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Impact of Ethanol Mandate On Fuel Prices Nil : New Iowa State study finds increased ethanol supply will not lead to higher gas prices. Read More 

Ethanol Industry Having A Solid Year
: Second quarter profits more than doubled. Read More

Minnoco Expanding To Offer E15, E30 & E85  : Minnoco will add another 18 stations in the Twin Cities.Read More

Vilsack Sees Some Proposed Ethanol Cuts Being Restored : Agriculture Secretary says administration still wants to achieve 15 billion gallons of ethanol a year goal. 
Read More

Renewable Fuels Standard Spurred Ethanol Breakthroughs:  Cellulosic ethanol is a reality because of the RFS. Read More 

Legacy Minnesota ethanol plant resumes production :
The 18 MMgy plant in Buffalo Lake has restarted. Read More

Second Iowa Plant Adds New Ethanol Technology:
Quad County Corn Processors commences cellulosic ethanol production Read More

Food vs Fuel Myth Debunked Again :The RFA releases a new a report that further debunks this age-old myth  

From Fantasy To Reality:
POET-DSM launches cellulosic ethanol plant. Read More

E85 Sales Continue To Grow : E85 Sales in MN up 15%. Read More

Big Oil Peddles The Same Old Talking Points: Chevron CEO uses age-old myths to discredit biofuels Read More

If You Repeat A Lie Often Enough :
The National Council Of Chain Restaurants lobby Congress with false claims to gut the RFS Read More

Big Oil Makes An Outrageous Claim : The EPA's expected reversal of its 2014 RFS proposal is to help an Iowa rep, Big Oil claims. Read More

Fuels America Makes New Case For RFS
: Group points to cellulosic ethanol production in Iowa.  
Getting Rewarded For Using E15 : MBA's new campaign is to increase awareness of E15. Read More 
Fuel Up With E15 And Win!

The Minnesota Bio-Fuels Association recently launched the Fuel Up With E15 And Win campaign which is aimed at rewarding E15 users. From now until Nov 16, one lucky E15 user will win a $100 gift card!

Here's what you need to do. Submit a photo of yourself (you can get someone to do it or snap a selfie) fueling your vehicle with E15 and upload it to this link http://woobox.com/eb48dc (or click on the photo above). Once it's on our Facebook page, our fans will vote for their favorite picture (if your friends follow us on Facebook, the likelier they will vote for you). The submission with the most votes will win a $100 gift card!
Let's Be Proactive Today
By now most of you have probably read or heard about the many tens of thousands of people who took to the streets in New York City over the weekend to voice their concern about climate change and to call for global action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

In an effort to build a global response, according to the New York Times, Secretary of State John Kerry convened a meeting of foreign ministers from the 17 member Major Economies Forum to work on putting together a global deal to fight climate change. Read More

This month, we spotlight Solenis a global specialty chemical maker. Read our interview with Allen M. Ziegler, director of global biorefining at Solenis here.
Find E15 & E85 With The MBA Map!
Go to mnbiofuels.org/map to find a station selling E15 and E85 (as well as other blends). Share your location once you get to the map and it will find you the nearest stations to your location. Try it out now!

We are proud to announce that we are one of the supporting organizations for the National Advanced Biofuels Conference and Expo. Produced by BBI International, this national event will feature the world of advanced biofuels and biobased chemicals -technology scale-up, project finance, policy, national markets and more - with a core focus on the industrial, petroleum and agribusiness alliances defining the national advanced biofuels industry.  Find Out More Here
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