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This month, we asked several candidates running for office on Nov 4 their views on biofuels. Click on the candidate's name below to read their views.

Mike McFadden
(U.S. Senate)

Rep. Collin Peterson   
(MN 7th Congressional District)

Sharon Sund (MN 3rd Congressional District) 

Joe Perske
(MN 6th Congressional District)  

Rep. Jeanne Poppe (MN House District 27B)   

Dennis Schminke
(MN House District 27B)

Rep. Rod Hamilton (MN House District 22B)

Cheryl Avenel - Navarra (MN House District 22B)

Rep. Bob Gunther (MN House 23A) 

E85 Sales Up 13% In August : Sales of E85 grew to 1.34 million in August from 1.19 million in July. Read More 
Fuels America Debuts Campaign For RFS Supporters Facing Reelection: Sen.Al Franken and Rep. Collin Peterson among those being supported. Read More

Dineen : 'Elections Matter': RFA's Bob Dineen on the upcoming elections. Read More

Tips For Biofuel Investments In Turbulent Times : Executive panel at the NABCE 2014 give their views on investment decisions during turbulent times. Read More

Biofuel Leaders Say EPA Has Treated Industry Unfairly:  EPA has undermined the commercial success of advanced biofuels, industry leaders say. Read More 

Report Shows Ethanol's Connection To High Food Prices Is A Lie: New USDA report on corn yields further refutes the theory that ethanol has increased food prices. Read More 

U.S Biofuel Mandate Cuts Would Raise Carbon Pollution: Lawmakers
Senators Barbara Boxer and Edward Markey say cuts to the RFS would raise carbon pollution.

New RFA Study : Evidence Of Price Gounging? :Retailers in St Louis may be pricing E85 at a premium over gasoline, RFA says.

Biofuels, RFS Jump Up As A Hot Topic:
Thirty-three state governors have asked the Obama administration to increase blending mandates for ethanol and biodiesel. Read More

MN Ethanol Producer Named RFA Chairman :
MBA director, Randall Doyal, has been elected as chairman of the RFA. Read More 
Do you have questions on the business case to sell E15 - E85?
Send your questions here.

With the mid-term elections around the corner, we asked several candidates running for office their views on biofuels. The candidates were selected on their current committee positions at the federal and state level. Considering the fact that many of these candidates were at the final stretch of a busy campaign season, not all candidates responded to our questions. But the ones that did have since been featured in our Blogging For Biofuels blog and the links to their responses are under the What The Candidates Say section of this month's newsletter.
A Century In The Making, And Now It Hinges On Your Vote
The carbohydrate economy, or the biofuel vision, has been in the works for more than 100 years. At present, the most significant manifestation of that biofuel vision is expressed in the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) and Minnesota's Petroleum Replacement Statute (PRS).

For those of us concerned about the future of biofuels and the role they can play in boosting our energy security, creating economic prosperity, helping consumers and reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, it is especially important that we take our right and responsibility to vote one step further. We need to diligently seek out candidates for elected office who really do understand and support biofuels, then we should vote for those candidates and once they are in office we need to hold them accountable for their actions that either hinder or help biofuels.
Read More

This month, we spotlight ERI Solutions. Read our interview with Nathan Vander Griend, president at ERI Solutions here.
Fuel Up With E15 And Win!

The Minnesota Bio-Fuels Association recently launched the Fuel Up With E15 And Win campaign which is aimed at rewarding E15 users. From now until Nov 16, one lucky E15 user will win a $100 gift card!

Here's what you need to do. Submit a photo of yourself fueling your vehicle with E15 and upload it to this link http://woobox.com/eb48dc (or click on the photo above). Once it's on our Facebook page, our fans will vote for their favorite picture. The submission with the most votes will win a $100 gift card!
In October we welcomed two new vendor members : Syngenta and Vietnam's Tin Thanh.



Syngenta developed the Enogen trait technology, which among others, has produced greater process flexibility to capture alcohol yield and reduce carbon footprint by 10 percent. Learn more about Syngenta here.

Tin Thanh

Vietnam's Tin Thanh Industrial is a provider of biomass boilers and has been successful in reducing a plant's exposure to fluctuations in natural gas prices. Learn more about Tin Thanh here.
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