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     Issue No. 2(32)                                                                                                      SEPTEMBER  13, 2013
From Editor presents a documentary this week about Democracy Prep Charter School for its unique relationship to Korean educational culture. Democracy Prep is a charter school based in Harlem, which is attended mostly by African American and Hispanic students. One unique aspect of Democracy Prep High School is that all students are required to take classes in Korean language and culture. Sounds a little weird but it was mainly due to his educational philosophy that Seth Andrew, the school founder, learned from his teaching experience in Korea 2001. He realized that the educational culture (discipline, attention, respect and in most of all rigor) was more important than the size of class. He implemented these attributing factors in his education to change kids in low self-esteem to dream high. He opened his institution in Harlem's Intermediate School 172 eight years ago and has turned a low-performer into one of the top schools in the city. What a great story! But I don't want you to be confused here. We all know the truth about the Korean educational system better than he does. His success in educational revolution is not from adopting the whole Korean educational system but using their educational culture for his problem-solving in American education.   


Russia and the United States agreed on Friday to push again for an international conference aimed at ending Syria's civil war as talks on removing chemical weapons raised hopes for broader negotiations. (Reuters)
An Indian court has sentenced four men to death for the gang rape and murder of a student in the capital Delhi, a case which led to violent protests across India and new laws against rape. The woman, 23, was attacked on a bus in December and died two weeks later. (BBC)
power plants
A new study by an environmental group suggests that reining in a handful of America's coal-fired power plants would have a major impact on greenhouse gas emissions. (CSMonitor)
stem cell
Trial or Treatment? Even though Tijuana has perhaps 20 clinics offering adult stem cell therapy, Dr. Javier Lopez, founder of the Regenerative Medicine Institute, says it is his that has become "the poster company to knock down."(NYT)
2020 Olympics
Tokyo was selected as host of the 2020 Summer Olympics, setting off a celebration at dawn Sunday in a nation fighting off two decades of deflation and still recovering from a nuclear disaster.(WP)
In the current issue of the journal Psychological Science, researchers report that older people (over 65) showed less variability in their cognitive performance across 100 days of testing than did younger people aged 20 to 31.(Time)
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맹의원은, "각 커뮤니티를 위한 정책을 수립하는데 있어 해당 선거구에 분포한 유권자의 구성은 물론 지난 선거 때부터 꾸준히 투표에 참여한 커뮤니티를 향해 정치인들은 더욱 관심을 갖게 마련"이라며, "한인사회가 필요로 하는 것을 정확히 알리고 정치인들로부터 원하는 것을 얻기 위해서는 투표에 적극 참여하는 것이 가장 현실적이고 빠른 길"이라고 강조
  Grace Maeng  


이번 포럼은 NAKS 소속 한국학교에 재학 중인 8∼12학년 학생을 대상으로 하며 참가를 원하는 학생은 3∼5명으로 팀을 꾸려 이달 말일까지 신청. NAKS는 심사를 통해 논문 5편을 선정, 수상팀을 포럼으로 초청해 12월 7일 워싱턴DC에서 포럼을 진행할 계획.
스탠포드대에 입학한 제이 문(18), 문군은 또래 프로그래머 아리 웨인스타인과 협력해 애플 컴퓨터와 아이패드, 아이폰 간에 서류나 사진, 비디오 파일 등을 한 번에 전송할 수 있는 무료 앱인 '데스크커넥트'(DeskConnect)를 지난 8월29일 출시. 
Jay Moon  
아버지는 가족 부양의 의무도 중요하지만 자녀의 장래를 위해 올바르게 지도할 수 있는 지혜를 가지고 자녀의 장래를 위해 비전을 제시해야 하는 더욱 중요한 과제가 있다. 아버지의 관심과 사랑을 듬뿍 받는 어린이들의 경우 자부심이 강하고 학교 성적 또한 우수하다는 연구 결과.
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