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     Issue No. 2(33)                                                                                             SEPTEMBER  24, 2013
From Editor

One of the most interesting articles I read last week was "Why Generation Y Yuppies Are Unhappy." A simple formula was used to define what makes some one happy: Happiness = Reality - Expectations. Rather than comparing the economic situation of each era, the focus was more on how each generation has been differently raised, which affected their attitude in their career path and feeling of achievement. To put it simply, grandparents of Depression Era raised the Baby Boomers to build practical, secure careers. So, the Boomers learned that years of hard work would bring them success in their career and prosperity. Entering a time of unprecedented economic prosperity on the '70s, '80s and '90s, they did even better than they expected, which made them happy. Then the Baby Boomers raised their Gen Y kids with a sense of optimism and ambition: they were made to feel special and arguably 'entitled'. So, whereas the Baby Boomers wanted to live the American Dream, Y Gens wanted to create Their Own Personal Dream. Therefore, the Y Gen's career path tends to focus on fulfillment rather than security. Entering the job market, their pre-workforce expectations were much higher than reality and the unfortunate condition of the job market did not, or at least is not, as good as it was supposed to be. Furthermore, their status is constantly compared through social media where most people present an inflated version of their own existence. I thought it was an interesting analysis that sheds some light on further understanding the situation our children face today. Most importantly, as a parent, whatever success we had means little when our children are having a hard time. At times like these, we should be more patient than ever and stay by their side, realizing that the Boomers were partially responsible in parenting. 

Americans are divided over whom to blame if a government shutdown happens next week. The Pew Research Center survey showed 39 percent of the public would blame Republicans for the shutdown versus 36 percent who would hold Democrats responsible. Seventeen percent said they would blame both parties for the shutdown. (Politico)
The death toll from the attack at the Westgate Mall rose from 59 to 68 people. At least 175 people were injured in the attack. Rep. Peter King said that Kenyan Mall Attack Shows al Qaeda and Its Affiliates Still 'Extremely Powerful' (ABC)
Duquesne University
The death of a long-time, part-time professor in Pittsburgh is gathering the attention of instructors nationwide. The trend of relying on part-time faculty has been in the works for decades, and Margaret Mary Vojtko's story is seen by some as a tragic byproduct. (NPR)
Millions of Indian children work as slaves in factories, brothels or in the homes of families. Out of poverty and desperation, parents sell their daughters, and human traffickers wait at train stations for runaways and scour for orphans in monsoon-ravaged villages. (Spiegel)
Jinro's American operation wants to expand, and it's getting some help from a major spokesperson - Korean pop star PSY, whose "Gangnam Style" music video is now closing in on 2 billion views.(NPR)
Mouse operation
The brain as a series of networks, each of which supports a different aspect of our experience and behaviour. By this analysis, the brain is a bit like a city: you can't make sense of the bigger picture without knowing how everything interacts. (Guardian)
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2008년 처음 시작돼 12기째로, 영어권 국가의 한인 동포 및 외국인 대학생을 초청, 농산어촌 초등학교 방과 후 수업에서 영어를 가르치며, 한국어와 한국문화를 배우는 봉사 및 문화체험 프로그램이다. 자격은 영어권 국가 대학에서 2년 이상 과정을 수료한 재학(졸업)생으로 한인 학생은 대학 1,2학년 재학생도 지원 가능  
이번 공연은 클래식, 현대무용, 성악, 국악, 아리랑 앙상블 등으로 구성되며 사물놀이, 판소리와 같은 전통문화와 함께 수준 높은 무대를 선보일 예정. 클래식 연주에 신지아, 신아라, 현대무용은 김용걸, 김희선 △성악 홍혜란, 김범진 △국악 공연은 안숙선, 김덕수 등 정상급 예술인들이 대거 참여. 뉴욕 공연 외에도 23일(월) 워싱턴DC, 10월 1일(화) LA에서도 개최.
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