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Ethanol Exports To Reach 850 Million Gallons This Year : Ethanol exports in 2015 will be the second largest year in record. Read More   

Gevo & Butamax To Work On Markets For New Biofuels: 
After years of litigation, Gevo and Butamax are now working together. Read More

ACE Conference :
E15 & E85 stations highlighted at the annual conference. Read More

EPA More Enemy Than Ally To Ethanol :
The agency has shown hostility towards the ethanol industry. Read More

RFA Applauds Fiat Chrysler Approval Of E15 :
Fiat Chrysler has approved the use of E15 for all its 106 models. Read More 
ICM Completes Cellulose To Ethanol Performance Runs: Two 1,000-hour performance runs completed. Read More 
POET Releases First-Ever Economic Impact Study: POET's operations added nearly $5.4 billion in national gross domestic product in 2014. Read More 

EPA's 'MOVES' Could Cripple Higher Ethanol Blends : The EPA's 'MOVES' model is deeply flawed. Read More  

EIA Predicts Ethanol Production Will Hold Steady Through 2016:
Ethanol production to average 935,000 barrels a day next year. Read More  

Why The EPA Must Forward With Biofuels: Former NASCAR driver says E15 has proven its merit.Read More 

RFA Applauds EPA For Recalculating 2014 Ethanol Export Estimates:
EPA may revise the 2014 RVO to 13.6 billion gallons.
Read More

Clinton Wants A Stronger RFS : The presidential candidate wants to increase access to E15 and E85. Read More

Is The EPA Serious About Cutting GHG Emissions?:
If the EPA really wants reduce GHG emissions, it should enforce the RFS.
Read More 

Sticking To the 2015 RFS Would Remove An Additional 4.5 million tons of CO2 :
This is the equivalent of removing nearly a million cars on the road. Read More
E85 Usage in MN Grew In June: The volume of E85 consumed grew 18 percent in June. Read More

The RFS Turns 10: The best energy policy over the last 40 years turned 10 on Aug 7. Read More

Minnesota Biofuels Locator App Demo Video: We've created a new video to show you how easy it is to use the Minnesota Biofuels Locator app. Read More

GPRE: 200 to 300 E15 Stations To Be Added:
Up to 300 E15 stations to be added by end-2016. Read More

Do you have questions on the business case to sell E15 - E85?
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The short video above, released earlier this month, explains the ethanol industry's contribution to Minnesota's economy in under a minute. Share this video with as many people as you know to get the word out on how vital the ethanol industry is to Minnesota's rural economy.
E15 Dispenser Law Update
In the June newsletter we shared with you the good news about the E15 Dispenser Law.  Minnesota Legislators and Governor Mark Dayton understand the way biofuels, such as ethanol, help Minnesotans, strengthen our energy security and economy and improve our environmental quality. They also understand that Minnesotans will only be able to realize these benefits if those who seek a lower priced, higher octane fuel for their 2001 or newer vehicles actually have access to E15.
Read more here
Phibro Ethanol Performance Group

In August, we spoke to Steve Rust, director of industry relations at Phibro Ethanol Performance Group (EPG), on the company's history and involvement in the ethanol industry.



Steve Rust, 

Director of Industry Relations 




MBA : Please tell us about Phibro Ethanol Performance Group.    


Steve Rust : EPG provides a dedicated team of committed professionals to help ethanol plants improve production efficiencies. Our initial product was Lactrol, a high quality antimicrobial that helps enhance fermentations, which has been available to the industry since 1995. 


Read more about Phibro Ethanol Performance Group here.


Cultivating Leadership

Olga Reuvekamp, 
Executive Director, Minnesota Agriculture & Rural Leadership
Last April I started working as the Executive Director of Minnesota Agriculture and Rural Leadership (MARL). Working with the cream of the crop of Minnesota's vibrant agricultural industry and rural development is a privilege. The MARL program offers an 18-month dynamic leadership course to cohorts of 30 professionals from across the state. Our members have backgrounds in agriculture and rural development; many are producers.

Read more here
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