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     Issue No. 2(31)                                                                                                      SEPTEMBER  4, 2013
From Editor

Hot in this week's news is Representative Lee Seok-Ki's conspiracy for armed revolt (by forming an anti-state underground group known as the Revolutionary organization) probed by the National Intelligence Service. Political dissent is unavoidable in the system of democracy and it can take form in many ways from voicing opinions to civil disobedience. Repressive governments are known for crushing dissents and not giving them a chance to publicly debate or justify their position. In America, the government prohibited political dissent mostly in time of war, although the definition of wartime is becoming ambiguous nowadays. The Korean peninsula has been divided for 60 years under the conditions of a cease-fire, not a peace treaty. In other words, the war isn't over. Therefore, the dissenting voice can be crushed at any time when it is regarded as a threat to national security and/or public safety. But at this questionable time of investigating NIS's involvement in 2012 Presidential election, it seems Korean Assembly in a hurry to pass motion for the arrest of Rep. Lee.  Once the case is under media flash, what could be more wrong about the situation even if it was a revolting plot?  The case should be open to the public and that's the way people can figure out where is the red line they shouldn't cross over. Otherwise there is no way to block their claims that the NIS is playing politics in the name of their investigative rights and it is an attempt at new McCarthyism.

Acting hours after Obama said the credibility of Congress and the international community was also at stake, the committee voted 10 to 7 to approve using force against the government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. The resolution now goes to the full Senate. The House is separately considering a similar resolution. (WP)
healthcare infographic
It's remarkable how low America places in health care efficiency: among the 48 countries included in the Bloomberg study, the U.S. ranks 46th. (HP)
TSA is expanding its expedited screening program called PreCheck to 60 new airports by the end of the year and is increasing the number of lanes for the program at the 40 airports that currently offer it.(CNN)
dead fish in China
Thousands of dead fish floating along a 19-mile stretch of a river in Hubei Province in central China were killed by pollutants emitted by a local chemical plant. (NYT)
For a quick boost of alertness, experts say a 10-to-20-minute power nap is adequate for getting back to work in a pinch. For cognitive memory processing, however, a 60-minute nap may do more good... (WSJ)
ancient money
한국검찰이 625 전쟁 당시 미국으로 불법 반출된 대한제국 '호조태환권' 인쇄용 원판을 미국과의 수사 공조를 통해 한국으로 환수하는데 성공. 호조태환권은 1893년 고종이 대한제국의 경제근대화를 위해 화폐 개혁을 단행했을 당시 구화폐 회수를 위해 발행한 일종의 교환표.
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오바마 케어의 큰 틀은 두가지. 현재 저소득층을 위한 무료의료보험인 메디케이드(Medicaid, 매스헬스) 수혜범위를 확대한다. 둘째, 각 보험사들의 의료보험 플랜 중 충분한 자격 요건을 갖춘 보험 즉 QHP( Qualified Health Plans)을 무보험자들에게 제공하고 일정 소득(연방 빈곤선 400%) 이하 중저소득 층에게는 비용의 일부를 차등 보조해 보험 구입 부담을 줄인다.


훼어팩스 카운티 한인 고교생들이 환경보호클럽(EP 클럽:Environmental Protection Club)을 결성, 폐식용유를 이용해 만든 천연 비누를 한인 독거노인들과 지역사회 진료소에 제공하고 있어 화제. EP 클럽은 비누 제조 외에도 버리는 물건들을 재활용, 아트와 접목해서 작품을 만들고 필요한 곳에 기증하는 한편 판매 수익금은 환경보호단체에 도네이션 할 계획
"강력 척결"..."여론몰이" 보수-진보 엇갈린 반응 SNS서도'팽팽' 내란음모 등의 혐의로 사전구속영장이 청구된 이석기 의원을 위시한 통합진보당 사태가 대한민국을 흔들어놓고 있는 가운데 워싱턴 한인사회도 충격에서 헤어나지 못하고 있다. 
Lee Seok-ki  
지난 5월 보스턴에서 폭탄테러가 발생한 후 외국인 유학생들에 대한 입국심사가 한층 강화.  연방세관국경단속국(CBP)에 따르면 유학생들은 입국을 위해 학생비자, I-20와 같은 각종 학업 증빙서류는 물론 재학 중인 학교의 학생증도 지참할 필요가 있으며 입국심사관의 요청에 따라 즉시 제시해야할 의무가 있다.
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