August 2013
Radiocarbon dating suggests that the white abalone has a lifespan of about 30 years. Credit: NOAA's Southwest Fisheries Science Center/FRD
New study adds urgency to abalone recovery 
Radiocarbon dating suggests that the white abalone has a lifespan of about 30 years, notably shorter than previous estimates. With the population declining by about 14 percent annually, many scientists believe the only way to save the species is captive breeding for eventual release into the wild.
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Calla Schmidt collects water samples from the Sacramento River. Credit: Norah Saarman

The 2011 Delta Science Fellow began her work as an assistant professor in January. 


Delta Science Fellow Julien Moderan (right) collects water samples from the San Francisco Estuary.


Pelagic fish are on the decline, despite efforts to protect them.

Fisch, a 2011 Delta Science Fellowship recipient, accepted a research position to study human disease.

Olympia oysters are a foundational estuarine species in California and are the target of ongoing restoration efforts. Credit: NOAA


Former Delta Science Fellow Andrew Chang continues his research on the native Olympia oyster.

CA Sea Grant Welcomes New Communications Specialist, Caitlin Coomber



The team grew when Caitlin Coomber joined CASG in July.



Regional posters highlight California seafood
Local, commercially caught and farmed marine seafood are highlighted in a series of four regional posters. Each provide examples of seasonality and methods used to catch the seafood.

The ocean's kinetic energy can be converted into electricity. Credit: Green Ocean Wave Energy
Decision-makers and community members can now access a new resource that highlights information about offshore energy development relevant to California stakeholders, excerpted from a larger 2012 Bureau of Ocean Energy Management report.

Funding Opportunity

Will the North Coast's new marine protected areas help the state meet its conservation goals? Those interested in benchmark monitoring are invited to learn more and apply:

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Beachcombing: Loss of isopods raises questions about beach health (photos) 89.3 KPCC - Southern California Public Radio 


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