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Iowa Governor Blasts EPA On Ethanol Mandate :
Gov. Terry Branstad says the delay in announcing the 2014 RVO has hurt farm income. Read More 

Cenex Tank Program Assists Retailers Offering E15
: New program is to enable some 1,400 Cenex locations meet demand for E15.
EPA's Final 2014 RVO Delivered To The OMB; Industry Reacts : Industry leaders are confident EPA's final rule will be modified.Read More

Ethanol Mandate Goes To White House For Review : EPA finally submits its final rule for 2014 RVO. 
Read More

Everything About Ethanol Is Good-Good-Good : Sen.Chuck Grassley talks about ethanol's benefits. Read More 

What Can You Get For $3.60? :
RFA's Geoff Cooper discusses the difference in what you can get for bushel of corn compared to a gallon of gasoline. Read More

RFA Making Inroads With Motorcycle Education :
RFA recently educated motorcycle owners on E10 at the Sturgis Motorcyle Rally. Read More

Corn Use For Ethanol Likely To Top 5 Billion Bushels This Year :
Corn production for ethanol is likely to hit 5.1 billion bushels, according to University of Illinois economist.
US H1 2014 Ethanol Exports Soar 56%: Census Bureau :
Ethanol exports totaled 416 million gallons in the first half of 2014.

The Food vs Fuel Myth : Latest data from the USDA further dispels this myth. Read More

Great New Video On Ethanol Vs Gasoline : New video from the Illinois Corn Growers shows how much cleaner ethanol is in comparison to gasoline. Read More

New Fuels America Campaign : Who Will Benefit From A Weakened RFS? :
Fuels America looks at the organizations that will benefit from a weak RFS. Read More

MN Gubernatorial Candidates On Biofuels : The state's gubernatorial candidates and their views on biofuel. Read More

Does RIN Data Point To 2014 RFS Rule?
: June RIN data may point to what we may expect from the EPA.  
E85 Sales Up 41% In First Five Months : Sales of E85 in Minnesota in 2014 as of end-May totaled 4.79 million gallons.
Read More

More Tax Breaks For The Oil Industry : In the past five years, 20 of the biggest oil and gas companies have deferred $16.5 billion in taxes. Read More
Happy Labor Day!

All of us at the Minnesota Bio-Fuels Association would like to wish you a Happy Labor Day! And as you head out for the long holiday weekend, be sure to check out our interactive Biofuel Station Locator map on our website to find the nearest stations that offer E85 or your favorite blend of American-grown ethanol.
The Three 'F Words' Repeated Again And Again
Just a few days ago the National Conference of State Legislatures convened policymakers from across the country in Minneapolis with the purpose of offering policymakers a venue to exchange ideas on some of the most pressing issues. But when it came to energy, the National Conference of State Legislatures fell flat in its efforts to stimulate the exchange of ideas about energy and, in particular, renewable energy such as biofuels. Read More

This month, we spotlight Merjent, a Minneapolis-based environmental consulting firm. Read our interview with Billy VonSee, Principal at Merjent, here.
ERI Solutions Joins Minnesota Bio-Fuels Association As Vendor Member

We are pleased to announce that ERI Solutions has joined us as a vendor member. ERI Solutions provides environmental compliance and sustainability, health and safety, process safety, non-destructive testing and insurance program management services to the ethanol industry. Read More

We are proud to announce that we are one of the supporting organizations for the National Advanced Biofuels Conference and Expo. Produced by BBI International, this national event will feature the world of advanced biofuels and biobased chemicals -technology scale-up, project finance, policy, national markets and more - with a core focus on the industrial, petroleum and agribusiness alliances defining the national advanced biofuels industry.  Find Out More Here
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