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EPA Biofuels Rule Could Hurt Economy : EPA's decision on the RFS could have adverse effects on the economy, says Novozymes. Read More   

New Enzyme Boosts Profits: 
Novozymes' new Aventec enzyme could increase profits for ethanol plants. Read More

High School Students Visit Al-Corn :
Owatonna High School students got a closer glimpse into how clean Minnesota energy is produced.  Read More

UT Study Aims To Smear Biofuels :
Authors of oil-funded study were once ethanol supporters. Read More

AESI Claims False Attacks On RFS :
 Group takes apart phony claims by Smarter Fuels Future. Read More 
Peterson Leads Bipartisan Letter In Support Of RFS: Minnesota Congressman Collin Peterson sends the EPA a letter. Read More 
Poll Shows Strong Support For RFS, Ethanol In Iowa: The RFS enjoys strong bipartisan support in Iowa. Read More 

Counter-Offensive To Defend RFS Continues: Industry goes on the offensive following attacks from Big Oil, including a phony study. Read More  

DuPont Employees Write Letter To Tommey, Defend RFS:
DuPont employees from Pennsylvania send a letter to their anti-ethanol senator. Read More  

RFA Says EPA Probe Will Prove RFS Is Getting Results: A notice by the Inspector General to the EPA on ethanol lifecycle emissions will prove the RFS is working as intended. Read More 

NFU, NCGA: RFS Uncertainty Drives Down Farm Income:
Net farm income is projected to fall due to uncertainty in the RFS. Read More

Where The GOP Candidates Stand On Ethanol: We list their quotes so you know who supports the RFS and who doesn't. Read More 

Big Oil's Not So Smart Campaign: 
Why does Big Oil spend so much time creating lies about ethanol? We think we know why.
Read More 

Bobby Likis Shares The Mike With Randy Doyal :
Listen to Al-Corn CEO, Randy Doyal speak about the history of ethanol in the auto sector and in Minnesota.  Read More
Using Biofuels As A Presidential Campaign Platform: What if presidential candidates ran on a biofuels platform? Read More

Ethanol Consumption On Track To Reach 13.4 Billion Gallons?: The latest numbers indicate ethanol consumption this year will be higher than in 2014. Read More

Ethanol and Fuel Efficiency: We've all heard about ethanol and fuel efficiency.But a new DOE report says ethanol can actually enhance efficiency. Read More

DOE Report : Ethanol Is Key For Increased Engine Efficiency And Reducing Emissions:
The DOE says 40% ethanol blend would be the optimum level. Read More

Key Takeaways From The Latest CARD Study : The latest study from CARD says the 2016 RFS targets can be met through E85 usage.  Read More
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The USDA has awarded Minnesota $8 million in grants from the USDA to install or retrofit flex pumps in 165 stations in the state. 

Combined with funding from the Minnesota Department of Agriculture and contributions from organizations like the Minnesota Bio-Fuels Association, MN Corn, and the American Lung Association, total funds available will be $16 million for this program.

The funds will be available to install or retrofit 620 pumps that can dispense fuels like E15 and E85. 
Read more here
In the 16th century, Nicolaus Copernicus dared to challenge the accepted notion that the earth was at the center of the universe. Using his powers of observation, without a telescope (it was another 50 years after his death when Galileo would have a telescope and validate the Copernican model), and relying upon his knowledge of mathematics, Copernicus postulated that it is the sun, rather than the earth, which is at the center of our universe (solar system). Who, today, given the scientific evidence we have, would suggest the earth is at the center of our universe?
Read more here

In the last month, the Minnesota Bio-Fuels Association organized two school visits to ethanol plants to give high school students a better understanding of how clean Minnesota energy is produced. 

On Sept 30, the Lake Crystal Wellcome Memorial High School visited Guardian Energy in Janesville. Read the story here

On Oct 23, the Owatonna Senior High School visited Al-Corn Clean Fuel in Claremont. Read the story here

This month, we welcomed our newest vendor member, Hydrite Chemical Co. Based in Milwaukee, Hydrite Chemical works with ethanol producers to enable efficient and effective corn oil extraction.

Read more about Hydrite Chemical here

Watch this video to see how much CO2 emissions we can prevent if E15 was the new regular in Minnesota.                                                                          Like us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter View our videos on YouTube