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IMPACT informs the Tulane University community about academic engagement options that fulfill the public service graduation requirement. This forum will provide an overview of programs offered through the Center for Public Service, announce information sessions, application requirements and deadlines, and post ongoing internship opportunities. It will also highlight student interns, community partner agencies, study-abroad programs, and service-learning courses. Read on and engage!

Deadline Extension for Fall Internships!
Friday, August 23rd is the deadline to secure an internship and submit all required paperwork for the Fall.  Submit your application HERE
Once you have accepted an internship position, let us know so that we can send you instructions for the required paperwork.
Remember: public service internships MUST be related to your major or minor!
Please contact the Public Service Internship Team with any questions: cpsinternships@tulane.edu.   
Student Spotlight

Spotlight on William Braddock



 William Braddock is a double major in International Affairs and International Development.  His internship this summer has been with Prayasam, an international non-profit organization in Kolkata, India that works with youth empowerment projects.  In his own words: 
 "In the short amount of time that I have been here, I have already witnessed many of the key concepts that I have learned about through my majors in International Development and International Relations. The managerial and non-profit organization levels have become ever more apparent as I interact with and work daily with a team of committed 'on the ground' professionals here at the NGO." - William Braddock


To read more about William Braddock's and other students' internships, visit the Public Service Internship Program's Blog.


 The Good Shepard School



 The Good Shepherd School is a non-profit elementary school (K-7) for at-risk youth, which seeks to enrich the lives of its students through an extended school day, year-round school, and a mentorship and graduate support program.  The scope of work for a volunteer may include:

  1. Tutoring (with individuals or two same-level students)
  2. Small group drilling practice in a chosen field (e.g. Math Quest drilling for 5th graders with low math scores)
  3. Enrichment (sharing of a talent or skill, e.g. art, physical health, chess, sports, dance, language, etc.)
  4. Mentoring (spending quality time with and befriending a student or students). 

Volunteer hours of operation can range anywhere from 2:30 to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Thursday.  If you have any questions, please feel free to call Scott Osborn at 504-598-9399 x20, or email at omalley7997@gmail.com. 


AncientAncestors.org is looking for interns!



As an intern with AncientAncestors, you will have the opportunity to work with a non-profit start-up bent on teaching the subject of human origins to young minds.
Organizational/Marketing Internship:
Responsibilities include but are not limited to marketing the initiative to high-schools, reaching out to other Louisiana universities to establish sister chapters, as well as helping document and assess the effects of the course on high-school students. Other tasks include website development, 501(c)(3) filing, fundraising and grant writing.
Mentoring/Teaching Internship (for Upper-Level Anthropology Students):
Interns will be trained to teach children and make 3-D skull cast replicas. Tasks will include delivering our curriculum to high-school biology classes, as well as helping train teachers on the materials.  
If interested, please contact Michael Luberda at (636) 399-3906 or by email: michael@AncientAncestors.org or mluberda@gmail.com   
Roll up your sleeves with AncientAncestors.org!




Spanish-Speaking Liaison Needed at
the John Dibert Community School


The John Dibert Community School prepares students to attend a college preparatory high school, graduate from a selective college, and contribute positively to their community.

The school has one of the highest populations of Spanish-speaking students in the city and is looking for an intern to act as a liaison with parents.

Tasks will include performing simple written translations of flyers, report cards and notes home to parents, as well as some verbal translation over the phone or at parent conferences.

For more information, please contact Rachel Marks at 504-343-5980 or rmarks@firstlineschools.org


New Orleans Jazz Orchestra



 About NOJO



 NOJO is a performing-arts organization whose goal is to strengthen the business of Jazz through performances, touring, recordings, education, and media platforms. Founded in 2002 by trumpeter, composer, arranger, and bandleader Irvin Mayfield, NOJO's mission is to inspire freedom and culture in the individual and global community by creating authentic, engaging Jazz experiences, while celebrating the origins and transforming the future of Jazz. For more information, visit www.theNOJO.com





Marketing Internship


The New Orleans Jazz Orchestra is seeking students to join its marketing and communications team. Students will work as NOJO university and community ambassadors, promoting NOJO events and Jazz awareness. Interns will help strategize best methods to develop young adult audiences through campus outreach and targeted events.



