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     Issue No. 2(21)                                                                                             JUNE 11, 2013
From Editor

An x-CIA employee Edward Snowden leaked details of a top secret U.S. surveillance program, proclaiming his conscience to protect basic liberties for people around the world. Before we judge him hero or traitor, we have to think how U.S. information and intelligence system became institutionalized.  In 2010 the Washington Post's investigative reporter Dana Priest, a columnist William M. Arkin and other dozen journalists spent two years developing a project.  It was a project called "Top Secret America" that describes the huge national security buildup in the United States after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks. The purpose to build such huge security and intelligence system was to keep its citizens safe. But the problem is that the system became gigantic in structure with its line of responsibility blurred and their information at issue became classified in the name of national security at risk. Can he be a heroic whistle blower like Daniel Ellsberg, the famous leaker of the Pentagon Papers who is credited with helping turn public opinion against the Vietnam War? Or is he a traitor of his country? 

1. Obama confronts Xi on cyber theft, affinity found on North Korea Obama and Xi

The two leaders debated how to handle China's growth as a world power more than 40 years after President Richard Nixon's groundbreaking visit to Mao Zedong's Communist China in 1972 ended decades of estrangement between Washington and Beijing. (Reuters) 
The Internal Revenue Service spent $4.1 million on a single conference in Southern California in 2010, paying top dollar for hotel rooms, $27,500 for a keynote speaker and tens of thousands of dollars for gifts to the 2,600 people who attended. (NYT, Time )
Edward Snowdon
It emerged last week that the UK's eavesdropping agency GCHQ may have connections to the Prism system, which is said to give American agencies easy access to nine of the world's top internet companies, as well as phone records of millions of people. (Huffington Post) 
Daniel Kim
The C1 - a two-wheeled, fully enclosed all-electric vehicle. Its game-changing technological leap sits under the single-passenger's seat: two powerful computer-controlled gyroscopes that constantly keep the vehicle upright, whether it is stopped or in motion. (USA Today)
Eesha Khare
Eesha Khare, the 18-year-old winner of the Intel Young Scientist Award, earned $50,000 for her breakthrough research. Her innovative charging device can fit inside a cell phone and fully charge the phone in about 20 seconds. (NBC)

A student from Texas has invented a plastic pistol that anyone can make with a 3-D printer. It is undetectable by metal detectors and capable of killing. And it is spreading unchecked across the continents. (Spiegel)
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퀸즈한인회가 주최한 '아시안 문화축제'가 30일 플러싱 타운홀에서 성황리에 개최. 한국을 포함해 중국, 인도, 베트남, 네팔, 몽고 등 총 6개 나라가 참여. 그레이스 맹 연방하원의원, 토니 아벨라 뉴욕주상원의원, 론 김 뉴욕주하원의원, 살 스칼라토 뉴욕주 한국전참전용사회 회장 등이 참석하여 부채춤, 삼고무, 중국 무술, 북경 오페라, 인도 전통 춤 등 각 커뮤니티의 다양한 공연에 큰 박수를 보냈다.

Asian Festival

미국 상원이 10일 북한에 대한 식량(영양)지원을 법으로 금지하는 조항이 포함된 농업법(Farm Bill)을 통과. 하원에서도 같은 내용을 담은 법이 처리돼 버락 오바마 대통령이 서명하면 오는 2018년까지 5년 한시법인 이 법이 다시 개정될 때까지 북한에 대한 식량 지원 금지가 법제화.
지난 2~3개월 새 플러싱과 맨하탄 한인상가 일원 노동법 위반으로 적발된 한인업소들이 예년에 비해 20~30% 이상 증가. 오버타임 등 종업원 미지급 임금을 최장 5~6년까지 소급해 적용, 업소가치보다 많은 액수의 추징금과 벌금이 부과되자 아예 폐점까지 고려하는 사례까지 발생하고 있는 실정
쿠폰거래 사이트인 쿠폰코즈포유(CouponCodes4u)가 미 전역의 2,317명을 상대로 소비습관에 대한 설문조사를 실시한 결과, 뉴요커는 통상 음식값의 20% 이상을 팁으로 남기는 것으로 나타났다. 뉴요커 다음으로 '손 큰' 사람들이 사는 지역은 뉴저지, 캘리포니아, 네바다, 텍사스 주 등의 순...
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