Idaho Bed and Breakfast Association Newsletter #24


July-August 2014


Hello from the Idaho B&B Association
News From The President


  , Brian Scott


Thanks for taking the time to read our July-August 2014 newsletter. 

Welcome to our newest member, they are located in Dover in the Northern region of the state.

Big News:

We are looking for a membership chairperson for the association. This person would be responsible for making direct phone calls to our small lodging owners regarding joining IBBA and also renewing. This position would be on a commission basis (30% for new members and 20% for renewals) and would also include a year of membership. Please call if you are interested 208-651-2191.

We are changing our dues format to a once a year annual payment rather than different months for each of you. Everyone's dues would be payable on the same date: November 1st. This will make the book-keeping process much easier for the membership chairperson and much more practical when it comes to the printing and distribution of our materials. We print and distribute brochures that list each member with contact information; bicycle, scenic by-way and state park maps with our small lodging listed throughout the state; and our newest endeavor, wineries and breweries with our small lodging throughout each region, (set to go to print in December) which are all distributed through certified rack and folder in OR, WA, WY, UT Glacier and Yellowstone routes and of course, our show materials distributed in Utah, Calgary, & Seattle. 

Take a good look at our featured website creator article and see if you need to contact Fred Pierce for a free website analysis.



Brian Scott, IBBA President

Featured Innkeeper of the Month:
Judy Gooding
Historic Gooding Hotel B&B:
Gooding, Idaho

This new addition to our newsletter is something we hope you will enjoy. We can all learn so much from one another. You may be next to receive a 5 question phone call....


Built in the late 1880's, the Gooding Bed and Breakfast is the oldest building in Gooding. It belonged to Idaho's 6th Governor, Frank Gooding. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Your hosts, Judy, her husband Dean Gooding and her twin sister Joy welcome you into their 10 room B&B. Open year round and offering things to do from Malad Gorge to Mammoth Caves.

Gooding Hotel Bed and Breakfast
Gooding Hotel Bed and Breakfast


IBBA: Other than your website, where do you focus advertising that gives you the biggest bang for your buck?


We advertise mainly with the local chambers and visitors bureaus.


IBBA: What is the best thing you have done to your facility to help make your job easier?


Recently my sister and her husband joined us and have taken over the housekeeping and maintenance making my job of book-keeping and marketing easier.


IBBA: What is the most important thing you have learned from another innkeeper or conference?


Be sure to take time for yourself.


IBBA: What is the next physical project you have planned for your business?


We recently completed an exterior face-lift and will paint and wallpaper on the interior next.


IBBA: What part of your inn-keeping job is the most difficult?


Telling our guests goodbye, because during their stay, they have become friends that you may never see again. The B&B industry provides us with such a nice clientele.


Big Thanks Judy for your time! Have a great season!


2014 ITC Grant Awards

The Idaho Travel Council (ITC) who provides our grant dollars,  met here in Coeur d'Alene on August 12th. The IBBA Board was befuddled with the totals received from several regions. Although our award was larger (+ $1,763) than last year, the state had a 9% increase in the 2% bed tax collected, and our association did not even receive that 9% increase from several of the region council members. In fact, one of the council members cut our funding by $1,871. 
We had such high hopes that after our 4 years as an association, we had earned more fund allocations through the great things we have accomplished.  We hope to meet with the ITC representatives in the near future so that we can express our concerns. 

Is Your Website Getting The Results You Want? 

by Fred Pierce of BnBWebsites


There are several important things your website needs to have to be an effective marketing tool.  Try starting with a question. Something like: Does your website have all of the elements it needs to be an effective marketing tool? Do you know what those elements are?

Your website can't do anything for you if nobody can find it. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process researching and implementing keywords throughout your website. When a traveler is searching for a place to stay in your area, they may not know how great your property is or even that it exists. It's important to implement the appropriate keywords on your site so that search engine seekers will find you.

When a potential guest arrives at your website, you have about 1-3 seconds to grab their attention before they hit the back button and look somewhere else. Having large, high quality photos is one of the best ways to get their attention. Slideshows and photos help trigger emotions of excitement and makes your website visitors want to see more.

