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Training Offered through the Southwest Prairie Regional Center of Excellence:   Please join us for the FREE Transition to Postsecondary & Employment Toolkit Training. The workshop will be held on May 12th from 12:30-3:30pm at the SW/WC Service Cooperative in Marshall.  This half day training will focus on the new legislation that requires all students beginning no later than 9th grade to have a "Plan" around 7 key elements. This plan will be a life plan that includes academic scheduling, career exploration, 21st Century Skills, community partnerships, college access, all forms of postsecondary training, and experiential learning opportunities. The Toolkit provides resources around all 7 required elements as well as some recognized strategies and partnerships that could assist with implementing this directive.  For more information and to register, click here
Regional ATOD Conference:  On May 16th at the University of Minnesota at Lamberton, there will be a Region 5 ATOD Conference. Click  here for more details and registration form. Registration fee is $20 per person.    
Division of Administrative Services
Sign up for Summer Tech Integration Trainings!  Registration is now available for summer workshops.  Click here to see what is being offered! 

31st Annual School Business Staff Conference:  The April 10th conference had 155 registrations--and with presenters, vendors and staff added in--we had nearly 200 in attendance for a great day! We started off on the right foot with perfect weather.  The day was filled with 42 breakout sessions covering the following RMIC areas: 
Finance (UFARS Review/Update, ACA Planning); Payroll (PERA, TRA and TimeClock Plus; and MARSS/Student (Student Transportation, MCCC and MARSS Updates.  We also included a few sessions in the lineup that would cover topics all participants could benefit from.  This year two of those sessions were:  Tips and Tricks for Maintaining Your Windows PC and Mobile Devices-Can You Name Them All?  We had seven vendor exhibits-many of them were presenters as well.  As always, participants had a variety of office supplies, information and materials to take with from the vendors. We hope everyone that was in attendance had a great day as well .  Next year's conference will be held on Tuesday, April 14th.  
Division of Risk Management Services

Health Cost Management Program:  As a reminder, requests for reimbursements are due on Friday, May 9th.  In order to receive reimbursement, your district will need to submit a copy of the invoice, proof of payment and the outcome of the program.  For reimbursement questions, contact Kari at kari.bailey@swsc.org or 507-537-2292. Save the Date: The annual fall Health Conference will be held on Thursday, September 11th, 2014, at the Redwood Area Community Center in Redwood Falls. Please note the change of location, and make plans to attend!


Virtual Health Clinic: Use Online Care Anywhere® to talk to a doctor using video or secure text chat. No emails, no surveys, no waiting - you'll have a live conversation with a real doctor. Our U.S. board-certified doctors can answer your questions, diagnose your condition and prescribe medications. It's easy to use, confidential, and costs just $45 per visit and will coordinate with your insurance.  The School Insurance Pool will provide ancillary supplies (scale, blood pressure cuff, thermometers, wipes, sharps container) for any school pool member who 'opens' a virtual clinic in their district.  For more information on this, please contact Kari Bailey at kari.bailey@swsc.org.

Division of Special Education Services

Congratulations Ryan Groeneweg! At the 2014 Annual Conference of the Heartland Association for Behavior Analysis (HLABA) on March 6-7 in Omaha, Ryan Groeneweg was presented

ryan with the HLABA Award of Excellence.  Ryan is a Certified Behavior Analyst at the SW/WC Service Cooperative.  The Award of Excellence is given to one individual in the area that has made a significant contribution to the advancement of the field of behavior analysis in our area.    


SW/WC SC Alternative Schools Study Complete:  The alternative school study that was conducted by J & C Consulting is complete.  The information provided from the study will be used to build upon the strengths denoted in the study and help SW/WC address areas that the study indicated as challenges.  If you are interested in viewing the executive summary of this study, please contact Tish Rops, Administrator of Alternative Programs at 507-825-5858.

Upcoming Trainings

April 28      How to Conduct FBA's & Develop BIP's

April 30      Infant & Early Childhood Mental Health-Hutchinson

June 5       CPI Refresher Training - Ortonville

June 11     CPI Refresher Training - Willmar

Division of Teaching & Learning Services

Summer Principal's Summit:  SW/WC SC will once again be partnering with Saint Mary's University of Winona for the Summer Principal's Summit. Scheduled dates are July 29-30. Pat Anderson will be the keynote for Day 1, presenting on meeting the needs of the under resourced learner. Day 2 will consist of breakout sessions. More information and details to be coming out soon.


Senior High Knowledge Bowl (SHKB):  The top forty-eight teams, out of 914 teams across the state, competed at the Minnesota Service Cooperatives' State Knowledge Bowl Meet held at Cragun's near Brainerd on April 10-11.  Teams from Regions 6 and 8 did VERY well.  Glencoe-Silver Lake Black took 2nd place in the A Division.  Hutchinson was 3rd runner up in the AA Division, and Mountain Lake was 4th runner up in the A Division.  Glencoe-Silver Lake Purple was one of two Heritage Spirit Award winners--given to teams with qualities and conduct becoming to a champion competitor!  Congrats to all!

Science & Nature Conference: The 20th Annual Science & Nature Conference is fast approaching--and we are getting very excited for a fun day with K-8 students!  The conference will be held May 14th at SMSU, with strands geared for students K-2, grades 3-5 and grades 6-8.  Physics Force from the University of Minnesota will be the keynote presenters.  The classes are correlated with the Science Standards and the Seven Critical Skills for Success.  For more information go to www.swsc.org/scienceandnature.

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