 Programming Internship


Throughout the course of the NOJO programming internship, students will have the opportunity to gain first-hand event planning experience, along with learning the ends and outs of a non-profit performing arts organization. In addition to providing administrative assistance to the NOJO staff, interns will aid in planning and facilitating orchestra rehearsals and concerts, as well as outreach opportunities.



 Internship candidates should have exceptional written and verbal communication skills, strong organizational skills, the ability to work independently as well as within a team setting. Interest in performing arts, especially Jazz, is preferred. Proficiency in Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint) is required and experience with Adobe CS software is preferred, but not necessary. Internship schedules are flexible with some night and weekend requirements. Interns will benefit from gaining arts management experience, unique networking opportunities, and access to complimentary tickets to performances when available.




Future Plans include development of a NOJO Student Advisory Council which will include representatives from each local university, under the leadership of NOJO's Artistic Director, Irvin Mayfield and the Director of Programming. Council members will have opportunities to work with fellow young members of the Jazz community, influence NOJO programming, and network with leaders in the Jazz industry, including the NOJO Board of Directors.



For more information and to apply, please contact:



Ashley Floyd, M.A.

Director of Development

The New Orleans Jazz Orchestra


2020 St. Charles Avenue

New Orleans, LA 70130

Email: afloyd@thenojo.com





 Volunteer with Bike Easy


 On September 21st, for one day only, a significant New Orleans corridor of streets will come alive with bicycles, walkers and dancers and families playing games, all free of cars and exhaust. That's the goal of Easy Streets, an open streets event being led by Bike Easy, a local bicycle advocacy group, on behalf of the City of New Orleans' Health Department. KidsWalk Coalition at the Tulane Prevention Research Center is supporting the effort with planning and technical support. See the link to a recent article that was published on Tulane's school newsletter. Additionally, you can find a video that demonstrates the open streets concept, as well as more information on Bike Easy's website


Contact Jamie Wine, jamiewine@gmail.com, for more information. 


Bike Easy is currently seeking programming partners to put on activities and volunteers to assist with various task--before, during, and/or after the event.
Why do a Public Service Internship?

The Great Benefits of Getting Involved



A public service internship is a unique way for Tulane 

students to get involved in the New Orleans community while applying their knowledge and skills. 


By doing a public service internship, juniors and seniors have the opportunity to:

  • Work with a community organization of your choice;
  • Gain professional experience;
  • Earn up to 3 hours at the 4000-level in your major/minor field;
  • Fulfill the 2nd tier of the Tulane public service graduation requirement;
  • Make a lasting impact in your community.

Learn more about the Public Service Internship Program by clicking here.

Tulane University Center for Public Service
Alcee Fortier Hall
6823 St. Charles Avenue
New Orleans, LA 70118
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Fall Internship Opportunities


**Catholic Charities ESL is looking for fall interns. For more information, contact Amy Dudgeon at 502-541-7218 or adudgeon@ccano.org.

**Orleans Public Education Network (OPEN)
is looking for fall interns to help mentor Junior Reporters. To apply, contact Debbie Carey, 
O. 504.821.4004 ext.502, C. 504.377.1280, deborah@opennola.org.

**The American Cancer Society
is looking for fall interns.  For information, contact Robert Harrison, 504.219.2273.
**Oportunidades NOLA has several internships available for the fall, including Financial, Networking, Demographics, GED Prep, and Computer Literacy internships. Contact Tom Zolot for more information, tom@stannanola.org.
**Dyverse City is looking for a Marketing/Business Development Intern for the Fall.  For more information, contact Nicole Balthazar, nbalthazar@dyversecity.com.
**The Pro Bono Project <http://www.probono-no.org> 
is looking for a file clerk intern interested in the practice of law. Contact Robin Roper at rroper@probono-no.org, tel. 504-581-4043 ext. 216 or Linton Carney at 504-581-4043 ext. 207.




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