March 2016 Newsletter 
A Note from the Executive Director
Courage! This is the word that keeps occurring to me as our SBHC field faces hard challenges in the present and in the coming months. While NMASBHC is aware that state budget deficits will be effecting many SBHCs, their sponsors and other partnering entities, we must be courageous in the face of these challenges in order to be advocates for our state's children. Here are three things currently inspiring our organization that I share to help maintain your hopefulness:
  • We are excited about the opportunity to see the SBHC field in person at the SBHC pre-conference on April 20th, 2016! NMASBHC will be presenting the Exemplary SBHC Awards at the special luncheon on April 20th. And we'll also be holding our Annual Meeting that evening as well as running a raffle with fabulous prizes. Hope to see you there as we know that time with colleagues often rejuvenates!
  • The spirit of partnership with which our state's Medicaid Managed Care Organizations work with NMASBHC to ensure SBHCs have the information they need to bring care to kids. As an example, be sure to check out the upcoming webinar on Medicaid travel benefit and pregnancy rewards that NMASBHC is sponsoring (see below for more).
  • The dedication of community members to improving the lives of our youth. New Mexico may not be rich in our state's coffers, but we are rich in our people. Whether it is the many volunteers who stepped forward to become NMASBHC Board Members (come and meet them at our annual meeting April 20th!) or the individuals working in state agencies and non-profit organizations that collaborate with NMASBHC to support SBHCs, we have much to give us courage.
Please read on for more information that we hope is helpful, and please contact us if there are other ways we can support you.

Nancy Rodriguez
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  • SBHC Highlights
    • Centennial High School SBHC: La Clinica de Familia Hosts NMASBHC Visit
    • PED Presents Expectant and Parenting Teen Town Hall
  • SBHC Sponsor Corner
    • Monthly Feature for SBHC Sponsoring Entity Administrators
      • SBHC Pre-Conference Set for April 20, 2016: Register Now!
  • HSD/Medicaid Resources
    • PE/MOSAA Trainings for April
    • SBHC MCO Advisory Committee
  • NMASBHC Updates
    • National Legislative Advocacy and SBHA
    • NMASBHC Exemplary SBHC Awards Selected
    • NMASBHC Board of Directors Selected
    • NMASBHC Raffle
  • Clinic Resources and Opportunities
    • April is STI Awareness Month
    • HPV Vaccine Information and Tools
  • Training and Education Opportunities
    • SBHC and GRADS: NMASBHC and Envision New Mexico April Webinar Opportunity
    • SBHA Convention Registration Now Open: NMASBHC to Present
highlightsSBHC Highlights
Centennial High School SBHC: La Clinica de Familia Hosts NMASBHC Visit
Many thanks to La Clinica de Familia and their Centennial High Health Care Team (pictured below, including school nurse) for hosting our March 8th visit to the Centennial High SBHC in Las Cruces. This new high school and its many students have a strong team advocating for their care, and NMASBHC wishes them the best as they continue to build their services for this school. LCDF is a participant in the Doņa Ana County Teen Pregnancy Prevention Work Group, which also hosted a visit from NMASBHC staff that day. These partnerships in the county have proved critical in sustaining SBHCs and in providing care to youth. On a personal note, I would especially like to thank the team for their kindness is assisting me as I became ill on the visit - no better place than an SBHC to do so, I can attest!

PED Presents Expectant and Parenting Teen Town Hall
Congratulations to PED on the successful implementation of the first Expectant and Parenting Teen Town Hall on March 1, 2016, and thank you to United Health Care for sponsorship of the event (see below for photo of Tena Ross, UHC Maternal Child Health Programs Coordinator and SBHC Primary Contact, at an exhibit at the event). NMASBHC was a participant and exhibitor in the day's event and provides support to young families through our work with PED and GRADS. SBHCs are a critical support to expectant and parenting teens, and NMASBHC is working hard to continue building that support. Visit the GRADS/Parenting Teens section of our website for more resources:

cornerSBHC Sponsor Corner
At the suggestion of the NMDOH Office of School and Adolescent Health, NMASBHC has added this monthly feature that includes information critical to SBHC operations that sponsoring entities will want to pay special attention to. If you have ideas or questions for this feature, please let us know! While we encourage you to ALWAYS read this section of the newsletter, we also hope you will check out all resources, especially those related to Medicaid, as you work to make your SBHC financially sustainable.

SBHC Pre-Conference Set for April 20, 2016. Register Now! 
SBHCs across the state are encouraged to register for the annual SBHC Pre-Conference of Head to Toe. Registration and the agenda are now available at the website above. The day-long event will feature a number of clinical and programming topics including suicide prevention, LARCs in SBHCs, SBHC data, sexual assault crisis management, youth confidentiality and billing, SBIRT in SBHCs, and others. NMASBHC also is planning the day's luncheon, which will be an award ceremony recognizing exemplary SBHCs. Early bird deadline has closed, but registration is still open. 
hsdHSD/Medicaid Resources
NM Medicaid Presumptive Eligibility Determiner Trainings Available in April  
The PED Training sessions for Presumptive Eligibility Application Assistants continue into April. Please follow the links below to register for the trainings offered in April.

