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Study Shows Consumers, Fuel Retailers More Positive On Ethanol : More retailers and consumers are keen on E15. 

Al-Corn Clean Fuel Announces Expansion Plans: 
Al-Corn Clean Fuel has plans to modernize and expand its plant. Read More

RFA Analysis Shows Uptick In Car Manufacturers Who Approve E15: 
Warranties for over 70 percent of new vehicles approve the use of E15. Read More

Ethanol Will Factor In Big For Both Parties In Iowa : 
Poll shows most caucus-goers in Iowa support the RFS. Read More

Cruz Out Of Sync On Ethanol With Likely  Republican Caucus-Goers In Iowa:
 Presidential candidate's ethanol views run contrary to majority of Republican caucus-goers. Read More 
RFA To EPA: New Gasoline Volatility Regulations Needed: New regulations needed for access to E15 to increase. Read More

How Will RFS Decision Affect The Biofuel Industry: The EPA's RFS decision sends a negative signal to the biofuel industry. Read More 

Biofuels Contribution To GHG Emissions Offsets Significant: GHG emissions reductions from biofuels in 2014 was 169 million metric tons of CO2. Read More  

Work To Keep Renewable Fuel Standards High:
EPA's final rule is higher than its proposal but still misses the mark. Read More  

Construction Begins On Renewable Chemicals Facility In Little Falls: Central Minnesota Renewables will be the first modern commercial plant in the US to produce bio-based n-butanol. Read More  

COP 21 Important Opportunity For World Leaders To Support Biofuels:
Biofuels have made a significant reduction in global emissions. 
Read More

Does Ethanol Matter In The Iowa Caucuses?: Some reports suggest ethanol may not be as important in the Iowa Caucuses but recent polls suggest otherwise. Read More 

MBA & KS95 Reward Drivers To Switch To E15 :
We teamed up with KS95 to reward drivers who switched to E15 at Highland Minnoco. Read More
2015: The Year That Was (Pt 2): Read the second part on our review of the highlights of 2015 Read More

2015: The Year That Was (Pt 1) Read about the highlights of 2015 here. Read More

DDGs 101: The Basics: What are DDGs? Find out here. Read More

E15 Sales Hit New Record In Oct:
Sale of E15 in Minnesota nearly hit 500,000 gallons in Oct. Read More

Now That The Dust Has Settled, What Did The EPA Miss : Our post-announcement analysis. Read More

EPA's Final Volume Numbers Are Capitulation To The Petroleum Industry : Instead of following the law, the EPA has taken a backward step. Read More
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2015 was an eventful year for the biofuels industry and the last month of the year was no different with the EPA finally announcing its final rule for the 2014, 2015 and 2016 RFS. The final numbers, as expected, were far below the stipulated amounts set by Congress in the RFS. Read our official statement on the EPA's 2014, 2015 and 2016 RFS here and our analysis on the announcement here.

But it wasn't all doom and gloom in December. We teamed up with KS95 to reward drivers who switched to E15 at the Highland Minnoco station in St Paul on Dec 16. 

Also in December, the Minnesota Department of Commerce announced that E15 sales in Minnesota in October hit an all time high of 472,172 gallons.

Be sure to also check out our executive director's column this month where he looks ahead at what to expect in in 2016.

And last but not least, check out our review of the many highlights in 2015 here and here

Happy New Year from all of us from the Minnesota Bio-Fuels Association!

What's Ahead For Biofuels In 2016
In 2015, additional new actions were taken and successfully implemented to further pave the way for greater availability and access to clean, renewable biofuels such as ethanol. These actions are important because for Minnesotans, it means greater energy independence, a stronger rural economy by using locally-grown renewable ingredients produced and processed in Minnesota, consumer savings at the fuel pump, and further reductions in climate-damaging carbon dioxide emissions. Looking ahead at the biofuels industry in Minnesota can be placed in these three categories.
Read more here

On Dec 16, Twin Cities radio station, KS95 FM, and the Minnesota Bio-Fuels Association teamed up to reward customers who fueled up with E15 at Highland Minnoco in St Paul during an hour-long appearance at the station.

Read more here

Watch this video to see how much CO2 emissions we can prevent if E15 was the new regular in Minnesota.                                                                          Like us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter View our videos on YouTube