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     Issue No. 2(40)                                                                                             November  23, 2013
From Editor

This week, Senate majority Democrats took the 'nuclear option' to eliminate filibusters on executive branch nominations and federal judicial appointments except for those to the Supreme Court.  What does 'nuclear option' mean? It is a voting system that requires a simple majority 51 instead of the 'super-majority' that requires a 3/5th majority (usually 60) to end the debate on a bill, nomination, or other proposal. Super-majority rule provides room for a minority of Senators to block consideration of Presidential nominees for government positions. Taking the nuclear option is not the end of the filibuster. Senator Rand Paul (R) of Kentucky will still be able to filibuster over drone legislation and lawmakers will still be able to try to block or delay Supreme Court nominees. However, there are presently seventy-six presidential nominees who are waiting for confirmation in the Senate. Filibusters have contributed to a backlog of nominees, leaving high-level positions vacant for extended periods of time. The point is here: How many Americans care about who's in the government? If the nomination is unnecessarily delayed, it must be due to partisan politics. Should politics interfere with administrative operation that ended up the federal government shutdown last October? General public will care how the government should be carrying out its agenda based on the Constitution rather than who's who. 

The Senate approved a historic rules change on Thursday by eliminating the use of the filibuster on all presidential nominees except those to the U.S. Supreme Court. (Politico)
There is a pretty close relationship between health-care spending and life expectancy. Except for one very, very terrible country. (HP)
After fighting off cancer, capturing the hearts of a city was a cinch. Five-year-old Miles Scott - a.k.a. Batkid - lived out his wish of becoming a caped crusader Friday, quashing a crime spree in his pint-size superhero suit as San Francisco became Gotham City. (SFGate)
Elle reduces the country's fashion-conscious citizens to a monochromatic stereotype. Young people in North Korea are following in the stylish wakes of their South Korean counterparts -- apparently donning such fashion-forward items as hooded sweatshirts, one-piece dresses and even, on occasion, shorts. (FP)
More than 9,000 delegates from almost 200 countries are gathered in the Polish capital for November 11-22 United Nations-sponsored meetings aimed at forging by 2015 a new treaty to fight climate change.(Reuters)
On average, it takes children 90 seconds longer to run a mile than their counterparts did 30 years ago. The report highlights growing concerns over obesity and lack of physical activity in youth across the globe. (Aljazeera)
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연방 하원에서 중국계를 대표하는 주디 추 하원의원과 일본계를 대표하는 마크 타카노 하원의원, 그리고 한인 선출직 정치인 최고위직인 미셸 박 스틸 캘리포니아 조세형평위위원회 부위원장 등 미국 내 한인사회와 중국계 및 일본계 커뮤니티의 대표 정치인들이 함께 한 자리에 나와 패널 토론을 통해 한인 및 아시아계의 정치적 도약과 발전을 위한 구체적 토론과 강연...
연방 이민서비스국(USCIS)은 미국에 시민권자 신분의 직계가족을 두고 있는 무비자 입국자에 한해 미국에서 영주권 신청서(I-485) 접수를 할 수 있도록 허용하기로 규정을 변경하기로..    

미슐랭 별점 레스토랑인, '단지'의 김 훈 셰프와 '오세아니아'의 벨 폴링어, 제임스 비어 재단상을 수상한 '허드슨밸리 푸아그라'의 마이클 에이열 기노, '일레븐 메디슨 파크'의 케리 헤퍼란 셰프 등 뉴욕의 유명 셰프 4명이 백김치, 초장, 보리차, 떡, 고추장 등 한국의 식재료를 활용해 재해석한 요리를 선...


뉴욕시 교육국이 발표한 '2013 초.중.고교 학업 진척도 평가'에서 26학군의 초등학교 대부분이 지난해에 이어 A등급을 기록. 뉴저지주 교육국 학력평가시험(ASK) 성적을 발표:한인 밀집 지역의 경우 버겐카운티 북부 지역 학군의 성적이 우수...
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