Session 1: April 5th, 2016;

Session 2: April 19th, 2016;

Seating is limited and space is available on a first come, first served basis. After successful registration, you will receive a confirmation e-mail that will include instructions on how to join the training on its scheduled date and time.
If you have any questions regarding entities qualified to participate as PEDs, the PED certification process or for more information on training sessions being scheduled for future months, please e-mail us at: or call 505-476-7151. 
SBHC MCO Advisory Committee
Did you know that NMASBHC facilitates a quarterly meeting of HSD's SBHC MCO Advisory Committee? If you are part of the SBHC field (a sponsoring entity or SBHC Coordinator, for example) and would be interested in participating, please contact Nancy Rodriguez at, for more information.
nmasbhcNMASBHC Updates
National Legislative Advocacy - SBHA
There are two upcoming opportunities for you to be involved in national advocacy that supports SBHCs and is coordinated through our national partner, the School Based Health Alliance (SBHA):
1.) Ask your Member of Congress to co-sponsor the Hallways to Health Act (S.2590/H.R. 4621), legislation that would provide federal support for high-quality comprehensive health care and mental health services to students at school-based health centers (SBHCs) across the country. Take action using the SBHA Advocacy Center:
2.) Consider coming to SBHA's June Convention in Washington D.C. where a rally at the Capital and visits to legislative offices in support of SBHCs will be a major part of the agenda: NMASBHC will be helping to coordinate legislative visits, so please let us know if you will be attending the convention and rally!

NMASBHC Exemplary SBHC Awards Selected!
NMASBHC is excited about our new recognition program for exemplary New Mexico SBHCs! A work group of current and former NMASBHC Board Members selected the winners, who will be recognized at an awards luncheon at the SBHC pre-conference at the 2016 Head to Toe on April 20, 2016. SBHC sponsors and personnel have been notified of their selection, but the announcement will be a surprise for all others on the day of the luncheon.

NMASBHC Board of Directors Selected!  
NMASBHC is excited to announce that our new Board of Directors has been slated. We will publically announce the 2016-17 Board at our Annual Meetings and Awards on April 20th, 2016 just following the SBHC Pre-Conference. Please visit our new website section: for the current roster, annual meeting invitation and other information. Thank you to all who expressed interest in this important role. For those interested, NMASBHC also has a number of standing committees which do not require official Board membership for participation. Please check our website for more information, and contact us if you wish to participate.

NMASBHC Fundraising Raffle 
NMASBHC is excited to announce our first annual fundraising raffle. This effort replaces our silent auction and will still be held in conjunction with the Head to Toe conference. Tickets are $5 each and purchasers are entered to win one of several prizes, including:
  • Ruidoso package with a night at The Lodge at Sierra Blanca with 18 holes of golf, an additional 18 holes of golf at Cree Meadows, and a gift certificate to Cork and Kettle.
  • Truth or Consequences package with a night at Sierra Grande Lodge and Spa with breakfast, a private hour soak in the hot springs, and $50 to Cafe Bella Luca.
  • Pojoaque package with a night at Buffalo Thunder with 18 holes of golf.
  • A crystal bowl from Nambe.
  • An Emporio Armani women's watch.
  • A Total Wine gift certificate.
Tickets can be purchased from NMASBHC Board and staff as of March 8th and at the NMASBHC table at Head to Toe. If you have questions or wish to buy tickets in advance of the conference, please contact either Nancy Rodriguez at or Kim Stanek at

clinicClinic Resources and Opportunities
April is National STD Awareness Month: Free Tools 
April is National STD Awareness Month, and the Centers for Disease Control has a number of free downloadable and online tools you can use to get your patients/students educated, tested and treated. Check out the tools at: For super-youth-focused tools, you may also want to check out MTV's Get Yourself Tested:

HPV Vaccine Information and Tools
Thanks to our new SBHC Partner, the local chapter of the American Cancer Society, we are sharing current tools around the HPV Vaccine. Visit our What's New section on the website to download their VACs (Vaccinate Adolescents against Cancer) Resource Update for March:
trainingTraining and Education Opportunities
SBHCs and GRADS: NMASBHC and Envision New Mexico April Webinar Opportunity
If you work in an SBHC or teach/case manage for a GRADS program, please consider participating in a new series of webinars that NMASBHC is presenting in partnership with Envision New Mexico. Expectant and parenting teens have special health care and educational needs that are unique. Join us to learn about some practical tools for working with this population. The first webinar was held on February 25th and will be available for download soon. The second webinar in the series will be on April 28th and is titled "Medicaid Transportation Benefits and Pregnancy Rewards Programs: Educating Students in SBHCs and GRADS Classes". Visit soon to register. 

National School-Based Health Alliance Convention Registration Opens in March: NMASBHC to Present
The national school-based health care field is rich with best practices and support. Consider attending the SBHA Convention in Arlington, VA June 26-29, 2016. NMASBHC will be presenting on our work on addressing patient confidentiality and SBHC billing. For more information about the planned sessions and to register, visit: