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IMPACT informs the Tulane University community about academic engagement options that fulfill the public service graduation requirement. This forum will provide an overview of programs offered through the Center for Public Service, announce information sessions, application requirements and deadlines, and post ongoing internship opportunities. It will also highlight student interns, community partner agencies, study-abroad programs, and service-learning courses. Read on and engage!

July 31st is the Fall Application Deadline!
Dont delay!  Students planning to do their public service internship in the Fall of 2013 should be working on their online applications at
The deadline to apply to the Public Service Internship Program for Fall internships is July 31st.
Remember: you don't need to have an internship lined up in order to apply!


The deadline to secure an internship and submit all paperwork is August 16th 
Please contact the Public Service Internship Team with any questions:   
Why Do a Public Service Internship?

The great benefits of getting involved



A public service internship is a unique way for Tulane 

students to get involved in the New Orleans community while applying their knowledge and skills. 


By doing a public service internship, juniors and seniors have the opportunity to:


  • Work with a community organization of your choice;
  • Gain professional experience;
  • Earn up to 3 hours at the 4000-level in your major/minor field;
  • Fulfill the 2nd tier of the Tulane public service graduation requirement;
  • Make a lasting impact in your community.

Learn more about the Public Service Internship Program by clicking here.

Summer Intern Spotlight

  Elly Schoen: Sweet Home New Orleans



 Elly Schoen majors in Political Economy, with minors in both History and Economics.  Her internship this summer has challenged her textbook knowledge of Economics.  In her own words: "In the classroom, with all of the numbers laid out in front of me, it all seems so clear. The question of equality (everyone getting a slice of the "pie") vs. efficiency (how big is your country's "pie") seemed pretty obvious to me. Looking at numbers, it's all about efficiency. Being at Sweet Home, however, has really caused me to re-evaluate the importance of equality in economics. People who have a lot of talent and work really hard do not always get the payment they deserve, and that is not right." -Elly Schoen.

To read more about Elly's internship with Sweet Home New Orleans and other student's internship experiences, visit the Public Service Internship Program's Blog.


Impressionism and Environmentalism



Four Impressionists: Berthe Morisot, Edouard Manet, May Cassatt and Edgar Degas.  Four natural elements: fire, water, earth and air.  Environmental conditions in Louisiana: WATER, the dead zone in the Gulf of Mexico: FIRE, the BP explosion and subsequent oil disaster: EARTH, the ever-expanding sink hole in Assumption Parish: an AIR, the air quality, particularly around the many LA chemical plants.


This project uses the founders of Impressionism as a lens to discuss modern day struggles to protect and maintain the natural environment.


IMPRESSIONS is a bilingual project that connects French Impressionists, French Culture, Louisiana Culture and Louisiana's present day environmental struggles.  Students could be involved in several ways:


  • Assisting with research of academic source materials (papers, studies, etc) that focus on the state of Louisiana environments, possibly in collaboration with the Tulane Xavier Center for Bioenvironmental research.
  • Assisting with research of studies currently being done by organizations such asThe Water Institute of the Gulf (particularly studies of coastal ecology and estuaries in the Gulf of Mexico).
  • Researching Degas' connection to New Orleans, the cultural connections between France and New Orleans/Louisiana, the lives of Berthe Morisot, Édouard Manet, Mary Cassatt and Edgar Degas, or the Impressionist movement as a genre. 
  • Documenting stories shared during story circles that will be part of project rehearsals; this would involve attending a few rehearsals as a documentarian.  Story circle participants will include the director, actors and constituents from the Gulf Restoration Network (GRN) and the Louisiana Bucket Brigade.  Constituents from GRN will include folks who were part of the BP team who actually worked with wildlife and beach cleanup.  Constituents from the Bucket Brigade will include folks who live near chemical plants.

For more information, contact Karel Sloane-Boekbinder,

Community Partner Highlight
GNO Fair Housing Center



 The Greater New Orleans Fair Housing Action Center is a private, non-profit civil rights organization dedicated to eradicating housing discrimination throughout the greater New Orleans area through education, investigation and enforcement activities. GNOFHAC promotes fair competition throughout the housing marketplace- rental, sales, lending and insurance.



GNOFHAC is dedicated to fighting housing discrimination not only because it is illegal, but also because it is a divisive force that perpetuates poverty, segregation, ignorance, fear and hatred. See more at:




Public Policy Interns: (up to 2 interns)


Intern(s) will be responsible for bringing policy related research projects from inception to completion. Most projects are designed to span one semester, and combine social science skills with project administration. Sample projects include research and data collection on the Louisiana state legislature; using U.S. census data to track demographic changes; and mapping opportunity through local land use laws.

Required qualification is interest in civil rights law and policy. Preferred candidates are also tech-savvy, highly organized, and have a basic understanding of federal, state and local government. This is a great way for any social science major to apply classroom skills to real-world challenges.



Preferred Majors: Political Science, Sociology, Communication, Pre-Law


For more information and to apply, contact Monika Gerhart,   




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Fall Internship Opportunities


**Make-a-Wish Foundation of the Texas Gulf Coast and Louisiana is looking for fall interns. Interested students should contact Jackie Heroman, Development Coordinator, at


**Fund 17's mission is to help micro-entrepreneurs expand their businesses in a socially conscious way.  They have several internship positions available beginning this fall.  For more information, contact Juan Carlos,


**Birthing Project USA is accepting applications for fall internships.  Contact Kathryn Hall-Trujillo for more information:   


**Benjamin Franklin Elementary School is looking for a Grant Writing Intern for the fall.  Contact Wanda Chenevert for more information:  

**New Orleans Recreation Development Foundation has 2 internships available for the fall: Special Events Intern and Special Products Marketing Intern.  Contact Cheryl Mendy for more information:   
**United Way is looking for fall interns in management, marketing and communications.  Interested students should contact Lan Huynh,




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