After the visitor has decided to proceed into your website, it's crucial to have a functional layout that will lead them down the path to a reservation. It's easier for a visitor to click the X button than it is for them to try and decipher your website's poor organization and navigation. Provide your website visitors with an easy progression through your pages, and always give them access to revisit important information or inspiring photos.

The ultimate purpose of your website is to generate reservations. Every page of your website should include a Call To Action so that when the visitor has made their decision to book, they don't need to hunt you down. An effective Call To Action will be consistent and eye-catching but not obnoxious.

If you're unsure about your website's effectiveness or just want to see greater results, contact BnBwebsites for a free website analysis.

A few examples of some great websites.




     Our association represents small lodging that serves breakfast to guests throughout the state of Idaho.  Along with our Traditional B&B's, we also represent Cottages, Country & Historic Inns, Guest Ranches, Cabins, Farm Stays, Tent Cabins & Yurts. We invite you to become a member.


    Don't forget... your $75 membership gives you access to all of our preferred vendors, inclusion in the brochure, featured listing on the website and our newest member benefits, inclusion of a location icon placed on the travel show map and an individual listing on the bike map. 


Membership forms are available on the IBBA website.


 Credit Card Processing Choices


There are so many choices for processing credit cards these days, it can get very confusing! We have been getting lots of inquiries from members about this and wanted to provide some information for you. There is some interesting information on the choices that confound so many of us each day. You might visit this informative site to see if there is one that suits you. Mobile credit card processing can be a paperless efficient tool. SOLVERAS/TRANSFIRST, SQUARE & INTUIT offer this and AMAZON just announced they are offering that service as well.


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Basque Baked Eggs-

Gooding Hotel B&B


The South Central Region of Idaho is home to a large population of Basques. Many of these Basques make their home in Gooding and the surrounding communities. In their honor, and to give our guests a taste of Basque flavor, I created the following dish. It is a hit with first-time guests, and a favorite of our repeat guests awell.


1 dozen large eggs (or 1 egg per person)

C half and half

1 t. kosher salt

1 t. dry ground mustard

1 t. cayenne pepper

1 can Campbell's Fiesta Nacho Cheese Soup

2 T half and half

1 bag frozen shredded hash brown potatoes (or equivalent of home-shreds)

3 Basque Chorizo sausages


-Break eggs into large mixing bowl and stir well. Add half and half.

-Blend salt, mustard, and cayenne pepper and stir well into the egg mixture.

-Pour mixture into preheated skillet sprayed with vegetable oil such as PAM. Let eggs cook slowly over low to medium heat, stirring occasionally so they do not scorch-remove from heat when eggs are semi-set.

-In large skillet, brown shredded potatoes in oil, butter, or margarine. While eggs and potatoes are cooking, spray a 9 x 13" baking dish with PAM

- Slice Chorizo lengthwise into quarters, then slice long pieces into quarter-inch pieces. Scatter evenly over bottom of baking dish

-Top chorizo with the semi-set scrambled eggs

Add the entire can of soup with  2 T. half and half, then spread like frosting over the top of egg mixture. 

-Layer hash brown potatoes over the top. Sprinkle with a little paprika. (Can be covered and refrigerated to serve the next morning.) ---Bake at 350 degrees for 30-40 minutes. Remove from oven and let set up for about ten minutes before cutting into squares and serving.


We serve Basque Baked Eggs with thick slices of grilled Basque Bread (Dutch Oven), which we are able to purchase from a local source. But any hearty bread, a fresh cobbler, or fresh fruit and yogurt with granola topping

is excellent!


Judee, Dean, and Joy

Because we have changed membership renewal dates to an all inclusive date of November 1st, those existing B&B's whose membership expires prior or after November 1st, your membership will be pro-rated @ $6.25 per month.


Check your email regularly for notes from these two IBBA associates:


1. Association Alliance sends out the website listing password information so that you can update your listing on the IBBA website. Be sure to check your spam box if you have not received this information yet. We will resend it to you again this week.


Register for the PAII conference and meet vendors that offer products you may need, meet 100's of other inn-keepers, and learn more about our industry than you ever imagined possible!