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IMPACT informs the Tulane University community about academic engagement options that fulfill the public service graduation requirement. This forum will provide an overview of programs offered through the Center for Public Service, announce information sessions, application requirements and deadlines, and post ongoing internship opportunities. It will also highlight student interns, community partner agencies, study-abroad programs, and service-learning courses. Read on and engage!

Fall Application Deadline: July 31st
Dont delay!  Students planning to do their public service internship in the Fall of 2013 should be working on their online applications at
The deadline to apply to the Public Service Internship Program for Fall internships is July 31st. Remember: you don't need to have an internship lined up in order to apply!


The deadline to secure an internship and submit all paperwork is August 16th 
Please contact the Public Service Internship Team with any questions:   
Why Do a Public Service Internship?

The great benefits of getting involved



A public service internship is a unique way for Tulane 

students to get involved in the New Orleans community while applying their knowledge and skills. 


By doing a public service internship, juniors and seniors have the opportunity to:


  • Work with a community organization of your choice;
  • Gain professional experience;
  • Earn up to 3 hours at the 4000-level in your major/minor field;
  • Fulfill the 2nd tier of the Tulane public service graduation requirement;
  • Make a lasting impact in your community.

Learn more about the Public Service Internship Program by clicking here.

Summer Intern Spotlight

  Michael Hammer in Paraguay



Michael Hammer is a sophomore with a dual major in Marketing and Latin American Studies.  This summer, he is interning as a project supervisor in Paraguay with Amigos de Las Americas (AMIGOS), where he did service work for several summers as a high school student. AMIGOS is a service-learning program for high school and college students that promotes leadership and multi-cultural awareness though community service projects in Latin America.  Michael is one of several students completing their public service internship abroad by participating in our online summer seminar class. 


To read more about Michael's internship with AMIGOS, visit the Public Service Internship Program's Blog.

Upper Level Service Learning Course
 Media Literacy

This upper level service-learning course is the first part of a two-semester course that introduces students to media literacy, media education, and basic media pedagogy. Students will also learn basic media production skills. In the second semester, students put to use the media literacy knowledge gained in the first semester by applying those pedagogical considerations in the classroom, assessing student outcomes, and effectively teaching media literacy concepts and facilitating short student media productions.

Note: Enrolling for both semesters, Junior or Senior Standing, and Service Learning all required. 20-hours service learning 1st semester; 40-hours 2nd semester. 

Time: TR 12:30-1:45 pm

Instructor: Betsy Weiss,

Room: Newcomb Hall 209

Community Partner Highlight


Each One Save One


Each One Save One is a local non-profit specializing in relationship-based youth mentoring.  They are seeking an intern(s) for the Fall Semester (could start as early as July).  The intern would serve as a Service Coordinator for their organization.  They have many different avenues that allow students to creatively use and develop their skills including but not limited to:  program coordination, youth coordination, volunteer coordination, fundraising events, and PR/Marketing development.  Each One Save One will work with student's specialty to ensure they have the best possible internship available.  Visit them at and/or email with your interest and resume.

Community Partner Highlight
 Yoga Power Play



Yoga Power Play is a startup non-profit organization aimed at empowering New Orleans youth through yoga. Yoga Power Play (YPP) aims to provide yoga classes in schools to children ages 8-12 to increase emotional, mental, and physical strength. Through classes with creative play, empowering language and themes, Yoga Power Play classes inspire positive action and give tools that will be supported through the foundation of whole life health. Yoga Power Play supports students to experience opportunities for possibility and personal power in every class offering students a space in their day to move playfully, gain awareness of the power of breathing, and intentionally develop skills for leadership and community. A regular yoga practice reduces stress, increases flexibility, improves focus and concentration while providing physical, emotional and mental space to see, feel, and experience possibility on your mat and then out into the world. The Yoga Power Play vision is for every school in New Orleans to offer yoga as a part of their curriculum. YPP is a stand for creating leaders of possibility in New Orleans, throughout Louisiana and beyond. 


Yoga Power Play has several internship positions available for the fall, including work in Development, Social Media and Marketing, Website Development, Education, and Strategy and Operations.  For more information,contact Lauren Darnell:

Community Partner Highlight
Crescent City Connections




Crescent City Connections Internship Job Descriptions for Fall 2013:


CCC is a start-up social enterprise connecting nonprofits with businesses via customized service-events.  Interning with CCC provides great hands on, leadership and creative experiences and opportunities. CCC is looking for dedicated interns who could have a possible long-term interest and leadership role in the organization.


