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     Issue No. 2(35)                                                                                             OCTOBER  9, 2013
From Editor

October 9th became a national holiday in Korea to celebrate the proclamation of the Korean Alphabet, Hangul, by King Sejong the Great (1447). At the time, the great majority of people were illiterate, Hangul, an alphabet consisting of 14 consonants and 10 vowels, was the first formal writing system to make everyone to read and write their native language. It's amazing how language has a date of birth and how such a simple composition can let us communicate. But most of all I think the reason why Hangul is special has two reasons: its scientific phonetic structure and philosophical implication. As you may know, the shapes of the letters are based on the configuration of the articulators in making the corresponding sounds. Try to make a sound with any consonant and you can feel how your tongue writes the corresponding letter in your mouth. Hangul vowels are constructed with only 3 elements (ㅣ) and they respectively represent heaven, earth, and human. We should combine these three elements in speaking and/or writing in order to deliver our thoughts to someone. The combination of elements indicates the idea of harmony in oriental philosophy: harmonious relationship between people and nature. Have you even seen another language that carries a nation's philosophy? Language is a man-made tool to deliver sound and meaning. But isn't it astonishing to know that our nation's philosophy is inscribed in this tool?


Seventy percent in a new ABC News/Washington Post poll disapprove of how the Republicans in Congress are handling the budget negotiations, up 7 percentage points from a week ago. Far fewer, 51 percent, disapprove of Obama's approach, essentially unchanged in the past week. (ABC)
President Barack Obama will nominate Janet Yellen as chairman of the Federal Reserve, which would put the world's most powerful central bank in the hands of a key architect of its unprecedented stimulus program and the first female leader in its 100-year history. (Bloomberg)
Together they developed tools for studying complex molecules - such as enzymes in the human body and plants' photosynthesis machinery - inside cyberspace. These computerized tools allow scientists to design drugs more quickly and cheaply by doing their experiments with computer programs instead of inside rats and monkeys. (NPR)
For months now the government of President Bashar Assad has encircled the rebel-aligned suburbs south and east of the capital Damascus, cutting off road access, telephone connections, water and electricity. (Time)
Starting Oct. 31, customers of T-Mobile's flagship Simple Choice plan won't have to worry about getting hit with so-called roaming fees if they fail to sign up for an international plan before they travel abroad. (NBC)
Germany's new outfits for the upcoming Winter Olympics in Sochi have been interpreted by many as a silent protest against Russia's anti-gay laws, but the German Olympic Sports Confederation disputes it. (Speigel)
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'유니컴 시스템사'(Unicom(R) Systems, Incㆍ회장 코리 홍)의 산하 업체인 GTSI사가 국토안보부가 지난 2010년 발주한 '2차 IT 현대화 사업'(EAGLE II)의 주 계약업체 중 하나로 선정. 'EAGLE II' 사업은 국토안보부 산하 기관들과 미 전국의 항만 및 공항, 연방수사국(FBI), 중앙정보국(CIA) 등 미국의 핵심 국가안보 관련 기관들이 대거 포함된 역대 최대 규모의 정부 발주 IT 현대화 프로젝트.


 '하늘의 음성'은 1940년대 한국에서 태어난 작가가 직접 체험한 한국전쟁과 전통적 가부장 사회에서 자아를 찾아가는 여성의 삶에 관한 소설. 미국의 서평 전문 매체 Kirkus Review는 재미 한인 작가 매자 리 디바인씨의 데뷔 장편소설 '하늘의 음성(The Voices of Heaven)'을 "놓치지 말아야 할, 복합적이면서도 지극히 한국적인 러브 스토리"라고 호평.
the voice of heaven  

뉴저지 주지사 사무실이 공식 허가한 이번 대회는 뉴욕한국문화원이 후원하는 명실상부 미주 최대 규모의 태권도 대회가 될 전망. 

새누리당은 제7회 세계 한인의 날이던 지난 5일 미국을 비롯한 해외 시민권자의 복수국적 허용 연령을 55세로 낮추는 국적법 개정안을 발의. "재외국민증이 이번 정기국회에서 처리되면 재외국민들이 국내 체류하는 동안의 불편이 많이 해소될 것"
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