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March 2013 Newsletter
Executive Director's Report :
Obstructionist Big Oil Hurts Consumers

Why should you care about what's behind all the hype over "renewable identification numbers" (RINs)?  If you buy gasoline for your vehicle, you probably know ethanol displaces dirty and expensive petroleum and serves as an octane booster for the gasoline.  While it's not immediately visible, here in the Midwest, the biofuel ethanol has helped to suppress the price of gasoline by approximately $1.69 per gallon.  So where do the RINs come into the picture and why do they matter?


Under the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS), a federal law, an oil refiner is obligated to demonstrate to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency each year that the oil refiner has used a certain volume of biofuel like ethanol.  A renewable fuel identification number is associated with each gallon of biofuel that is produced and the number goes to an oil refiner when the oil refiner buys the biofuel.  With ownership of the biofuel the oil refiner may do three things with the RINs:  KEEP  to demonstrate compliance, BANK for the following year or SELL on the market.

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Pending Minnesota Biofuel Legislation

During the summer and fall of 2012, the Commissioner of the Minnesota Department of Agriculture convened a Biofuels Advisory Task Force.  The Task Force developed a document that calls for the incremental increase in the use of ethanol and other biofuels such as biobutanol to ultimately displace 30% of petroleum by 2025. Given the current level of biofuel use at approximately 11% (the use of E10 in regular gasoline plus fuel dispensed through flex fuel pumps), the modest goals set forth by the Biofuels Task Force results in a 19% increase in biofuel use over 12 years. 

The biofuel goals agreed upon by the Task Force as well as implementation tools to attain those goals are embodied in Senate File 448 and its companion bill House File 462. These still need to be heard in more committees before they can go for a vote on the floors of the House and Senate.
For more information on the biofuel bills, please visit the Our Voice page to be linked to a timely article by Ethanol Producer Magazine.
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Other Recent  News  
Minnesota Producer Spotlight  
In case you missed it, the Producer Spotlight for Heartland Corn Products, with Vice President Scott Blumhoefer, is available on the MBA website HERE.Stay tuned later this month for our next Producer Spotlight!
WANTED: Potential E15 Retailers
MBA is seeking potential E15 fuel retailers in Minnesota. If you or someone you know are a current fuel retailer and are interested in increasing your profitability with E-15 sales, please contact Please read the E-15 page on our website or view the E-15 Retailer Handbook for more information. In addition MBA is planning to hold an informational meeting on E15 in early 2013 - stay tuned!
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