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EPA Delays Decision On Biofuel Blending Mandates :
The agency's final rule for the 2014 RFS has been postponed to 2015. Read More 
Advocates : Minnesota Needs More Alternative Fuel : Progress needs to be quicker, advocates say.
E85 Sales Have Room For Growth : E85 sales could increase 20-fold by 2012, a study finds. Read More  

Innovation, Improvement In the Corn-Ethanol Industry :
Many ethanol producers are working towards improving efficiency and implement new technologies. Read More  

Will Ethanol Ride The GOP Wave ? :  Industry leaders look at the potential effects the midterm election results will have on the ethanol industry. Read More    

Ethanol Coalition : Auto Engineers Expose EPA's Oil Bias :
The Society of Automotive Engineers say the EPA's exhaust emissions testing method is flawed. Read More

Corn Oil Extraction Aid Inventor Gets A 'Pat-(Ent)' On The Back : MBA member Solenis has received a patent for the use of additives to improve corn oil separation. Read More


What The EPA's Latest Announcement Means : We look at the positives and negatives from the EPA's 2014 RFS announcement. Read More 
Will The Keystone XL Pipeline Ease Rail Congestion: A closer look at the controversial pipeline suggest it wouldn't do much to ease rail congestion. Read More

New Study Shows Ethanol Reduces Greenhouse Gases: Michigan State University finds ethanol reduces emissions the equivalent of 294,000 cars a year in Michigan. Read More

Time To Can (Or Revise) The Indirect Land Use Change Theory For Ethanol : New study shows farmers have been using land more efficiently. Read More

Ensia Report On Food Supply Is Wrong On Biofuels: We respond to an opinion piece in the University of Minnesota's environmental magazine. Read More 

MN Produced 145 Trillion BTU Of Biofuels In 2012 
New Department of Energy shows biofuels are the third largest contributor to energy production in MN. Read More 

Doyal : Ethanol Does Not Drive Up The Price Of Food :
Falling corn prices have had little impact on food prices, RFA chairman says.  
Elections 2014 Review : Open Letter To New And Returning Lawmakers : Our open letter to the Governor, new and returning lawmakers. Read More  
Do you have questions on the business case to sell E15 - E85?
Send your questions here.

The EPA gave the ethanol industry an early Thanksgiving gift by deciding not to announce its final rule for the 2014 RFS in 2014. But this does raise a few questions as we go forward. How long with the EPA take to announce the RVO for 2015? And will the EPA stick to the target of 15 billion gallons as originally stipulated in the RFS? Certainly some questions to ponder while combat the effects of eating too much turkey this week. Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at the Minnesota Bio-Fuels Association.

A Century In The Making, And Now It Hinges On Your Vote
The dust is still settling following the recent mid-term elections and the U.S. EPA's action to delay making a decision about the 2014 Renewable Volume Obligations (RVO).  Even though we can't see clearly through the dust quite yet, some fundamentals and challenges remain the same. At least for now.

With respect to some of those fundamentals, the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) and the Minnesota Petroleum Replacement Statute (PRS) are still intact.  These two laws provide the backbone for moving us as a State and Nation away from being beholden to carbon intensive finite fossil fuels and toward a society grounded more fully in the use of greater amounts of renewable energy. Read More

This month, we spotlight Boulay, which is a renowned accounting firm with strong ties to the biofuels industry. Read our interview with Jadin Bragg, partner at Boulay here.
Fuel Up With E15 And Win!

The Minnesota Bio-Fuels Association recently launched the Fuel Up With E15 And Win campaign which is aimed at rewarding E15 users. From now until Nov 16, one lucky E15 user will win a $100 gift card!

Here's what you need to do. Submit a photo of yourself fueling your vehicle with E15 and upload it to this link http://woobox.com/eb48dc (or click on the photo above). Once it's on our Facebook page, our fans will vote for their favorite picture. The submission with the most votes will win a $100 gift card!

More Stations Offering E15 In Minnesota

In the past two months, five stations have begun offering E15 with several more to come. With these five stations, there are now 12 stations in Minnesota that offer E15 - the new regular.

The five stations are (click on the stations to get directions) :

Holiday Station Store #3506 (Plymouth)

Glenn's Minnoco (Minnetonka)

Navarre Minnoco (Navarre)

Kapozia's Minnoco (St Paul)

Perham Oasis (Perham)

You can find details and directions of the other E15 stations
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