice for Person of the Year 2013. (Time) 
U.S. banks will no longer be able to make big trading bets with their own money after regulators on Tuesday finalized the Volcker rule and shut down what was a hugely profitable business for Wall Street before the credit crisis.(Reuters)
Madoff was arrested at his Manhattan penthouse five years ago this week after his $20bn scam came to light. JP Morgan was his bank for two decades and the US authorities suspect it continued to service his business even as it suspected something was wrong.(Guardian)
The judge said Samsung's patent for a multitasking technology that prevents incomplete messages being lost when switching to another application was not violated by the existence of a similar technology. (AP)
Google confirmed Friday to The New York Times that it had completed the acquisition of Boston Dynamics, the Waltham, Mass., engineering company that has designed robots for the Pentagon. (HP)
Email is one of those things that's just a part of your life, period. Most of us know someone who has closed their Facebook account or refused to join in the first place in a little foot-stomping stand by their ego, and you might even know someone who is thrilled with themselves for not owning a smartphone. (WaitButWhy)
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한인 비즈니스가 전체적으로 소폭 하락한 것과 달리 수년간 침체를 보였던 한인 건설 분야는 성장세로.비즈니스 수가 증가한 업종은 전문 및 서비스 직종. 경기침체의 가장 큰 영향을 받은 업종은 보험으로 동기간 254개에서 246개로 줄어, 3,15%의 감소를 기록.
한국은 7일 브라질 바이아주 북동부의 휴양지 코스타 도 사우이페에서 열린 FIFA 주최의 2014년 브라질 월드컵 조추첨식에서 H조에 편성돼 벨기에, 알제리, 러시아를 상대로 조별리그 경기를... 

그의 책은 전자책 출간 1년 만에 유명 판타지 소설 작가 조지 R. R. 마틴의 '왕좌의 게임: 얼음과 불의 노래', 스티븐 킹의 '11/22/63'을 제치고 킨들 판타지/SF 분야 1위에


대회에는 총 17개학교 21팀이 참가했고 대상에는 남부뉴저지 통합한국학교, 우수상에는 디트로이트 세종학교털리도 한국학교몬터레이 한국학교, 장려상에는 필라한인연합교회 부설 연합한국학교가..  "독도의 관광산업을 발전시키는 등의 실효적 지배 강화가 필요하며 한국어로 된 증거 문서들을 영어로 번역할 필요가 있다"고 제안하기도.. 
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