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Candidate Viewpoints On Ethanol (GOP): Find out where the Republican presidential candidates stand on the RFS and ethanol. Read More 

Vilsack Interview Highlights Biofuel Contributions: The Agriculture Secretary explains how the RFS has been a success story. 
Read More

Candidate Viewpoints On Ethanol (Democrat): Find out where the Democrat presidential candidates stand on the RFS and ethanol.  Read More

USDA Study : Ethanol Produces Twice The Energy It Uses: The USDA's latest study debunks one of the oil industry's oldest myths on ethanol. Read More

When Will Sub-Standard Journalism End?:
Minnesota Public Radio is the latest media organization to publish a poorly-researched and inaccurate piece on the ethanol industry. Read More

DDGs For Me : Are DDGs safe for human consumption? Find out more here Read More

Over 3 Million Gallons Of E15 Sold In 2015: E15 sales in Minnesota in 2015 was nearly 12 times the amount sold in 2014. Read More

Use E15 To Reduce Carbon Emissions Today : Achieving the goals set at COP21 is a lot harder than many think. Thankfully, we have E15. Read More

DDGs Exports Reach New Record In 2015 : A new report from the RFA shows that DDGs exports last year totaled 12.56 million metric tons. Read More   

The Ethanol Industry Contributed $44 Billion To GDP In 2015:  
The ethanol industry supported nearly 360,000 jobs last year, a new study shows. Read More

RFA Launches New Flex Fuel Campaign: 
Tell automakers to continue to producing flex fuel vehicles via this campaign. Read More

No Sunset Date For The RFS : 
Contrary to what politicians say, there actually is no sunset date for the RFS. Read More

Going Full Throttle With Ethanol : 
NASCAR has seen increased horsepower from the higher octane offered in E15. Read More

GREET Shows Improvement In Life Cycle Ethanol Emissions:
 New research from ACE shows improvements in life cycle ethanol emissions. Read More 
Corn Use For Ethanol Offsets Lower USDA Export Forecast: Higher ethanol production is set to offset a decline in corn exports. Read More

DuPont Says RFS Volumes Put Company's Cellulosic Ethanol Investments At Risk: DuPont is set to launch a cellulosic ethanol plant in Nevada, Iowa. Read More 

Ethanol Retains Low-Cost Octane Enhancer Status : Despite record low oil prices, ethanol is still the cheapest octane enhancer. Read More  

Do you have questions on the business case to sell E15 - E85?
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Tomorrow, voters in Minnesota will head to the polls to select their nominees for the 2016 Presidential election. Before you head out to either the Democratic or Republican caucuses, make sure you know where the candidates stand on biofuels and the RFS. You can find out where they stand here and here. And once you check it, share it with a member of your family, a friend or a neighbor. 

Apart from politics, February was another busy month on the biofuels front. First, the Minnesota Department of Commerce reported that E15 sales in 2015 exceeded 3 million gallons! But the biggest story of the month was the results of a USDA study that proves ethanol delivers at least twice the amount of energy used to produce it, debunking years of misinformation from the oil industry.

On the macroeconomic front, a new study shows the ethanol industry contributed $44 billion to the country's GDP last year and supported nearly 360,000 jobs. Read more here

Last but not least, check out our executive director's column this month following his recent meetings with Minnesota's Congressional Delegation in Washington, D.C. 

Last week, on behalf of Minnesota biofuel producers, I spent a few days in Washington, D.C., meeting with members of Congress. My goal was to "tell the renewable biofuel story" for the purpose of creating or bolstering support for the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) and the ethanol produced in Minnesota.  But I also made it my goal to listen to what policymakers, legislative aids and others had to say about those issues that matter to biofuel producers. My take away from many hours of meetings is a mix of support and new challenges. Read More

On Feb 23, the Minnesota Biofuels and KS95 FM rewarded drivers who fueled up with E15 at St Paul's Tobasi Stop Minnoco during an hour-long promotion. Read more here.

Watch this video to see how much CO2 emissions we can prevent if E15 was the new regular in Minnesota.

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