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Minnesota Electric Co-Op Opens Ethanol Plant In North Dakota :  First new ethanol plant in the country in five years. Read More

Retired U.S. Generals : Protect The Renewable Fuel Standard :
Ethanol strengthens national security, three former generals said. Read More

EPA Must Listen To The People On The RFS :
RFA's Bob Dinneen says the agency should look out for the best interests of the people.  Read More

Walz Touts Economic, Environmental Benefits Of Ethanol At Janesville Plant :
Congressman Walz urged support for the RFS at a visit to Guardian Energy. Read More 
Walz Visits Guardian Energy In Janesville: The Congressman highlighted ethanol as a middle class economic engine. Read More 
Corn Growers Rally For Ethanol At The Capitol Hill: Nearly 300 corn farmers rallied in Washington DC in support of the RFS. Read More 

Ethanol Chronicles Launches Blog To Answer Fuel Critics : The Auto Channel launched a blog to counter misconceptions on ethanol and engines. Read More  

Scientists Study Ways To Integrate Biofuels And Food Crops:
Scientists at Argonne National Laboratory are looking at ways to improve land use. Read More  
22 States That Broke Through The Blend Wall:
Ethanol made up 12% of the market in Minnesota in 2013.

EPA Receives 48,510 Comments: Nearly 50,000 comments were submitted to the EPA by July 27.Read More 

Our Message To The EPA :
Read our extensive comment to the EPA on its RFS proposals. Read More
U of M Distances Itself From Hill's Anti-RFS Testimony: The U Of M says Hill's recent anti-RFS testimony in D.C. did not reflect the university's views. Read More

The RFS Is A Job Creator: Congressman Walz met a former student during his visit to Guardian Energy. Read More

Congressman Walz Stresses Energy Independence: Check out KEYC's report on Congressman Walz' visit to Guardian Energy. Read More

Another E15 & E85 Station in St Paul:
Highland Service Minnoco is the latest station in St Paul to offer E15 & E85. Read More

E85 Usage Continued To Grow In May : E85 usage was 1.06 million gallons in May. Read More 
Biodiesel & Bioheat Forum

Aug 19, 2015
Mankato, MN

The Minnesota Soybean Research & Promotion Council will host a delegation of east coast bioheat distributors and experts as well as local and national biodiesel experts for Biodiesel & Bioheat Forum.

For more information, click here.
Do you have questions on the business case to sell E15 - E85?
Send your questions here.

Congressman Tim Walz with Mike Jerke, CEO of Guardian Energy

On July 17, Rep. Tim Walz, on the invitation of the Minnesota Bio-Fuels Association, visited the Guardian Energy ethanol plant in Janesville.

The visit coincided with the Congressman's efforts to drum up support for the RFS, highlighting the importance of the RFS as a driver for the middle class economy.

"It's places like this that increase our national security, grow our local economies, and create jobs and prosperity for the middle class," he said.

You can read more here. During his visit, the Congressman also highlighted the environmental benefits of ethanol and even met a former student who now works at the plant!

In other news, the biofuel industry and its supporters submitted nearly 50,000 comments to the EPA (you can read ours here). As expected, the anti-ethanol crowd threw everything they could at the RFS and even invited the U of M's anti-ethanol advocate Jason Hill to testify in Congress. The U of M has, however, distanced itself from Hill's comments, adding that it does not reflect the university's position on the RFS.
Could Aggregating Market Segments Help EPA Push Through The Fictitious Blendwall?
The Minnesota Bio-Fuels Association, just as did many individuals and organizations, submitted comments to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) last week. In preparing to submit comments, we reviewed the EPA proposed rule found in the Federal Register (FR), Volume 80, No. 111, starting at page 33100. While this might not come as a surprise to anyone reading this column, the EPA, in its proposed rule, did use the phrase "blendwall" and "E10 blendwall" on more than one occasion. What is surprising, however, is the EPA's continued backward looking assessment of total consumption capacity for renewable biofuel
Read more here
Phibro & Novozymes Join The Minnesota Bio-Fuels Association

Phibro Animal Health Corporation's Ethanol Performance Group joined the Minnesota Bio-Fuels Association in July.

The Phibro Ethanol Performance Group was formed in 2007 and its portfolio comprises of antimicrobials, yeast, process cleaning products, corn oil recovery and other products aimed at boosting ethanol plant profits.


Read more about Phibro Ethanol Performance Group here.



Bioinnovation leader, Novozymes, became the Minnesota Bio-Fuels Assocation's latest vendor member in July.


Novozymes provides solutions for starch-based ethanol, cellulosic ethanol and biodiesel. The company enables its customers to optimize the use of raw materials and energy, thereby reducing the environmental impact of their operations.


Read more about Novozymes here

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