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     Issue No. 2(26)                                                                                             JULY 24, 2013
From Editor

Do you remember a scandalous YouTube video of uploaded in 2010: a brief interview with Helen Thomas for American Jewish Heritage Celebration Day? As she was leaving the White House via the North Lawn driveway, she replied "Tell them to get the hell out of Palestine" and "Remember these people are occupied and it's their land. It's not German, it's not Poland..." When asked where Israeli Jews should go, she replied they could "go home" to Poland or Germany or "America and everywhere else. It could be a comment slipped out her mouth after the long and tedious American War on Terror in Iraq, which turned out to be a hoax based on wrong information and, for her, the US-Israel relationship did not help end the war. Born in Winchester, Kentucky as an immigrant from Tripoli (Syria, at the time), Helen Thomas was a legendary White House reporter. As the first female member of the White House press corps and the UPI's first female white house bureau manager, her career covering the WH dates back to the Kennedy administration. Nevertheless her career in journalism ended abruptly as these controversial remarks to a Rabbi were caught on camera. However, it is important to note that this smudge on her career is not an issue of personal views. It's the fact that it went against her duty as an unbiased, fair reporter. I think she underestimated the power of social media at the time.  

Obama sided with those who say the shooting need not have happened. However, he said Americans should understand the perspective of the black community, which has suffered a long history of racial discrimination. (Reuters) 
Detroit became the biggest American city to file for bankruptcy after its emergency manager filed for Chapter 9 protection on Thursday, with more than $18 billion in accrued obligations, according to Michigan's governor. (ABC)
Royal Baby
How will the British royals face their greatest challenge -- maintaining relevance in the 21st century? The new prince born to Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, and her husband, Prince William, will be a critical part of the answer.(CNN)
Helen Thomas
Helen Thomas, whose career covering the White House dated back to the Kennedy administration, died on Saturday at the age of 92, the Gridiron Club announced in an email to members on Saturday. (Politico)
Peach State
In a little-noticed development, the value of blueberry production in Georgia beat the peach crop in 2005 - and the gap has grown even bigger since then, according to U.S. Department of Agriculture surveys.(NBC)

Male mosquitoes do not feed on blood, but females need the protein in blood to produce eggs. "One in 10 people are highly attractive to mosquitoes," says Jerry Butler, Ph.D., professor emeritus at the University of Florida. (WT)
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워싱턴 DC의 연방 하원 캐넌 빌딩에 전국 한인 커뮤니티 인사 500여명을 초청, 한미동맹, 위안부 문제, 북핵, 중국의 탈북자 강제 북송, 포괄적 이민개혁, 한인들을 위한 전문직 취업비자, 한미 원자력협정 등 한인들이 관심을 많이 갖는 이슈에 대해 공화당의 입장을 설명하고 한인들의 의견을 수렴 


LG전자는 "뉴저지의 광범위한 경제적 풍요에는 관심이 없는 뉴욕을 기반으로 한 단체들과 다양한 정당들이 사실을 호도하고 부정확한 정보를 확산시키고 있다"며 '실제 사실들'을 열거한 안내문을 '허구'와 '진실'로 구분해 설명 


KODAF 직업재활위원회 위원장 변경희 교수 "한국에서 장애인 등급제 폐지에 대한 목소리가 높아지고 있는 가운데 미 지방정부에서 현재 시행하고 있는 보다 실질적인 장애인 정책과 그 시스템을 배우기 위해 버겐카운티를 방문하게 됐다"
  Bergen county  
카지노에서 잃은 금액은 감안하지 않고 취득금액에 대해 세금을 부과하는 것은 부당하다며 연방국세청(IRS)을 상대로 소송을 제기한 한인남성이 결국 항소심까지 가는 재판 끝에 승소판결을 받아냈다. 외국인에겐 매회 1,200달러이상의 도박 수입에 30%의 세금을 물릴 수 있도록 하는것이 현행세법
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