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IMPACT informs the Tulane University community about academic engagement options that fulfill the public service graduation requirement. This forum will provide an overview of programs offered through the Center for Public Service, announce information sessions, application requirements and deadlines, and post ongoing internship opportunities. It will also highlight student interns, community partner agencies, study-abroad programs, and service-learning courses. Read on and engage!

2nd Tier Public Service

 Students Have Options for their 2nd Tier of Public Service


While all undergraduates must take a lower-level service-learning course to satisfy Tulane's first tier of public service graduation requirement, they have several options for completing their second tier as juniors and seniors.  Second-tier options include upper-level service-learning classes, public service internshipshonor's theses, research projects/independent studies, capstone, and international service programs (see below for information session dates).




Students interested in doing a public service internship in the Spring semester of 2014 are invited to attend one of our information sessions and learn about unique opportunities, application process, and deadlines. Students will also hear about International Service-Learning Programs offered in Summer 2014.

  • Monday, Oct. 7: 10-11am, Alcee Fortier Conference Room: RSVP here
  • Wednesday, Oct. 23: 5:30-6:30pm, LBC Stibbs  (203): RSVP here
  • Thursday, Nov. 7: 3:30-4:30pm, Alcee Fortier conference room: RSVP here 
  • Thursday, Nov. 21: 4-5pm, LBC Stibbs (203): RSVP here
  • Tuesday, Dec. 3: 2-3pm, Alcee Fortier Conference Room: RSVP here

India: Compassion in Action, Summer 2014-Information Session

Monday, November 18th, 5-6 pm, Alcee Fortier Conference Room

Students interested in participating in the international service-learning program in India during Summer 2014 will find out about the application process, courses offered and credit earned, service activities with Tibetan refugees, in-country travels, and grant opportunities. Click HERE to RSVP.


Service-Learning Classes

 Food and Culture Service-Learning Course



Professor Supriya's class, Food and Culture (ENLS 4860), is one of the many exciting service-learning courses being offered this semester. Students participating in service learning will learn hands-on more about the food culture of New Orleans, whether it be from the source (gardening/harvesting), or to the table (giving community cooking demonstrations).  Second Harvest Food Bank and its program, Cooking Matters, are amazing partners with whom a portion of the class will work.  



Photo 1: Rachel Bellavia, a senior majoring in English, assists with sorting Food Bank donations.


 Photo 2: Students prepare to teach a community cooking class focused on healthy recipes.


For more information about this and other courses, including Spring 2014 service-learning courses, contact Bridget Smith, bridget1@tulane.edu


Spotlight on Fall 2013 Service-Learning Assistants

 Meet SLA Melissa Reitcheck


As programs and the number of service-learning courses grow within the Center for Public Service (CPS), more coordination support is needed for participants, including faculty members, students, and community partner organizations. The Service-Learning Assistant (SLA) program provides paid student positions within CPS that allows students to provide assistance to the Senior Program Coordinators. This position promotes public service leadership and partnership between students and faculty in a new and innovative opportunity. The SLA program aims to recruit, train, and supervise students who will assist faculty members with the coordination of service-learning projects.



Melissa Reitcheck is a junior majoring in Political Economy, Linguistics, and Economics. She is originally from Boise, Idaho. On campus, she is involved with

Club Volleyball, French Cine Club, and ESL Conversation Partners. At the Center for Public Service, Mel is a Service-Learning Assistant (SLA) and is coordinating the Brain and Language course LING/NSCI 4110 with Professor Harry Howard

 this semester.


"As an SLA, I get to work directly with faculty, students, and community organizations, which can be both rewarding and challenging. In this position, I have learned extensively about the operations of CPS and Tulane in general. We have training a each week which focus on different aspects of civic engagement and community development. In addition to being a SLA, I work as part of the marketing action team which is focused on defining and promoting the CPS image. These projects are my favorite aspect of being a SLA, since they require creativity, organization, and direct involvement with other Tulane students. Our goal is to get more students involved with the Center, so stop by anytime to see what's going on with service on campus and in New Orleans!"


 For more information, visit the SLA website.

In Her Own Words

  Sara Harrell's experience with Upward Bound



nullFor many people who volunteer at Upward Bound, time put into tutoring becomes about much more than a way to complete a service requirement. One-on-one tutoring allows you the chance to develop personal relationships with the students you are assisting, and the passion and enthusiasm of the people who work there is contagious. The students are willing to learn and eager to talk to you about college life and their plans after graduation. Their eagerness to learn is inspiring, and they often leave you feeling as if you've benefited as much from your tutoring session as they have.


I developed a very close relationship with the student I was paired with last semester, and I hope to continue tutoring her again this semester. For me, Upward Bound is about more than helping someone receive a good grade on a homework assignment or write a decent paper. It's about building a mutually beneficial, personal relationship that allows you to become a support system and mentor. Upward Bound is in need of tutors for this semester. The time commitment is minimal, just two hours each Tuesday or Thursday, but the experience you gain from your time there is extraordinary.


Sara Harrell is a Sophomore and a Service-Learning Assistant at the Center for Public Service. She is also a Newcomb Scholar and a member of Phi Mu Fraternity.


  Upward Bound needs volunteers!



Upward Bound is a federally-funded TRIO program that equips its participants for success in high school, and ultimately prepares them for college entrance.


If you're interested in volunteering this semester, please contact April Rice at 504-865-5870.


The Cowen Service Challenge





This challenge aims to encourage students, alumni, faculty, staff and friends of Tulane to celebrate President Cowen's legacy of supporting healthy and vibrant communities through direct community service.


By May 2, 2014, we will complete 750,000 hours of service in New Orleans and around the world.


Be in that number!



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