Community Outreach Interns: (up to 3 interns)


Intern(s) will be responsible for identifying and contacting potential partners and clients via multiple communication methods including email, phone calls, in-person meetings, social media, attending special events, etc. The goal being to solidify potential partnerships and secure clients for the organization throughout the fall and beyond. CCC needs people with strong communication skills and that are self-driven and organized. A familiarity with New Orleans is a plus. This is a great way to learn about different organizations in New Orleans and help start a new nonprofit in the city, all while gaining communication, partnership, marketing, and community experience.


Preferred Majors: Business, Marketing, Communications, English, Sociology, Economics, Int'l Dev.

BusinessDevelopment Interns: (1 intern)


Intern will work with leaders of CCC to develop a 3-5 year strategic business model for a start-up nonprofit in New Orleans. This includes doing research, making financial projections, partnership-building and studying busness development models around the country.  Furthermore, the intern will work on immediate business strategies and budgeting to ensure efficiency and effectiveness. CCC needs people that are interested in business start-ups and social enterprise, and that are self-driven. This is a great way to get hands-on experience and work with a leadership team to make important decisions.


Preferred Majors: Business, Finance, Econ, Fine Arts, Int'l Dev, Political Economy


Marketing Development Interns: (Up to 2 interns)


Intern(s) will be responsible for creating a marketing campaign for CCC here in New Orleans. Responsibilities include creating marketing material and creating a promotional strategy for the city and world. This includes digital and traditional marketing, along with potential partnership building with local marketing firms and PR businesses with a focus on website, social media communication. This is a great way for people interested in advertising, public relations, sales or marketing to get first-hand experience and create a portfolio of their work


Preferred Majors: Marketing, Business, Fine Arts, Commnications


Interested interns should send a resume to Zach Cheney and

 Parternship for Public Service Offers Paid Fellowships to Students for the Fall




The Public Service Fellows Program at the Partnership for Public Service is an opportunity for undergraduate students, graduate students and recent graduates to participate directly in transforming the way government works while developing valuable professional skills.

At the Partnership, fellows are integral to the day-to-day operations, programs and activities of our organization. Fellows are assigned substantive and meaningful work to support our wide variety of programs, events, and projects to help revitalize the federal government by focusing on the people working in it. Fellows' duties vary across the Partnership's internal teams, but often include event planning and execution, conducting research, writing and preparing correspondence, and conducting outreach to external partners, such as government agencies and colleges and universities.

True to the Partnership's emphasis on people, the fellows program incorporates opportunities for professional and personal growth through workshops and trainings specifically geared toward students and young professionals. They strive to ensure a quality experience in terms of work and personal relationships throughout the fellowship term. Fellows also receive the following stipends:

  • Full time fellows with an undergraduate or graduate degree will receive a $1000 per month stipend.
  • Full time fellows who are currently undergraduate students will receive an $800 per month stipend.
  • Part time fellow stipends will be pro-rated accordingly.

Who Should Apply

They seek extraordinary undergraduate students, graduate students and recent graduates with:

  • A commitment to public service
  • Strong written and oral communication
  • Analytical thinking
  • An ability to work well in teams

There is no single academic major or background they prefer over another-if you have passion and are committed to developing your skills while gaining valuable experience!

The application for the Fall 2013 term closes on July 19. Apply today!

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Fall Internship Opportunities

**Impressionists: The Nature of Landscape: Interns will assist with a project connecting French Impressionists and environmental awareness.  For more information, contact Karel Sloane-Boekbinder,   


**Make-a-Wish Foundation of the Texas Gulf Coast and Louisiana is looking for fall interns. Interested students should contact Jackie Heroman, Development Coordinator, at


**Fund 17's mission is to help micro-entrepreneurs expand their businesses in a socially conscious way.  They have several internship positions available beginning this fall.  For more information, contact Juan Carlos,


**Birthing Project USA is accepting applications for fall internships.  Contact Kathryn Hall-Trujillo for more information:   


**Benjamin Franklin Elementary School is looking for a Grant Writing Intern for the fall.  Contact Wanda Chenevert for more information:  

**New Orleans Recreation Development Foundation has 2 internships available for the fall: Special Events Intern and Special Products Marketing Intern.  Contact Cheryl Mendy for more information:   
**United Way is looking for fall interns in management, marketiing and communications.  Interested students should contact Lan Huynh,




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