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It's been a busy start to the year! As you probably already know, ethanol ended up playing a major role in the run up to the Iowa caucuses (read more here, here and here). While it's good that the ethanol industry received its due recognition, much of the rhetoric the past few weeks have actually not been a big positive for the industry. In particular, industry opponents have seized the opportunity to spread their anti-ethanol messageThankfully, the Iowa caucuses end today.

Still, that only means the countdown to the Minnesota caucuses on March 1 begins. Our executive director provides several important pointers in distinguishing candidates who truly support the RFS and those who are just joining the bandwagon. You don't want to miss this month's column. 

Outside of politics, there were plenty of other positives in January. One, the latest data from the Minnesota Department of Commerce shows that E15 consumption in the state as at end-Nov 2015 hit over 2.5 million gallons! Then, the DOE's Energy Information Administration (EIA) released data on ethanol consumption in each state in 2014 and it turns out that the ethanol percentage in transportation fuel in Minnesota was 12.2 percent!

Lastly, we discovered last month that MINI approved E25 in its Hardtop model back in 2014. What's more is that the engine in the MINI Hardtop is also in the 2016 MINI Convertible, 2016 MINI Clubman and the 2016 BMW X1 and E25 is approved for all three. And none of these cars are flex fuels. 

Just as individuals have multiple issues of interest to them, so too do candidates for political office represent multiple issues and interests. For voters who have a keen interest in biofuel issues, such as the future of ethanol, it's important they ask candidates for office where they stand on their support for biofuels. More importantly, voters need to ask pointed questions to get beyond the sound bites and, after the election, voters will need to hold their elected officials accountable for their claims while running for office. All too often candidates claim they support biofuels by reading a script which contains some magic words such as : the RFS, the blend wall and regulations. For those Minnesotans who support the ethanol industry and the renewable fuel it produces to boost the economy, reduce our dependence on fossil fuel, save consumers money at the fuel dispenser and reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, you can put your probing questions skills to work at candidate fora leading up to the Minnesota caucuses on March 1. Read More

On Jan 26, Twin Cities radio station, KS95 FM, and MBA rewarded customers who fueled up with E15 at Richfield Minnoco with prizes from MBA and KS95Read more here

Watch this video to see how much CO2 emissions we can prevent if E15 was the new regular in Minnesota.

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