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     Issue No. 2(24)                                                                                             JULY 11, 2013
From Editor

San Francisco's Boeing 777 must be one of the most miraculous accidents in aviation history. Considering several factors like the extremely low altitude and the level of damage that the plane experienced, the deadly accident came out with a 99.3% survival rate. Therefore, it is now credited to the emergency-response crew that did a tremendous job to secure escape paths for victims. However, many questions that shroud this accident have been left unanswered. Was it safe for all three expert pilots on-board to allow a trainee to land in SF airport? Dan Rose, an aviation expert, explains that the water surrounding the airport makes it a challenge to any pilot and that the airport itself is closely watched for any safety mishaps that may occur. Furthermore, it is still a mystery as to why the aircraft was approaching at such low speeds? Was the decision to abort impulsive? Or was there some confusion as to what the 'right' thing to do is that lead to a late response? At the moment it isn't even clear if his last-second decision is the cause of the accident or an explanation for the low casualty rate. I wish they can give us a responsible answer instead of spinning the story into a mere survival story.

Asiana Airlines Flight 214 Crew Tried To Abort Landing Seconds Before Impact: NTSB. Airport spokesman Doug Yakel said 182 of the 307 passengers and crew were taken to hospitals, with 49 in critical or serious condition.(WP)
The 60th anniversary of the end of the Korean War is to be marked with a parade and thanksgiving service at Westminster Abbey later. Korean prisoner of war Major David Sharp: 'I was placed in front of a firing squad and they threatened to shoot me' (BBC)
Michelle Rhee
Rhee's group StudentsFirst raised $28.5 million between August 2011 and July 2012. The group spent more than $3.6 million on political activities during the same time period. (Politico)
New Yorkers
"It's amazing to witness how attitudes on gay rights have evolved in my lifetime," said Jack Hunter, the artist behind next week's cover, "Moment of Joy." Hunter, who originally submitted his image, unsolicited, to a Tumblr, continued, "This is great for our kids, a moment we can all celebrate." (The New Yorker)
The image appears to show the scene of where the 19 firefighters die.  It drew a claim from at least one family member that the image was intended to stay private, though it was unclear who would have made that commitment. (USA Today)

Every corner of the country's energy infrastructure - oil wells, hydroelectric dams, nuclear power plants - will be stressed in coming years by more intense storms, rising seas, higher temperatures and more frequent droughts. (NYT)
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한국갤럽은 박 대통령의 지지율 상승이 중국 방문 성과때문으로 분석했다. 지난 1~3일 한국갤럽이 성인 911명을 대상으로 실시한 박 대통령 중국 방문 여론조사에서는 우리 국민의 78%가 중국 방문이 국익에 도움이 됐다고 평가했다.  
 President Park
한국전쟁을 소재로 한 장편 다큐멘터리 '페이딩 어웨이'(Fading away)를 들고 25일 숙명여대 학생들과 만난 재미동포 감독 크리스토퍼 리. 감독은 "역사 자체에 대한 영화가 아니고 역사를 통해 젊은 세대와 할아버지아버지 세대의 소통을 돕기 위한, 세대를 잇는 영화"라고 소개 
Fading Away
1일 열린 공식 통합식에는 크리스 크리스티 뉴저지 주지사와 톰 킨 전 주지사, 조셉 비테일, 데니스 로저스 주상원의원 등 정치인들이 대거 참석해 축하. 통합된 럿거스 대학은 미국내 연구중심 종합대학 10위권에 오르는 것을 목표로 대규모 제약회사, 기업 등과의 파트너십 체결에도 주력한다는 방침. 
300여 다국적 식당이 참여하는 뉴욕시 레스토랑 주간은 매년 여름과 겨울 두 차례 열리며 평소에 부담스런 가격 때문에 코스 요리를 먹을 수 없는 뉴요커들에게는 저렴한 가격에 미각을 만족시킬 수 있는 행사 
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