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Senate Democrats Introduce Comprehensive National Energy Bill : Incentives for ethanol producers are proposed. Read More   

New Enzyme Reduces Costs For Producers: 
Novozymes has introduced a new enzyme that will reduce costs for ethanol producers. Read More

Advanced Biofuel Industry : RFS Proposal Is Damaging Industry :
The EPA's RFS proposal has curtailed investments into advanced biofuels. Read More

Time To Cap Fossil Fuel Pollution :
Instead of a blend wall for ethanol, there should be a cap on fossil fuel pollution. Read More

More Ethanol Choices On The Way For Minnesota Region :
The new USDA program will see 620 new blender pumps installed in Minnesota. Read More 
RFS: Doing What Congress Intended: The RFS has been a resounding success, writes the RFA's Bob Dineen.Read More 
Algenol To Distribute Ethanol Commercially: Algenol to produce algae-based ethanol that will be distributed as E15 and E85. Read More 

Growing Minnoco Gas Station Brand Is Fueled By Independent Operators: With more Minnoco stations in the state, access for E15 has increased. Read More  

UN Data Shows That Ethanol Is Not Causing Food Price Rises:
Latest data from the UN once again proves that biofuels do not increase food prices.Read More  

Bobby Likis Car Clinic Ethanol Update: Bobby Likis sets the record straight on the effects ethanol has on car engines.Read More 

Ethanol Supporters Respond To Spate Misinformation:
Biofuel supporters use facts to counter misinformation on ethanol.
Read More

Al-Corn Plans To More Than Double Production : Claremont-based plant proposes $146 million expansion. Read More 

Gevo To Produce Up To A Million Gallons Of Isobutanol:
Up to tenfold increase in isobutanol production at Luverne plant planned.
Read More 

How Much CO2 Would We Remove If E15 Was The New Regular? :
We've prepared a new video to illustrate how much CO2 we could remove with E15. Read More
Ethanol 101 : E0 Mania At The Marina: We tackle misconceptions regarding ethanol and marine engines. Read More

USDA Grant To Add 620 E15 / E85 Pumps In MN: The USDA announces recipients of its grant program to increase access to E15. Read More

Desperate Attempts By Big Oil: API comes up with a study with very questionable methodologies.  Read More

Big Oil Won't Help The World Switch To Renewable Energy:
Novozymes says to move to more renewable energy, politicians must step up and not rely on Big Oil. Read More

E85 Usage in July The Highest In 21 Months : The volume in July was the first time E85 usage has crossed 1.4 million gallons since Oct 2013. Read More  
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Earlier this month, the USDA announced Minnesota will get 620 blender pumps under its grant program. While it didn't specify the grant amount or the types of blender pumps to be installed, it is believed the bulk of them will be E15 pumps. With the USDA grant and Minnesota's E15 Dispenser Law, access to E15 is expected to increase in the coming year. The video above looks at how much CO2 we could prevent if all gas in Minnesota was E15.
The recent release of the Clean Power Plan has started to spawn community gatherings and agency presentations. Stakeholders are being called upon to help inform a regulatory process which will produce a custom Minnesota plan aimed at further reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Unfortunately, already some agency officials and community leaders are redefining what constitutes renewable energy.
Read more here

In August, we spoke to Peter Halling, vice president of biofuels at Novozymes, on the company's history and involvement in the ethanol industry.

Peter Halling, 
Vice President of Biofuels  
MBA : Please tell us about Novozymes.    
Peter Halling : Novozymes is the world leader in biological solutions. Together with customers, partners and the global community, we improve industrial performance while preserving the planet's resources and helping to build better lives. As the world's largest provider of enzyme and microbial technologies, our bioinnovation enables higher agricultural yields, low-temperature washing, energy-efficient production, renewable fuel and many other benefits that we rely on today and in the future. We call it Rethink Tomorrow.
Read more about Novozymes here.
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