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     Issue No. 2(30)                                                                                                      AUGUST  28, 2013
From Editor
Drumbeat for war could be an unfamiliar terminology for Koreans since the nation has been busy for defending attacks from outside. The word originated from the use of drum for military purpose. In modern times, the term "war drums" is used as a metaphor for preparation for war.  So when there were media demonizing a regime, turning your attention to human rights and raising patriotism, then you can count on these as the drumbeat for war. If there were immanent danger, there must be no need for drumbeating. Therefore, the word often implicates a government's media campaign to manipulate public opinion for justifying its war agenda in which other strategic goals were usually hiding. Within days of September 11, a campaign was launched to link Iraq to the attacks. With no evidence was found, government officials and mainstream pundits switched gears, claiming that Iraq posed a grave danger because it supposedly possessed weapons of mass destruction. Waging war on Iraq based on this information costs US taxpayers $2 trillion. This week an alleged chemical weapons attack by its own government in Syria raised international anger. We can hear drumbeat for war everyday. But US military intervention in Syria should be careful if it's strictly for the purpose of international sanction for the action.  In fact Syria's sectarian civil war has been going on for years. Therefore, it is not sure if the Syrian military was responsible or if the attack was pre-fabricated in order to frame the government. According to a recent Reuters/Ipsos poll, only 9 percent thought President Obama should intervene. People don't want its government to make the same mistake again especially in this economic hardship. 
U.S. intelligence agencies are preparing a report laying out the evidence against Assad's government in last week's alleged chemical weapons attack on civilians. The classified version would be sent to key members of Congress and a declassified version would be released publicly.(AP)
Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, 80, vowed in an interview to stay on the Supreme Court as long as her health and intellect remained strong, saying she hoped that some of her sharp dissents "will one day be the law." (NYT)
The Rim Fire, which has devoured 160,980 acres, has scorched an area about the size of the city of Chicago while more than 3,600 firefighters try to rein it in. (CNN)
In an effort to visualize what wealth inequality looks like, Lamm superimposed bar graphs representing median household net worth onto a map of New York City. (HP)
The report, "The Aging of the Baby Boom and the Growing Care Gap," projects that by 2030 there will be only four potential caregivers available for each person 80 or older, down from a high of more than seven in 2010. (WP)
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워싱턴 DC의 외교안보 싱크탱크인 우드로 윌슨 센터는 자체 연구진이 개발한 '한국 현대사 포털'을 개관. 한국 국제교류재단 후원으로 개발된 이 포털은 40여개에 이르는 세계 각국의 기록보관소 등에서 수집한 최신 비밀해제 문건을 원문 또는 번역문 형태로 수록.
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백악관 산하 '아시안 아메리칸 & 태평양 섬 주민 이니셔티브'(WHIAAPI)는 27일 오후 3시부터 한 시간 동안 구글 실시간 영상 통화 프로그램인 '구글 행아웃'(Google+ Hangout)을 통해 한국계 미국인 등을 대상으로 건강보험 개혁법 시행에 따른 건강보험 상품 선택 등을 돕는 이벤트를 진행
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캘리포니아 주의회를 통과한 이 법안에 제리 브라운 주지사가 서명할 지 거부권을 행사할 지 여부가 주목되고 있는 가운데 미국 시민이 아닌 이민자 신분의 영주권자들에 대한 배심원 의무 부과를 놓고 찬반 논란은 더욱 가열


대학에 진학한 아이들이 집을 떠나 기숙사 생활을 시작하는 일은 새로운 경험이다. 낯선 친구들과의 교제, 좁은 공간 사용 등은 충분히 스트레스가 될 수 있는 일. 이들을 위한 기숙사 입사 준비 노하우와 함께 초, 중, 고등학생들을 위한 효율적인 개학준비 팁을 소개 

다문화가족의 한국 생활 적응을 돕기 위해 운영중인 무료 온라인 교육사이트 '다문화 e-배움터 홈런 '( 은 경기도가 지난 2011년 9월 개설한 교육사이트로, 한국어와 한국 문화 등을 배울 수 있는 강좌들로 구성돼 있다.
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