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     Issue No. 2(29)                                                                                                      AUGUST  22, 2013
From Editor

As school begins in the coming weeks, parents of boys must feel tensions regardless what grade their boys will be entering. It is because boys from K-12 accounted for nearly 70% of suspensions for minor acts of insubordination and defiance. The figure seems reasonable if we find that boys are nearly five times more likely to be expelled from preschool than girls. But another source for this figure came out of the zero-tolerance policies for firearms taken by schools after many incidents of gun violence. Christopher Marshall, age 7, was suspended from his Virginia school for picking up a pencil and using it to shoot a bad guy. Josh Welch was sent home for nibbling off the corners of a strawberry Pop-Tart to shape it into a gun. It proves that sometimes boys were guilty of nothing more than being typical 7-year-old boys. I remember that my boys were arrested for playing a paintball in a school backyard during summer vacation. They pleaded guilty and the paintball gun was confiscated. While processing, the officer on scene continued to argue that a paintball gun was a firearm.  For parents of boys, your concern in schooling should be more for their safety from this draconian rule than just for their academic struggle.  

"Manning was under the impression that his leaked information was going to really change how the world views the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, and future wars actually," Navy Capt. David Moulton, a forensic psychiatrist testifying in Manning's defense, told the military court on July 14.(Huffington Post) 
Syria gas attack
A year after President Obama warned the Syrian regime that using chemical weapons would cross a "red line," Syrian activists are accusing Bashar Assad's forces of killing hundreds in a gas attack -- in what would be the worst and deadliest chemical attack to date. (Fox)
"WinCo arguably may be the best retailer in the western U.S.," Flickinger says while touring a WinCo store. "WinCo is really unstoppable at this point," he goes on. "They're Walmart's worst nightmare." (Time)
Princess Diana
British police are looking into new information that has surfaced in connection with the 1997 deaths of Princess Diana and her companion Dodi Al Fayed, Scotland Yard said today. Operation Paget looked into conspiracy theories surrounding Diana's and Al Fayed's death in 1997.(ABC)
Korea Reunion
North Korea said Sunday it has agreed to South Korea's proposal to resume reunions for families separated since the 1950-53 war, in another apparent sign of easing tensions in one of the world's most tense military flashpoints. (Aljazeera)
Left hander
Left-handed? Today is your day - International Left-Handers' Day, that is - a day to celebrate the 10% who always feel they're being elbowed out by the other 90%. (Time)
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'제68주년 광복절 기념식과 경축행사가 15일 뉴욕, 뉴저지 곳곳에서 거행.특히 뉴저지의 기념식은 뉴저지한인회 주최-버겐카운티 주관으로 카운티청 내 피아짜 정원에서 열려 뻗어나가는 한인의 위상을 자랑...
  Korean Independence Day  


 미국에서 태어났지만 이른바'선천적 복수국적자'로 분류돼 한국 유학 및 취업 등에 불편을 겪고 있는 한인 2세들을 위해 미국 내 한인 단체들이 불합리한 관련법 개정 서명운동을 준비하는 등 적극 대응모색에 나서면서 이에 해당하는 한인 가정들의 불편과 피해에 관심이 집중...


미국의 한국계 다큐멘터리 감독 강옥진(현지명 디앤 보르셰이 림)이 6·25를 소재로 만든 단편 다큐멘터리가 현지의 아시안 아메리칸 영화제에서 잇따라 수상하며 호평 
  Forgotten War   
 서울지방경찰청 국제범죄수사대는 개인 블로그와 업소여성 구인사이트를 통해 성매매여성들을 모집한 후, 'LA·뉴욕'의 성매매업주에게 송출한 국내 알선 총책과 현지 업주·성매매여성 등 22명을 적발했다고 13일 밝혔다. 경찰은 이중 성매매여성 송출총책을 맡은 장모씨를 구속하고 성매매업주와 성매매 여성 등 21명에 대해선 불구속 입건
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