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A Note from the Executive Director


Greetings from NMASBHC! We are sending best wishes to all SBHC staff and partners as this busy "back to school" time of year kicks off. Don't hesitate to contact us to ask for help and remember that we have official DOH/OSAH approved-documents on our website that you may need or want as you launch your school year operation (http://www.nmasbhc.org/sbhc-documents.html ).

On a personal note, I want to remind you all that I'll be leaving for two months of maternity leave and hope to be back promptly in November. Thanks to the many of you have sent your well wishes for my family. In the meantime, our new Program Manager, Alex Rios (alex.nmasbhc@gmail.com), and our President, Debbie Birkhauser (d.birkhauser@gmail.com) will be working with our Board of Directors to manage all of the functions of our organization in my absence. We're confident all will go smoothly.

Please let us know if there are other ways we at NMASBHC can serve you. Many thanks!

Nancy Rodriguez



What You'll Find In This Newsletter (click to jump to section):

LetterAn Important Letter from OSAH's Director

In the linked letter (click here to access), OSAH Director Yolanda Montoya-Cordova shares the latest updates that you need to know about the next round of the SBHC contract DOH RFP process this fall, revised standards and benchmarks, and the SBHA census. 
UpdateUpdate Your SBHC Information for the NMASBHC Website and Newsletter!

If you are operating a SBHC in New Mexico, NMASBHC will be sending you a request to update your SBHC information for our website and newsletter in September. Please watch our website, your email and the snail mail for a request (and form) for this information. SBHCs that submit this updated information form will be mailed a $10 gift card to Wal-Mart and entered into a drawing for a $50 Wal-Mart gift card. Please help us be a good advocacy partner for you by sharing this new and improved information with us. If you have any questions, please contact Alex Rios at alex.nmasbhc@gmail.com.

JobSBHC Job Opportunities 

If your school-based health center is hiring, NMASBHC is here to help you spread the word. Please email Nancy Rodriguez at nancyrodrigueznmasbhc@gmail.com or Alex Rios at alex.nmasbhc@gmail.com to request a job announcement posting in our monthly newsletter.


goodnewsGood News You Can Use! ACE Leadership High School SBHC--Managing Student Nutrition

This month spotlights work at Albuquerque's ACE Leadership High School SBHC (http://leadershiphsn.org/ace/about/student-support/) where the nurse practitioner, Keith Haynie, collaborates with the food service provider NAMA (http://namacatering.com/school-menus-2/) to support students who have particular nutritional needs based on healthcare diagnoses. According to Keith, "early on we identified the need (based on health screenings) for better & healthier options for food and nutrition for our students. Much like many schools and youth populations, there are overwhelming levels of obesity, borderline hypertension, risk for hyperlipidemia and diabetes. In the school's 3rd year, and the SBHC's/SHAC's 2nd year, there was a decision made to find a different canteen option for the ACE student population. The administrative and financial staff came in contact with Ms. Jamie Vachio. Ms. Vachio is the owner/operator of Nama Catering. She met early on with myself (the SBHC provider), and the SHAC for her to provide her unique perspective on how to provide healthy options for our students."

ACE Leadership High School has a very intimate relationship with its students via Student Support Staff, Social Work Staff, & School Based Health Center staff. Nama Catering already prides itself in making all of its food options from "scratch," with whole foods, fruits and grains. If there are specific food needs from a student or staff member, these are relayed to Ms. Vachio directly and special options are created.

Does your SBHC meet with your school or district's food service provider? Think about how you can support your patients in this way!

This is our now regular monthly feature on SBHC highlights with a focus on ideas, practices, or activities that you may wish to use at your SBHC. For coming months, if you'd like to share a great practice from a New Mexico SBHC, please send your ideas to nancyrodrigueznmasbhc@gmail.com.

sbhaImportant SBHA (School Based Health Alliance) Updates

Census in Full Swing: Respond Soon So NM Will Be Represented!
Every three years the School-Based Health Alliance produces a national report highlighting the efforts and outcomes of school-based health centers around the U.S. This census is important to the field of school-based health because it displays how the individual efforts of SBHCs merge to improve the overall health of children and adolescents across the nation.

Please click this link to insert information about your school-based health center. If you have questions about participating in the census or navigating the School-Based Health Alliance website feel free to contact the SBHA at census@sbh4all.org or NMASBHC at nancyrodrigueznmasbhc@gmail.com. Please note that there are raffle prizes available, but only if you participate!

SBHA Youth Advisory Council - Encourage Youth to Apply Today!

The School-Based Health Alliance is searching for members to be a part of the national Youth Advisory Council. Youth ages 14-21 who have accessed school-based health center services, worked to address health care issues impacting young people, or are passionate about school-based health care are eligible to apply for a one-year position on the council. Click here for more information, including how to apply; deadline is September 29th.

SBHA Announces New President

John Schlitt will take over as the organization's President. The position was vacated by the sad passing from cancer of the long-time President Linda Juszczak. John was most recently SBHA's Vice President of Policy and Government Affairs.

shoppingSupport NMASBHC By Shopping 

You can help support the work of NMASBHC to advocate for SBHCs by shopping! Check out the ways you can shop at Amazon, Albertson's and Smith's and get cash to the organization:

  • Amazon Smile: If you're shopping at Amazon.com, .5% of your eligible Amazon purchase can go back to NMASBHC when you make it through: http://smile.amazon.com/ch/27-0859783. Set this up as your default Amazon account page for easy shopping. Many of the eligible items are also eligible for Prime shipping.
  • Albertson's: Shop with the Albertson's Community Partners program and 1% of your purchase value goes back to NMASBHC when you participate! Ask NMASBHC for the special key tag you'll scan when you shop to benefit NMASBHC.
  • Smith's: 1% of your purchase value goes back to NMASBHC when you assign your value card to our organization. Sign up today! Register at: www.smithscommunityrewards.com. If you already have a rewards card, you'll have to associate it in your online account with NMASBHC. If you haven't yet created an account, you can do so online or in the store.


adolescentAdolescent Patient Resources: Focus on Young Men

This is the third of a monthly feature on adolescent health resources focused on, but not limited to, young men. SBHCs typically serve more female than male patients. If you're working to better draw and/or serve young men, check out these resources recommended by the young man who was a high school student intern with us this summer:

September is National Suicide Prevention Month. Help the young men who come into your SBHC by making them aware of the factors they should look for in themselves and friends that could be a sign of risk; share this website: http://www.suicidepreventionlifeline.org/learn/riskfactors.aspx with anyone 14 years and up. Young men can watch their friends and teammates for warning signs like isolating themselves, acting anxious or agitated, etc. More information about warning signs is available at http://www.suicidepreventionlifeline.org/learn/warningsigns.aspx.