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A month has passed since the deadline to comment on the EPA's controversial proposal to reduce biofuel production this year. While there's been no official updates from the EPA, there have been a lot of chatter that suggests the agency may rollback on its proposal.   
But we won't know for sure until the EPA makes an announcement and until then, we will continue our efforts to promote the use of E15 and E85 in Minnesota and the rest of the country. As noted in the quote above, there are close to 195 million cars on the road that can use E15. With numbers like that, it's hard to imagine why more retail stations aren't offering this high-octane fuel that's priced cheaper than regular E10 gasoline. While we've been engaging with more and more retail stations to offer E15, you can play a part too. The next time you fuel up at your local gas station, tell them you want E15.

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It's About Today and Tomorrow
Whether you are taking a road trip, running errands around town or driving the kids to after school sports, most likely it's biofuels that are helping you get to your destination.  When you fuel up with "regular," at least one in 10 gallons is clean, renewable ethanol.  If you are among the growing number of drivers who are finding "E15" at your local retail station, at least 1.5 gallons in 10 is high octane ethanol


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On Feb 13, the Fairmont Sentinel published a story, "Tax Break Could Hurt Martin County," which suggested a proposed tax exemption on ethanol production tanks would result in a loss of revenue for Martin County.

Read our response, which was published by the paper on Feb 26, here.

American Ethanol Enhances Partnership With Richard Childress Racing and Austin Dillon

American Ethanol, Feb 20 -
American Ethanol is enhancing its partnership with Richard Childress Racing and driver Austin Dillon for the 2014 NASCAR season where the latter will race the No. 3 American Ethanol Chevrolet SS in select races during the 2014 season.

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Ethanol Contributed $44 billion to the Economy in 2013

Renewable Fuels America, Feb 19 - A new study by ABF Economics says the ethanol industry created and sustained nearly 400,000 jobs and contributed $44 billion to the economy last year.

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Why Are We Producing Biofuels?

The Gazette, Feb 9 - In the face of criticism about ethanol, delays in the commercialization of advanced biofuels and the recent development of domestic supplies of fracked gas and petroleum, some people are asking, "Why are we producing biofuels?"

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Green Plains CEO : E15 Availability To Grow

Omaha World Herald, Feb 7 - Green Plains Renewable Energy, the fourth-largest U.S. ethanol producer, told investors and analysts Thursday that gasoline with higher ethanol content, such as the 15 percent version known as E15, soon will begin to make their way into the nation's fuel supply on a widespread basis.

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The Truth About E15 and Vehicle Warranties

Renewable Fuels America, Feb 3 - There has been a lot of discussion recently on vehicle warranties, which can be a complicated question for new fuels like E15 (15 percent ethanol, 85 percent gasoline).

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RFS Kept Gas Prices Down

The Hill, Jan 24 - Economist and energy specialist, Philip K. Verleger, who served in both the Ford and Carter administrations, says ethanol saved consumers $1 per gallon at the pump during the holiday season in 2013.

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Barr Engineering 

This month, we spotlight Minneapolis-based Barr Engineering which provides engineering and environmental consulting services to Midwest, national and global clients. 
We recently interviewed Chandler Taylor, senior environment consultant at Barr on the firm's services, involvement in the ethanol industry as well as his views on the industry.
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Updated E85 and Blender Pump Map 
With over 350 E85 stations in the state, there's probably a station near you that sells E85 We recently updated our E85 and blender pump map so you can now you won't have to drive far to save on gas.

Visit our updated map here.


If you're on Facebook, you've probably seen the image below. It's one of the most popular Internet memes out there and we decided to have some fun with it!

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